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  1. Rozo this is beautiful. You keep impressing me every time i hear a new remix from you. Keep up the good work.
  2. The feel of this is incredible. The style reminds me of LastUnicron style which i dig. I hope to see more from you.
  3. Great work as usual. FF8 has great music. The guitar work is really gooood:< I want more.
  4. This is awesome guys. You sure know how to put on a show:<
  5. This hits the spot. Fantastic work overall and the guitar work is just so gnarly. Just love it.
  6. Congratulations OCR! This community in OCR has made me appreciate all kinds of music that i thought i would never listen too. So thank you OCR.
  7. This has to be my favorite remix arrangement this year. It really is so peaceful. Great work.
  8. The part of The Legend of Dragoon of where the character Lavitz Slambert dies. I was disappointed considering he was my favorite.
  9. This is pretty amazing, I have never played it but this remix intrigues me to play it.
  10. Never played the game but this is enticing me to try it.
  11. The intro was great and that tempo change was a great. You really are getting better really fast:-P Good work.
  12. I love this a lot. I keep on thinking Halc made this when i listen to this other then that i think this is fantastic to listen.
  13. A very interesting song that has plenty of great things going on. Good work.
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