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  1. A combo of custom-made samples with lots of layering and processing.

    Was there a specific track of mine you had in mind when asking this?

  2. Ahah, cause despite having been here for over a year, I still have no idea how to add friends...

    What happened up until now, is that people have sent me the friend request and I accepted.

    If you know how to do it, by all means send it. I'll add you right away man. :D

  3. Ahah, not sure the part about shower & stuff was integral to the song update, but I get the idea anyway, thanks. Looking forward to the outcome.

    Already done with half the audio-editing, so I'll probably have it completed by tomorrow night. And btw, I don't need the full track for this, just 30 or 40 seconds of it. ;)

  4. Ahah, yeah they were taking almost half a page of something on my tiny screen. ;D

    Why didn't you ask for a custom 'JuneIsBossMonth' sig in the OffTop thread?

    I may be able to hook you up with one, but I'm definitely not as talented as The Coop or Doulifee though...

  5. Awesomeness! You'll definitely be hearing back from me about this one bro. ;)

  6. Busy as can be, but still alive, against all odds. ;)

    How about you Will, got something on your mind?

  7. Careful! If you go that fast, you may even deliver in time for the due date. ;D

    Also, def looking forward to that GoW mix. Sounds like you've brought the heavy artillery for this one.

  8. Cuz life is being a bitch right now.

  9. Dunno your specific taste in games Pieter, but if you're a normally constituted gamer, it's impossible to dislike Bastion.

    Visuals are impressive, gameplay is solid and it's a lot of fun to play.

    The narrative drive is excellent and like I said the soundtrack is fantastic.

    It's just a really good game. So have fun with this one. ;)

  10. For some basic chiptuney sketch or even to make some songs using SFZ (since it comes with a soundfonts player), it works fine.

    After, depends on your system perf, and how familiar you are with Linux distros.

    I know that Skiessi over at OHC did some awesome songs with it.

    In a way, it's almost like FL, but with delightful Linux Alsa config mayhem, to help spicen up the activity. ;D

    Sonar is still my primary DAW though. And from what I've seen in OCR cribs, you guys seem to be using it quite differently...

  11. Glad to hear it. As an aspiring artist, I'm looking up to you, and hope I'll be able to create a song at least a fraction as good as this in the course of my lifetime.

  12. Glad to hear that, I'm looking forward to it. Keep me posted and have fun. ;)

  13. Glad to see you getting involved into more community albums bro.

    Now turn it up to eleven and show 'em how it's done! 8)

  14. Got it and replied. But yeah, the PM system seems to be giving folks some trouble as of late...

  15. Got some stuff to deal with, don't worry Guilherme.

    Thanks for the concern though. :)

  16. Happy b-day Alex! Have good one. :)

    1. HoboKa


      Thanks Dj Mokram I'm starting to feel old now...also, I can't seem to find your RL name on this new OCR thing lol.

  17. Happy birthday mang! Have a good one. :grin:

  18. Hey B! Got any good news for me? ;)

  19. Hey Greg! Could you please get back to me about the Gunstar Heroes project. Thanks. :)

  20. Hey Halt! How's the remixing coming along buddy?

  21. Hey Pieter! I'm a bit better now, thanks. How you've been holding up? Already at work on Badass 3, I see. Bet it'll be even more menacing, ominous and awesome than the previous two volumes combined! ;)

  22. I didn't even knew you'd made a new album... wait, who are you and where is my horse?

  23. I don't think there's a particular consensus against repetition, cause many styles of electronica are based on repetition.

    It's just that there's a large portion of OCR's audience that doesn't like hip-hop very much.

    Sadly, it's cause most people confuse real hip-hop with the lame gangsta/club-rap airing on the radio/TV.

    So it's mostly out of ignorance, not malice. You can't blame people for what they don't know, right? ;)

    Please don't let that discourage you and keep doing your thing.

    Simplicity is a rare quality, and the mark of great artists. :)

  24. I forgot you were co-directing BC also. Don't worry, I've already talked with Juan about that.

    Unfortunately update's not gonna happen this month. Got a lot of things to attend to.

    That, and also at least 3 other OCR project deadlines to meet.

    Anyway, stay well, and good luck with uni man. ;)

  25. I hear ya, things are pretty hectic on my end too atm.

    Next deadline is acually the FINAL due date for the project: March 10th 2011.

    So, can I count on you B? :)

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