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  1. Hey ReMixers! I downloaded the JJ2 OST a few days ago, and have since been hooked to the Dark Groove tune. Unfortunately, and this is true for a lot of JJ2 tracks, no remix has been attempted on this killer track, and I was wondering if anyone here has time to spare and thinks he or she can give this one a go. Trance and the harder styles are my forte, but hey, if this gets remixed you won't hear me complaining about the choice of style For those too lazy to search (can't blame you for it ) .Thanks in advance, I'm sure there will be a lot of people who will thank you for it
  2. Wow. I was cursing and cursing because this songwasn't properly remixed yet, but you're doing one hell of a job. My only, single gripe with it as that only the source tunes don't come back that often. Especially the second part really wants some more sound time, IMHO. The way the tune goes away from source by going up in octaves is used way too often, I'm really curious what happens when you expand on the source, instead of deviate from it. Anyway... Really great work on this WAY to underappreciated track!
  3. Bumping this for great justice! Will, now that your Ice Cap remix was accepted, is there any chance you'll be going back to this one any time soon? I mean, it's wonderfull that they accepted a piece which wasa already remixed to death, pretty please finish this one which almost no one has remixed?
  4. Wow, that's just amazing! It's dark, gruntly, and epic all at the same time! I agree fullheartly with the Judge's comment on how the orchestra and guitar take turns. A real gem, so you better watch out Franck
  5. Agreed, overal the sound is very "dull", so to say. When concentrating I can hear the different melodies. Overall what I hear, I like though, so I hope you keep on learning. Make other stuff in the coming time, and when you think you're ready for it go back to this piece and remake it
  6. Very nice. The upsweeping of the tune in the second half really helps to track. I'm digging your additions and changes to it, with a bit more on the production side it should glide through the judgespanel effortlessly. I don't think they'll kick it out because it's a mashup; it's simply too good for that
  7. Wow. This is so awesome, it's epic. I was expecting something along the lines of the Norfair Deathmarch remix from some time ago, but these two sources flow into eachother almost seamlessly. I'd encourage to add original stuff to it, as I think this track has a lot of potential. And yes, I'd say SUBMIT as well when you expand on the track a bit more. Kick some ass!
  8. I tend to agree: a collaboration is something you make with somebody, not throwing in a piece and telling someone *here, finish it*. I think it's lazy...
  9. I like it, but I think the source needs some more screentime; that little 2:25 part was... well, short. I think it would be cool if you could incorporate a bit more of the source in a next version
  10. Hey man, how about you throw the stuff you have now on your website in a torrent? That makes downloading it a lot easier :razz:

  11. Wow.I'm digging this a lot, especially because there's not so much people around thar remix an Act 2 track from Sonic 3. I'm not digging the strange sample that starts at 2:24, but all in all it's a pretty solid track. Polish it up a bit, like XO said, and I think you've got a very good shot at getting it on the main site
  12. Dude... The last post is five months old! If you've got to necro a thread, atleast do so with something interesting to say...
  13. Rozovian, while I always appreciate your comments, that last one is a bit harsh. Ofcourse he should be here, where else can he learn? Newgrounds isn't the place that gives you the feedback you need, while people here can. While his work is far away from being OCR standards, you got to start somewhere...
  14. I'm not familiar with the source (linky please?) but it I can imagine it as a Metal Gear tune. On the other hand, it also has something Castlevania'ish, which I really dig. I'm not a judge, but right now it sounds like it would be ready for posting on the site. Submit it, they can give you the proper feedback you need to really make this song worht it (it already is,but still ) [EDIT] Can you put it on tindeck? I really want to save this to my HD!
  15. I must say that I'm not digging this. The main tune is dug in way too deep under those synthesizer tones, which only after a second listen are already starting to work on my nerves. I think this isn't a tune for this kind of music; Mechanical Man needs to be dark and gritty, not soft like you made it. Ofcourse, that's a choice of style, but again I don't think that it does the tune justice...
  16. Dafydd, where is this album to be found? I did a quick search on thaSauce but couldn't find anything...
  17. Ah... A Star Maze remix AT LAST! Nice to hear someone picking it up. I am, however, unsure with that flute. It sound kind of harsh, and while your stride off-source with the main instruments go all well, the flute doesn't make quite the same way: it sounds terribly off, dare I say even false, so I'd suggest you tweak it a bit. The flute is what makes your song stand out from the rest, so I hope you can work it out somehow...
  18. It's a very laid-back remix, quite nice but... I dunno, I still envision Azure Lake to be a trance or techno song, instead of the multitude of chilldown remixes I've heard of it. Isthere any chance I can pitch you in that direction?
  19. GuitarHero, that's because he remixed it for Sonic 2 HD, which seeks only to update every aspect (including sound) of the game, instead of remixing it...
  20. *poke* Hi guys! I'm actually a long time lurker, but decided to register over here now that VGMix isn't getting a lot of attention from it's coders anymore, or so it seems. The name's Michael, but almost everywhere on the net I'm known as BorgMan. I'm a decent Star Trek fan (no Klingon greetings, Vulcan mindfucks or Romulan Ale from me). I do, however, specialise in making it's ships, and ocasionally I read fanfics. I'm a longtime OCR listener, trying to get others hooked up to it as well. This, however, has resulted more than once in a shoe against the back of my head I usually stick to the likes of Sonic, Zelda and that sort games, but sometimes I stroll off my path because a song cought my attention; FZero has been one such lately. I don't really play games (save for a RA2 game here and there), and plan on getting a Wii when I get the oppurtunity to get one (poor student, food > Wii). Soooooo... Where's the closest beer?
  21. Bah, the link is muerto. Could you fix it please?
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