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  1. Well, as the title suggests, I'd really like a good mix Space Zone 2 from Super Mario Land 2 (source ). There's not a lot of it out there and the majority of it are just MIDI's... Pick a style you like, although my personal preference is trance/dance
  2. Lots of thanks DJP! I'm going to experiment a bit with it [EDIT] On a side note: your sig linky to your profile isn't quite working It works when www. is removed, though...
  3. Soooo... Bumping this due to lack of an official reply! Anybody out there able to help me out?
  4. Ah, there's where the SNAFU happened. Thanks Mirby! [EDIT] By the by, I was just compiling a list with all Sonic games and which generation they come from, and came to the conclusion that a 4 or more CD project isn't so far-fetched; The Sonic CD project had four as well, with 43 tracks in all...
  5. Ehm... A simple copy-paste won't work on The Interwebz. Especially since OCR (or mostly any other forum, for that matter) won't allow for on-server saving of sig images. Can you post a for it instead? Or, alternatively, perhaps a server where we can host that image on? Could come in handy for the posting of WIPs etc. as well
  6. My artwork is pretty OK; perhaps we can work together on a sig And yes, giving each era a disc is a lot of work. Then again, we have two years. With some careful planning it could work... No help from my side with instruments, though...
  7. I think this could be awesome, if executed correctly. As suggested before, about three tracks per game would suffice. Also, if possible, I think it would be cool to give every era it's own disc. This would potentially mean three or four CD's, but I think that will surely tie everything together. Finding mixers for that, well, that's an entirely different matter... I'm no mixer, but I'm willing to offer any help you need
  8. Confirmed, it's a Firefox thing. That means I'll just shut up
  9. The game images accompanying the remixes on the homepage, right, changes when you hover over the link from low-res to... a bit less low-res. Is that on purpose? If this is to block copy-leechers, one might want to think about toning down the colors a bit when un-hovered instead of the resolution. IMHO, it looks awkward :/
  10. Here's hoping we can put together something cool like what was done for bLiNd with Reserve Tank. I thoroughly enjoyed that album and I think it's a very neat way of showing appreciation to him
  11. major, MAJOR necroposting for the win! I was rummaging through all the old threads to find myself a suitable OCR logo but alas, I couldn't find one. In my opinion, it would help OCR enormously if there would be a house style throughout all released albums. I was able to find a PSD for the logo, but it's not really vectored and, thus, a bit unworkable. Does anyone know where to find these files (if they exist)? I think it'd also help to have a dedicated section on the website for this kind of stuff. OCR is, after all, a non-profit company, and I think having a style guide would benefit the community greatly, as well as communicating a professional tone to the outside world. I'm not too opposed on making one myself, but I'm rather safe than sorry so I thought I'd ask first And ofcourse, necro-ing a thread for that only makes it better
  12. That's a pretty fine album you've got there! Some of the tracks really scream Club, so the name is pretty fitting. My main gripe with the album is that it's short; if you'd release a full-length, 72-minute album, I'd buy it. Next to that, I'm missing the vocals. 90's club had some pretty strong vocals running through the tracks, and at some point your emulation of that sound led me to expect them used throughout the album. I was kind of disapointed that wasn't the case (save a few 'uhs' and 'ohs'), but I guess we can't have it all, can we Looking forward to your first submission! Will it be Sonic, by chance? [EDIT] Oh, and I heard what you did there with Needlemau5 The Veldt is one of my favorites!
  13. Ouch. That was right in the feels. I feel sorry for the little guy. But really, what a fantastic song! Now excuse me, I need to kill some invisible onion-wielding ninja's. I can't see through that strange stuff that comes out of my eyes...
  14. Very playfull. I remember this from the SCRZ very fondly, as the combination with Hot Crater works like a charm. There's some definite improvement over the original, though. The instruments are less tin-can like and the fact that you downgraded most of the sounds bits from Launch Base zone helps the track big time. The one at 0:23 and the snippet coming right after are just enough to grab the attention of the listener without sounding annoying; I'm not entirely sure about the ones halfway through, but seeing as they apparently slipped by during my first listen without me noticing them is a good thing. The outro needs some work yeah, right now it isn't very mixable. Better than the original though! But overall a very fun track, very pleasant listening experience!
  15. I agree. The wobble is there, yeah, but it isn't taking front-seat. And the second point is true as well. It needs atleast two extra layers, as it is a little bit bland at times. For example at 2:20, there's the main Norfair theme, but not much else. You wait with a layer until 2:30, when you add another segment... but practically leave the Norfair theme out of it. It's almost as if the song is chopped up in little pieces: start, begin segment, insert a small fade of one segment into the other, and then repeat without the segments forming one solid track. It's got some interesting things going on, but this is very much a WIP.
  16. Great stuff dude! I'll need to acquire a setting where I can blast this over the speakers. Only crit is the ending starting at 6", those repeating segments have a very nasty kind of cut-off in between which stops the flow of the track instead of giving it a satisfying ending. On all other accounts: great track!
  17. Uh... Wow. Some high energy yeah, but WAY too short! It had some medley-itis but it was really awesome. Good job! [EDIT] OK, yeah, this really is too short. As soon as you're into the music, it's already over. That's really sucky
  18. Wauw, that really was amazing. Goosebumpmaterial man! But you should check if you can get that recording more clear. It sounds kind of hollow...
  19. No problem dude, just making sure that we get that music back online ;-) As said, perhaps you could check out vk.com, I'm not entirely sure how the uploading of music works over there but it supports the uploading of high-quality, 320kbps tracks. Plus, you won't need to pay bandwith or anything else ;)

  20. Obligatory bump'n'up! Dude, have you got a repository of your music anywhere on the web? Or a place to upload it to? I thought it was ideal when I wanted something else to listen to :(

    Oh, bu the way, I noticed that some users on vk.com still have some of your tracks (including Helena's Trance - brilliant!) but I'm still missing out on a lot of the other goldies...

  21. Dude, not so dramatic It's only function was to give an example as to how you can play with the source. Yes, it's pretty horrible, but he's done some stuff to the source that I like instead of just looping the tune
  22. It's a nice start, but it lacks variation. Perhaps a timpani-break can add some? Als, try to play with the source. Perhaps this particular remix can give you some ideas:
  23. OK, skip all those in game sounds. They are very distracting. Same goes for all that speech patterns. They annoy the heck out of me, save for the 'come on' part. Did I just hear 'who's bad' in there? Funky! Pff... I'm not really sure how to put it, but this track has chaotic written all over it. I like the instruments you used, but I'm not so sure about that second half of the track...
  24. The non-downloadable version gets my vote. It IS a little long but I'm digging your ending hardcore :3
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