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  1. Seems pretty interesting, and your sounds are cool in general, but there are a few things that I didn't like. Here goes : First off, the bass line that you bring in at about 0:49 turned me off during the whole mix, because it didn't follow the chord changes. It sounded off to me most of the time. Also, I think the intro is too repetitive to be so long. As it is, I can't really enjoy the progression. Your melody feels pretty mechanical, and is extremely conservative. I think you should mess around with it some more. I'm not the best reference, but I hope this helps
  2. Whoaa sorry, man! I didn't notice you were being ignored! I must have skipped your thread This is astoundingly soothing. I really wasn't expecting such a relaxing mix. The progression is awesome! All the transitions felt very natural. I really enjoyed the flow, all along the mix I really enjoy the production aspect of this. Everything sounds very clear to me, even in my crappy earbuds And I really like how you handled the side-chaining. And your synths sound perfect to me. The only thing that I didn't enjoy as much is the distant lead ostinato (I don't know how to describe it better than that hahaha), near the beginning. It felt so far away, and the drum and bass are so dry... It felt a bit weird. I might be wrong though P.S.: I'm not a great mixer (yet), so don't take this feedback too seriously EDIT: I just noticed one of your tracks (the lead ostinato) seems to keep playing with very low volume at the end, after the fade out. You might want to check it out.
  3. This definitely kicks ass There's a single tiny thing that felt a bit awkward to me. It's the first note of the new synth you bring in at 1:27. I love the idea, but I think a bit of automation of some sort during this note could help it feel more natural. It's probably all about personal tastes, but I thought it'd be good if I told you about it. Newb advice. Take it for what it's worth Interesting fact: Some parts in your mix really remind me of the Phantasy Star Online soundtrack, I don't really know why. Ah well. EDIT: I keep listening to this. I really love it.
  4. Hmm I don't see why you don't like the intro, Doc. It's pretty awesome, in my opinion. The only thing that I think could be potentially upgradeable in the intro is the drum parts, but I think they're good anyway.
  5. Thanks a lot for the feedback! @Rockos: I'll check out the compression, thanks for pointing it out. Oh and thanks about the strings too @Speedstardian: Every feedback counts! It's very appreciated! I'll make sure to check out my lead and drums @M249-M4A1: Thanks a lot for pointing out the unwanted frequency, you're absolutely right. I'll do my best trying to fix it. I'll try to post as few updates as possible. I'm trying to train my mixing ears But updates WILL come. Please keep the feedback coming, it's really appreciated!
  6. This is really great! I love what you did there. There's one precise thing that I love in your mix that makes it particularly unique compared to any other version of that theme, in my opinion. It's the bridge at around 0:39. The chords you use are different from the original, and frankly, I like your chords much better! It sounds incredibly epic! Also, I really like the solos. It reminds me of old school progressive rock. I love that I also agree that the drum sounds need some work. I don't have any particular issues with anything else than the snare drum, though. I feel like it's not blending well with everything else. I think "dirtying" it up a bit (with a tiny bit of overdrive, or something like that) might help, but I could be very wrong. I'm still a newb at that. I also think it might have a little bit too much reverb, but again it might be just me. I'd like this to be longer! Please extend this track!
  7. I've been working quite a bit on this. I'd like to know what a pair of fresh ears would have to say about it. Sources: Remix v1: http://tindeck.com/listen/kvdg I'm especially unsure about the filtered strings. I thought it sounded cool, but maybe I'm just not hearing this well. Any feedback is appreciated! EDIT: LATEST VERSION
  8. Man, this is awesome! Absolutely nothing else to say. Throwing in a tentative title : "Interrupted by Another Dream"
  9. I'm just passing by, so I don't really have time for a good review, but I would suggest you switch the thread's status to Work in Progress. I don't think this is ready for Mod Review. You clearly need more content.
