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  1. Whoah, why does this only have 1 review? :S I also think that the atmosphere is very nice. It's definitely one of the darker tracks on the site. Good job!
  2. These are really good! I especially like song 2...or 1 (lol, why is song 2 track 1, and song 1 track 2?) XD. Good stuff though This guy is amazing! His harp guitar is so cool!
  3. Nice! All of the themes go really well together. If you hadn't told me, I would have though it was one source (...well except the Chrono Cross part ). It sounds really slick.
  4. Cool I'll be keeping my eye on this. It sounds like it could develop into something pretty awesome, especially if you add in another source!
  5. Aw, that sucks The new automation sounds just as good, if not better though I definitely agree about the sound effect. The placement is nice, but I can hardly differentiate it from the rest of the music :S Other than that, sounds good! This should pass for sure!
  6. Yeah the Album Project Guidelines page is out of date. It says that project threads should be posted in general. Hopefully this will get fixed? Edit: btw, that is some nice art your cousin did!
  7. I listened to the's really nice. I like the ending theme a lot I don't have an iphone, but I'd download the game if I looks neat! Btw, what's a bawu, and which tracks is it played on?
  8. I'd like to comment, but unfortunately I can't read chinese...I know english isn't your first language, but could you upload the file somewhere else?
  9. This is really close to the source. That being said, it does sound quite nice. The guitar playing is really solid.
  10. Wow! This is so good. You have a really nice voice, and the music is beautiful. I love the harmonies you did! Subscribed! Edit: Btw, I took a look at your profile and saw that you are considering doing a cover of "The Islander". DO IT! That's one of my favorite songs!
  11. Haha, I got to the crazy bus part in the podcast and had to stop to go listen to the song. This is hilarious XD
  12. Haha, that's totally what I thought of when I saw the title Took a listen to some of the ost, and it does sound like it has some awesome music!
  13. Only just saw this thread now...Haha, I'm so late, but whatever XD So far it sounds really good; I don't know any of the sources though. Too bad it didn't get released officially.
  14. Haha, yeah maybe I should have looked at the title instead XD That's actually totally true. I hadn't thought of that...I'm just not sure it works in this mix. Then again, with some more work, I'm sure it could work
  15. Lol, I was expecting a piano remix considering your username and youtube channel. I like the vocals...they make this track very unique. They do start to get kind of boring though. I'd mix them up and add some more variation in there! Also, the last bit (2:05 and on)feels very disconnected, especially with that last synth that comes in near the end. Also, the synth that takes over the melody at 2:06 seems off tune or something. I think it clashes with the background synths. It sounds like this could be really cool with a bit of work though
  16. This sounds like a really good start! I think this could be really nice if you make it longer and add some more interpretive stuff later on.
  17. I like it! It really does make good background music. At first I thought that the parts where the music speeds up sounded really weird, but then I realized that that's exactly how Wonderland works!
  18. Legend of Mana Remix Project Preview Video Project directors: Kuolema, Tuberz McGee Track List: Intro: Places of Soul - Claimed by Tuberz McGee Wisp ~ Memory of Running - Claimed by Hildagarde Shade ~ Marginal Beast/Depression Blues - Claimed by Phonetic Hero ~ Interlude 1. ~ Calm Song - Claimed by ilp0 Dryad ~ Earth Painting - Claimed by Brandon Strader Aura ~ Hometown Domina - Claimed by Hylian Lemon ~ Interlude 2. ~ Sorrowful Song - Claimed by NinjaFlute Joyful Song - Claimed by Kuolema Salamander ~ Calmly Travelling - Claimed by Trism Gnome ~ Wanderer's Path - Claimed by Jane ~ Interlude 3. ~ Mysterious Song - Claimed by wildfire Undine ~ To The Sea - Claimed by Final Kingdom Outro: Nostalgic Song - Claimed by Terra Mater ----------------------------------------------------------------- Dark Red - Claimed, No WIP Blue - Claimed, Preliminary WIP Dark Green - Claimed, Substantial WIP Lime - Claimed, Finished, submitted for evaluation Orange - Open, PM me if you wish to claim it ----------------------------------------------------------------- Artwork: keiiii Banners:
  19. So this one definitely made me stop the first time I heard it (When I was listening to Humans+Gears the first time), and I had to repeat it 3 or 4 times before continuing XD It really does stand out, but in a good way...
  20. So awesome! I missed the last concert in Toronto, but I don't want to miss this one!