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  1. Apperently you like to make nice stuff out of short sources? *grin* Well... There's the 10-Yard Fight track that's giving us a little headache. That would mean composing the openingtrack, which basically originally consisted of little more then cheering and walking. Looking at your musical style, however, would mean that a track a bit later in the album would suit you better... How about SMB 2 or 3? SMB2 Character select and SMB3 Athletic could both be very suitable for your style, if you ask me...
  2. I could think of a lot of tracks, but what's your style? On base of that I rhink I can come up with something
  3. That'd be cool man. The NES project in my sig is in search of many different styles of music, and having a track with lyrics would be awesome. So if you're in search of a project to join, head over there; perhalps there's a track you can add to it?
  4. It would be really cool if it were Rayza. We need more like his style around here man!
  5. Tried to find OCR00333, but I can't seem to find it. It was part of the Radical Dreamers floodpost of 2001 (OCR00325 to OCR00333) and is included in the torrent, so I thought it would have a remix page but alas, there is none. What's up with that?
  6. I second this. While my preferences would like a more dance/trance take on it, anything would be nice. It has such a techno sound that it really surprises me that this track gets so little attention...
  7. Funny thing: it sounds like the Neverending Story theme... I'm liking this too. The lyrics work quite well and it's an actual joy to listen to. At first I was in doubt if a female voice could add depth, but after another listen it has grown on me. Can't give you any more in-depth advice, I'm listening this on a crappy netbook as my PC (with surround system) is currently not connected to the interweb. But I'm digging this. On a side note: there was someone not too long ago offering a female voice. I'd think it would be cool if you two would team up anyway There's some projects out there that are always in need of talent
  8. Yeah, because while Sega didn't want anything to do with him, we don't care a bit yolo! Oh wait, I forgot. He's dead. You managed to hook up Justin Timberlake instead? Meh, nah, that wouldn't be an improvement...
  9. A nice track indeed. My only gripe thusfar is that the drums are overused. In certain parts, where one would expect a softer part (to build-up for the next section, like in the middle; Melee does this at around 1:20), they seemed a bit forced and I think a solo would have fit it better. It IS a catchy track, however, and feels right at home in the Smash universe. Nice work!
  10. Awesomesauce. I'm going to check this out tommorow!
  11. I know, major necro. But... Well, I was listening through the Mega Torrent and didn't hear this one come by, although I could've sworn I downloaded it from here back in the days. Guess I was wrong eh? Is there any chance you might revisit this one day? I think Oil Ocean deserves some more love and thise one grooves so nice
  12. Wow. I just heard this because of the super torrent download. But man, this is pure, unadulterated, classic trance. It just barely doesn't scream from the roof where you got the inspiration from, and that's fine. The build-up is executed flawlessly. My only gripe with it is the lack of any further vocal parts, because that "Sonic: lightspeed!" part is so awesome! I think that helped give the track it's signature as a real classic trance track. Seeing as how this was released during the glory days of trance, that's not so weird, but the fact that it manages to follow the same formula that made the big names so popular is beyond awesome. I wouldn't mind another track like this... Great work man!
  13. What, nobody around to welcome you guys around? Proposterous! Welcome everyone! The forums are bustling with life, and with all the great mixes coming out almost on a two- or three-day basis, it's apparent video game music isn't dead by a long shot! Walk around a bit, and if you're a mixer most certainly don't forget to drop by in the Workshop forums and the Recruitment forums!
  14. That's weird... I downloaded a utility, but it didn't find anything wrong with the track. It did, however, with the tracks from VARIAtions album so it definitely works...
  15. I'm digging that title. Though it doesn't have anything to do with the silver anniversary, I feel that this title fits the album well enough!
  16. Well, atleast I'm glad there's some life in here! Personally I don't want an exclusive 8-bit sound; I thought more of it as "8-bit like". So yeah, halc's style would fit nicely On the other hand, you bring a very interesting point Magnum Octopus. It would be a nice tie-in thematically... I've got to discuss this with Touchstone...
  17. Anorax, if you'd like to give it a go, by all means please do so. I was thinking the same thing, but we were kind of unwilling to ask as much from the mixers. That list is not in order, though, we'll mix and mash as the progression between tracks permits. The only tracks in a fixed position, as far as we are concerned, are 10 yard fight (if it gets mixed) and that Wario title: first and last published game. In between, anything goes. Please refer to the opening post as to what kind of provression we are aiming for
  18. OK... I seem to have a little problem here. My WinAMP crashes while loading the massive OCR 3000 playlist. I am fairly sure, however, that it's not the size of this thing that crashes it, but rather a specific file. It crashes as well with Big Giant Circle's 'In Your Prime', CN's 'Power-Up' and Audix's 'Samus In The Inferno', which are all from the VARIAtions album. This behaviour is new; it hasn't done this before. Anybody got an idea? I'm running WinAMP v5.666 Build 3516 (x86), without any plugins... Help? Pretty please? [EDIT] Found it. James George's Visions of Kin, #1530, crashes the program. As soon as WinAMP tries to format it to it's own standards and tries to display the runtime, BAM! Adios WinAMP. I can't really figure out what's wrong with the file, though, or why it causes WinAMP to go haywire...
  19. TOuchstone and I have been debating an interval deadline, but we first need more mixers on the team. After that we can set our eyes on a preliminary deadline and see what comes rolling in.
  20. Cake! Cake everywhere! Congrats dude
  21. As said, Born to Run isn't bad at all. Another angle at finding a title might be to look at items that have been seen in all Sonic games, like the TV's. There must be someone out there who knows why the Sonic 2 album was called Hedgehog Heaven, right? I'm not really following that choice, but it might help us out with a fitting title
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