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  1. I don't entirely agree. If at least some artwork can be considered "done", it means stuff can be made for people who are willing to show off that they're in the process of making remixes. I saw this at the Sonic Remix Compo and I'm pretty enamored by it. This also means that the visibility of the project will go up, attracting more people willing to remix, and so on. I don't know how this work here on OCR, but is there a way we can get a hidden thread or something? That way I can work my magic and make some artwork for everyone to use and for the directors to have a way of discussing stuff (like how the album is built-up). Oh, and Black_doom: I was thinking, perhaps we can have an extra disc with music already available on the site? Not everyone knows those tracks or is even aware that it's made. From a marketing perspective, this also means that I might be able to fix a way in which people can be linked towards that content, again making sure that more people will be able to listen to this album and to give some TLC to those remixers that have come before. They shaped Sonic's music history as much as we're hoping to do now, right? [/marketingmode]
  2. That would be awesome. C&C isn't getting a lot of remix love, but I'm not sure if that's because people think Frank Klepacki already did a god damn awesome job or they just feel it's not really remixable. I'm all for a C&C album, though I'm afraid that's going to take a loooooong time
  3. That's going to be tough. By the by, if possible, including 'silver' might be a cool idea, this being his silver anniversary and all But I'll sit down after the weekend and see what I can come up with!
  4. No problem, but as said, I'm still fiddling around. Perhaps I can come up with something cooler
  5. Check. Well, I'll be contacting some tried-and-proven directors for tips and tricks then. Just to make sure what I said yes to
  6. Just me fiddling around. Trying to come up with a name, but that's not as easy as it sounds. Sonic Boom would've been cool, but that one's taken :/
  7. While I'm not super familiar with all the source material, except for the more popular titles, I'm willing to help you out as co. I'll be able to make artwork for the Sonic 25 album anyway. So it's your call brah
  8. I gotta agree on that, even the whole baby spiders thing. I think the mallets take center stage way too much, overpowering every other instrument easily. I'm not sure if I like them; I'd rather had seen them replaced with something a bit easier on the ears. There's a small pause at 2:43 where they return again that does suit me though. All in all, a nice, frantic remix. I'm sure, though, that if my girlfriend would've been around, she'd throw the speakers out of the window
  9. Wauw, that was epic indeed. I noticed the Herman Zimmerman influences, and they do fit the track very nice. I'd almost say the only department this is not epic, is it's length; I would have liked a longer cut
  10. I would suggest you freeze the SMG album and focus your attention on this one instead, seeing as you've got only a year to go, give or take a few months. I for one am quite interested to see what could come out of it. In the meantime, have a goodie
  11. Woah. That's a pretty insane deal you got there zircon! Not a real fan of MP2 but man, that's one awesome deal you got out of it with practically every game that matters right now! I am pretty curious about The Wonderful 101, though. Anyone got any experience iwth it?
  12. Hooray, people picking tracks! Roll, blue spikey ball, roll
  13. You should definitely sub this Superior! Now that I've had some time to listen to the whole of the SZRC, I really think that this remix is one that stands out from a lot of the other tracks. The combining of the two themes is really thought out and the mixing is awesome!
  14. Bumping this back up due to a lack of updates. Guys, how's it going?
  15. Agreed. But I think that will all be decided when we figure out how to build-up the album Thinking about it, another way to go could be 2D - 3D - Racing & Arcade. That would yield fewer CD's than a Generation per disc and thus minimizing the scope? On the other hand, I don't know if this would do Sonic justice...
  16. That was a great remix. Very sweet, spice and everything nice I wouldn't mind falling endlessly into the abysses with this track as my BGM
  17. Typing this from Chrome on W7 x64, but it appears here just fine as well. Hard to replicate indeed :/
  18. Hey, that's awkward. It's back again? Though I really can't tell if it has moved since before it disappeared...
  19. It would appear that the notice with the amount of messages you have, together with your login name, in the right top corner is gone. Was this done on purpose or is it a glitch?
  20. I have the same feeling. It's got something mellow going on. It's a well arranged track, I'm just not... feeling it. It's great to see that some less-known tracks get remixed and I think this bodes well for an OoT album, it's just that this just isn't my cup of tea. Great work though, remixer!
  21. What I found most interesting about Project: Guard was the whole interactivity of the onlookers. Ofcourse you won't be able to check all those security camera's. But with some people to back you up, screaming where to go, this could work really well! Ultimate party game, and all of that with just one person sitting behind the controller. I love it! I really hope they can get some steam (no pun intended) behind the Wii U. If they can deliver some quality titles both this year and next year, I'm sure the 3rd party publishers will jump on board. CHOO CHOO MO'FO's!
  22. There's some bold words! I'm still waiting out for it to drop a bit in price, though. When it hits €250,- with Mario Kart as a pack in, I'll definitely buy one.
  23. That was very, VERY satisfying! Twenty+ minutes of my life I'm going to enjoy putting into this track again very soon Superb mixing and flow make this a killer track and almost a mini album onto it's own. Great job!
  24. Not one, but TWO mixers? Wow... I'm stunned! And I like Halc's style, so bring it on!
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