  10. Thanks for the comment! I'll make sure to check out that synth and those muddy parts Oh and thanks for the cue about the melody, I'll keep it in mind
  11. This sucks. Will definitely never be on first page. ....Oh wait, April Fool's over?
  12. This is an excellent first mix, but I think there is still much work to be done. This is extremely close to the original. You should work on that (mess around with the structure of the song, the melodies, the chords, etc.) although your solos and counter-melodies are a great start. Also, some of your sound choices turned me off (especially the guitar synth) but not all of them (the synths you used for the solos are great!) I also think you should rethink the drum parts, or make them vary a bit more. That same beat over and over again sounds stale pretty fast IMO. Keep it up! This has great potential.
  13. I agree with the hi-hat thing. I think it might be good if it was a tad "less hard" when it first comes in. But man, this is wonderful work! Very unique take on that theme. I love it!
  14. Hey man, that's incredible progress since your first posts here! ^^ Great job! I'd complement the current feedback with a couple of little details. First off, I don't know if it's just me, but the hi-hat's been distracting me during the whole mix. It just didn't feel right with the rest of the percussion, in my opinion. I'm guessing maybe the reverb might be the problem here. Might also be just personal taste though. Also, I didn't really enjoy the semi-synthy strings sample. I'd either rework it or choose a different sample, because I think its current sound doesn't fit with the rest of the mix. The arrangement is a bit repetitive, but that's already been pointed out. Aside from that, I think this is epic and has great potential. Keep it up!
  15. Man, this is so awesome! I don't know if it's the chippy synths, the arrangement, or your avatar (or maybe I'm just crazy) but I have such a strong feeling that I'm listening to a Mega Man remix XD Ah well. Anyway, this wins! Very damn much! I love it!
  16. In my opinion, the first thing that should be on your TO DO list is the arrangement. As it is now, it sounds pretty empty to me, and is almost 100% conservative. You should try to mess around with the structure of the song, alter the melodies, add some stuff, etc. Explore the source and find your own interpretations of it. I'm no pro, but I'm pretty sure that's what you should do first. Keep at it, and you might just get something great!
  17. Bumping with another update! http://tindeck.com/listen/wwwi
  18. This is full of win! I love it! I thought of "Cave Climax" as a title for this mix when I was listening to the earlier versions. I thought you might want to know
  19. Here's another update http://tindeck.com/listen/uwxq Any feedback is appreciated
  20. I really like how you build this up! It's extremely enjoyable! I really like what you do with the piano, although some parts might be slightly too busy for my tastes (I'm especially thinking of around 1:00-1:14) but it's great as it is. I like 2:07! I wasn't expecting that C# on the piano (good thing!), but I think I'd enjoy this part more if there was no D appoggiatura just before the C#, but again it's just my tastes I wouldn't want to mess your interpretation! I can't wait to hear what's next!
  21. Thanks a lot for the quick feedback! I'm working very hard to improve my production skills, and I'd like to know if you guys think it's paying off. Here's v2: http://tindeck.com/listen/zymj I'm still very far from finished with the writing (sorry for the crappy sudden end XD). I'm especially looking for technical feedback. Thanks again!
  22. I'm still just a newbie, but I thought I'd throw in a couple of ideas. I like the 2:10 transition. You wouldn't need to alter it, imo. I don't feel any ending coming at 3:16, but I have to say that I'd love to hear a small fill by that new synth you bring in just after that. But again, I think it's pretty good as it is. As for the 4:22 part, I feel like the lead clashes a bit from the rest. It might be just me, but with that awesome powerful bass coming in and the crunchy drums, I feel like the lead is just a... let's say... a "remnant" of the first part that didn't want to adapt to its... new friends. I don't know if I'm being understandable, but... ah well! XD And it might be just me who's just crazy Oh and just another thought... I love the slide just before 2:10. It's like the pads' engines just crashed and are shutting down. I thought it'd be pretty awesome if they kind of "glitched", you know, if they had some kind of glitchy flicker, just before their "system failure". I hope this helps a bit! ^^
  23. Thanks a lot for the great feedback! I'll keep working on it for a while now, I have lots of stuff to fix I'll be back eventually, with a completely reworked mix! Thanks again!
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