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  1. Oh I agree, but it just seems like everyone's making a big fuss (in the second video) over something that isn't really all that new...
  2. Wait, I thought we already had this with Rock Band 3...It seems like the only difference is that you can use any guitar for this?
  3. Absolutely not, however I require auditions from anyone who is unposted. PM me if you're interested.
  4. Cool, this is kind of minimalistic but it sounds good. I can't say I was a big fan of the original track, but I like this a lot The steampunk aspect is neat too!
  5. Haha, this is awesome! XD The beginning is a little slow compared to the rest of the song, but once the brass comes in it really picks up. Just wondering: Is the line-up going to be different on every song you guys do? I can't wait to hear the live version!
  6. Wow, the hybrid of instruments is really weird and cool. I'm definitely enjoying this one...It's too bad it didn't make it onto the album, but oh well!
  7. I've gotten used to it by just typing a few letters of whatever I'm searching (fina for final fantasy, donk for Donkey Kong Country), but the search bar could definitely use some improvement. That being said, I have no idea how much work it would need to be improved, and it might be better to focus on other things that need improving.
  8. That's really cool. I love unconventional sounds like that!
  9. Thanks guys I really can't go that high right now...I'm basically looking for the cheapest thing possible. The cheapest one I could find (at Long and McQuade's at least) was this. Is it really important enough to spend way more than that though? I wouldn't be doing anything really intensive with it, and I would make sure it wasn't abused... I guess I could get this if absolutely necessary.
  10. I thought he made another account after his first one got banned, but I really don't know...
  11. Okay, thanks for the replies! As for guitar compatibility, what should I look for? Would this one work? Edit: Nevermind. That has the same inputs doesn't it? I imagine I could get some sort of adapter though?
  12. Okay, so something like this: I'm glad they have something in my price range Just out of curiosity, if you were to mic an amp and then run it through a virtual amp on the computer, would it sound funny because it's going through 2 amps?
  13. So what's the difference between an interface and a mixer, and why should I go with an interface? I need something cheap, so I'm looking at this: It sounds like that's not what you're suggesting though...
  14. Hey guys, quick question... What's the best way to record electric guitar if I plan on using vst effects (Boss ds-1 vst and an amp sim) to add distortion? Does it make sense to record a clean tone through my amp, or should I get a mixer and plug the guitar directly into the computer? Thanks, -Kuolema
  15. That's not really how this forum works...don't expect your requests to be taken because it usually doesn't happen.
  16. Yo, you updated this! You should post when that happens so that people know It's pretty awesome. I like how hectic it gets at some points
  17. Haha, you should be glad it wasn't something more...awkward XD Anyway, this is sounding pretty cool. Definitely better than the first version Sorry for not responding to your other thread btw...I kind of forgot about it :S I'm surprised a mod didn't move it to this forum, but whatever. Keep it up!
  18. Troll You should post it for real though; I want to see what the new version sounds like.
  19. Wow, once again, really good stuff! The intro sounds a lot better compared to the original version, and once it gets going at 0:43 it sounds great! I'm liking the chiptune elements too.
  20. Hey there, That's good to know! I might need some violin for a track or two in the future...I'll keep you in mind
  21. I know this came out forever ago, but I'd just like to give my thoughts on it. I love this album. I really like almost every track, which is pretty rare for a 50+ track album covering a bunch of genres that I don't normally listen to. The first few tracks make a fantastic album opener, and it manages to stay consistently good throughout. I love that there are so many different styles on this album, and yet all the tracks feel very similar! Seeing as I'm not as familiar with FFIV's music as I am some of the other games in the series, I was kind of surprised that I liked it as much as I did, but man it really works! That's one of the things that I like about OCRemix as a whole; most of my favorite remixes are from games that I haven't even played. Anyway, I think everyone did an amazing job on this album, and I'd like to thank everyone who worked on it (even if it is a couple of years late) .