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  1. This just blew me away with all its awesomeness. There is plenty that i love about but that vocal sample made it even better.
  2. Willrock is getting better and better with each song he releases:-P Good work usual.
  3. It was good while it lasted:<
  4. Well 2010 i think will rock. Happy new year!
  5. I love Outrun and its music, I just love how you interpreted the original source.
  6. This is very beautiful, l love a good piano piece. Great work.
  7. I feel so relaxed after listening to this, l love the vibe this has. Great job.
  8. Going to bed very soon, waking up early Christmas day. Merry Christmas people and to OCR.
  9. Great album, the wait for this has been worth it.
  10. I have no idea for this one but will guess. Is it someone from the Lunar games?
  11. The beginning is great. Rayza has a great style and the sauce melody is great.
  12. Hello there, l request a remix for the game Final Fantasy 8. The song i request to be remixed is Roses Of Wine http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=S8RPmVwkeEM Thank You
  13. I love this track. I love the energy of the guitars and the drums are even better.
  14. This is excellent, the vocals are fantastic and the way you made it is great. Love it.
  15. With Alien Vs Predator being released it shows how broken our rating system is for games.
  16. I have been playing Phantasy Star 3 for like the past two months now:-P Going to finish it for the first time.
  17. 1 has to be that guy called Lyle from Phantasy Star 3.
  18. Cant remember when i downloaded this but i decided to listen to it today. My god why dint i listen to this ages ago, it has a nice feel to it and the guitar is done well.
  19. I am very intrigued by this. I have find the game now after listening to this. It does give you the chills and that bass line works well.
  20. Crank it up people its PrototypeRaptor! Seriously this has to be your best remix so far.
  21. This is very creative. The western vibe i think is great and the pace i think is perfect. Love it:razz:
  22. I must say it is a wonderful piece to listen to. It something that i would listen to on a peaceful evening. Love it.
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