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  1. How many others have used gaming jingles in their tracks? When I heard about Kernkraft 400, it really rocked my socks. Gametunes everywhere without you even knowing it! [/conspiracy]
  2. <__< >__> O__O Am I being an impatient grasshopper Argle?
  3. Amazon has The Wonderfull 101 for $23,60! If I lived in the America's I'd buy that so hard. What a deal!
  4. True, but when such a large portion of the game remains unremixed, it makes it a little harder, wouldn't you agree? Anyway, I myself am pretty interested in seeing where this ends, but as I'm involved with two projects already I think I'll skip for now. When the time comes, I might be able to do some design work, but that's a long time from now...
  5. There is no claiming deadline, but the sooner you have a track you badly want, the better, before someone else takes off with it It seems that interest is growing steadily so it might be wise to flip through the Sonic library and pick a track you want; gone is gone Hey evktalo, that's a great idea! The Master System is pretty underrated, if you ask me. Here's to hoping someone will remix the Jungle theme I was glad, though, that MS Scrap Brain got some love through the Remix Compo, but still not enough hahahaha!
  6. Nice! It's downloading like crazy right now!

    Well, here's to my end of the bargain eh? ;) I'll have to reinstall Steam, but I'll give you a like!

  7. Cool that you registered man! Sounds like a busy schedule yeah Onto your questions: 1: As you can see here (and let's use it as an example), you get to name your own track. It will contain an OCRemix ID number if it gets uploaded to YouTube as part of the mixpost flood to promote the album, and as such will receive an OCRemix ID number. This will only happen if the project coordinators select your track as one to be posted in the mixpost flood. Per example, this Tetris mix has the following name in the album directory (which shows up when people download the complete albem per torrent or direct from the site): 15 Crimea River (Tetris - A-Type) [sir_NutS] But the following name from the loose download page: Tetris_Crimea_River_OC_ReMix 1.1: As per the example, your name will be present both in the filename as well as in the MP3 tag if downloaded as album, but not when you are part of the mixpost flood. It will be present in the "Contributing Artist" field, though. One way or another, when someone plays the track, they'll know it was you who made the track! 2: As far as my knowledge of OCR posting goes, this is no problem at all. I've seen enough people do it, with or without an OCR video attached to it 3: This album will not be sold; it's a free-to-download album. There are several albums available on OCR that are commercial releases, but this (as far as I know) won't be one of them. We're planning on releasing the album on the 23rd of June, 2016. In the meantime there will be deadlines to see how everyone is progressing with their tracks. If someone is lagging behind too much, this could mean that someone else, if available, will remix the track instead. So there's that! Hope I answered your questions to your liking
  8. Tell you what: you put your music back online (or just supply me with a zip ) and I'll give you a vote! Just kidding, although I'd probably buy this if only for the music. It sounds good man! I missed that...
  9. If you hit the Music tab and search for Luigi's Mansion, you'll find that it has only two mixed tracks here on OCR. This usually means that the game is not so very popular under remixers. When making an album for a game that isn't very popular, finding people to remix tracks will be very, VERY hard. And seeing as one mix dates back to 2002, while the second isn't even a complete track but a combination, well, you might see where this is going :/ Here's to making your life easier: Link to Luigi's Mansion remixes.
  10. Hey C, a project guide isn't half a bad idea. I know I'd like it [/thread hijack] A Luigi's Mansion album sounds awesome, but seeing as there's only two mixes available, it proves not to be a first choice for a lot of mixers. It's a good thing you don't have deadlines yet because this can take a pretty long while...
  11. Well, I for one thinks it's cool to see you back around here, didn't think to see much stuff from you since this last post. As a matter of fact, there's this super duper cool NES remix album coming up. Don't suppose you could be tricked into making a remix for it? :)!!

  12. Sounds more than good! Thanx man, we'll update the opening post with this Feel free to mix extra tracks too!
  13. Lifeforce would be cool as well yeah. However, both Metal Gear and Bubble Bobble have slightly higher priority. Tell you what, if we get past the first disc of remixes, you can tackle Lifeforce
  14. ... You probably are better off if you ask on an EDM focused site. That's not exactly a game remix you're asking for, right? Try tranceaddict.com or the like, you might have more luck there. Good luck!
  15. Here's a better banner. Show the project some love and put it in your sig!
  16. Hey, we're trying to get some steam rolling on igNoring thE craSh! Might you be interested in doing a mix, now that attention is being pushed towards it? ;)

  17. Some very thoughtful remarks indeed! We were thinking about it the same way. There will be some well-known tracks to keep it recognizable, but if I have a lot to say about it (and it looks that I will ) there will be enough tracks to honor the lost pearls of NES gaming. And thanks for mixing! Much appreciated
  18. On a side note: seeing as a review of the album could take up to three months, if we want to release this on time, we'll need to get this ball rolling. I'll be contacting some people to pique their interest as well,but ehm... We're hiring guys! Come 'n claim tracks!
  19. Here's a first WIP. Not sure if I want to have the album art the same as the banner, but if that's preferred that's no problem
  20. Check out the first post, for now that's a list with claimed tracks so I guess your picks would be OK
  21. Hey guys, I'm probably going to co-produce the 30-years NES tribute album and, well, I kind of like some advice on what to watch out for and some general advice about producing an album in general If you guys want me to ask this question somewhere else that's fine with me, but seeing as you're actively encouring me to ask my questions here...
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