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  1. intergrity or not youre both badass and the final will be badass i am excited
  2. Oh! I just remembered. Is that guard who dies in the back alley of Castle Town, right after you get the Ocarina of Time, still there? Something tells me Nintendo would've taken that out. Talking about this: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=D6XMKtjtvaM
  3. Says who? I'm not defending them, but either of us could be right. Chances are there's a legit anon somewhere out there.
  4. You know, this is probably one of my favorite remix albums. While the spoken word parts are a little cheesy in concept, they're so well written that I barely notice them. On some tracks. I would like to hear the pure instrumentals, but it's not a big deal. Good stuff. There are a few tracks I'm not particularly fond of but the good ones more than make up for it.
  5. "You got Nail's Love! Using it will protect Link from taking damage." No.
  6. "u laffed at me 4 being 17, now i destroy youu!!!" I love these guys. When's the real anon going to come out and set things straight? I swear, too many kids are trying to be internet batmans these days.
  7. Aww the video got taken down. What was it?
  8. I dunno, 40 tracks on one album is kind of huge.
  9. I always had a fat man crush on adult link as a kid. He looks too girly now. Jeez Nintendo. Also, even though I pronounce Saria as SAIR-ee, I'm pretty sure it's Suh-ree-ah. That's how my friend always pronounced it at least, it's Maria with an s. And Kakariko is Kack-uh-REE-co.
  10. I still have the original wip. Wow you guys totally reworked this. Gotta admit I'm not really into Ska, but damn that was good. It hasn't converted me, but those were some really solid vocals. Maybe that's just because I don't know what to compare them to, but as a not-ska fanatic I'm sold. That was really nice. much better than everclear hangover if u no what i mean D;
  11. Are you releasing the whole thing in one shot, or is it going to be released in episodes? Cause, I mean...that's a lot of tracks.
  12. I didn't mean offense, it's just what I would've changed if I were you. That's all, it's your call after all and if I'm in the minority then that's probably a good thing.
  13. I really hope you're not taking me too seriously.
  14. for the record i pronounce saria as sair-ee and kokiri as kor-kor-ee. so yeah im not exactly some pronunciation wizard. i blame my being 5 when this game came out. feel free to get pissed about it but hey the first time i referred to "ocarina" as ock-uh-reena instead of orc-arena my siblings had no idea what i was talking about. edit: oh and let me get a little bit of this in here Dee-koo Nigh-roo Skull-tula Fair-rore Na-vee Hi-lee-in Ger-roo-doo (sharp g) Sheek (yes i know it's shake)
  15. Maybe it was the year before then. I've lost track of time. I'm going to have to google that.
  16. i have a critique, why is your name written in zelda font? it might just be me, but i think it's a little unprofessional, that's all. it's the music that counts though, of course. and the music is good.
  17. he's also 12 and likely overweight by the way it's dee-koo tree not decku tree i dont get why people pronounce it that way
  18. quit yer bitchin the thing with club nintendo is that the free award they give you usually sucks. last year i think it was an animal crossing poster, but it was really cheap and tacky.
  19. His PS1 Final Fantasy scores pretty much define my childhood. I always tear up every time I hear the world map song from FF7. It's really bizarre to believe that once upon a time the only thing that mattered in my world was his music. I didn't even really know of any other musicians until I was like, 8 or 10. So if I ever met Uematsu I'd probably cream my pants.
  20. That's funny, because Koji Kondo said he wanted players to play without headphones because he and his team managed to make the audio feel like it's surround sound or something like that. I forget what he actually said.
  21. i would certainly hope the first miniboss of the game is incredibly easy
  22. What the hell, I haven't disagreed with Bleck once in this thread. Going off of Charlemagne, I'm really excited for Skyward Sword because it seems like they're fixing all of those issues. The battle system is basically broken in TP, and to be fair it always was broken, because using the shield is essentially the same as activating god mode. No one can touch you when you've got your tiny shield up. And if Link's got a combo going, well, the enemy is pretty much screwed. Even though the Darknuts could cause Link to stagger, they never took the opening given to them, they'd just make Link step back a little bit and then stand there waiting while Link gets his shit together. The stamina gauge fixes all of this, so that's good. Though where's the magic meter? Why'd they do away with that? I will give TP credit for, as Mr. Charlemagne put it, having those mini dungeons dotted around the map. I went back to TP to get the heart pieces some months ago, and was actually pretty entertained finding all these random grottos that turned out to be these pretty big labyrinths. I had to go back and forth to the one in Lake Hylia a couple of times because I kept running out of lamp oil or arrows or something.
  23. When was the last time you played OoT? I played it three years ago, so I'm worried I won't enjoy it as much. Also I tend to watch OoT videos on Youtube when I'm particularly bored, so, I dunno I never really stopped playing it. (And yet I rate OoT as being an average Zelda game. I'm strange).
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