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  1. This is amazing. I played it for my dad who's a big jazz fan and he loved it. It's funny because when I listen to it it I forget that there are only 2 instruments; The sound is so rich and full. Incredible.
  2. This was one of the first remixes I listened to from the site, and It's still a favorite. The lyrics and singing are great and the music is awesome! (I had actually never heard the source when I first listened to this, but after hearing it I must say that the music is very unique!)
  3. I actually only played Chrono Trigger a few months ago, but I was able to identify almost every source just from listening to mixes from this site. Needless to say, I think this song is very good. My favorite version of Schala's theme I think!
  4. This is awesome. Such a change from PrototypeRaptor's other stuff, but really cool. The voice at the beginning (Singing? Chanting? I'm not sure what to call it...) really reminds me of the score for American McGee's Alice (Which is awesome!). The mix really does have a lot of energy though, and a very creepy tone. Not really what I was expecting from an orchestral piece, but probably better .
  5. Does anyone know if the esoundz refill 4 gold is any good? I'm looking especially at the acoustic folk, world percussion and ethnic instruments volumes. It seems to have good review and it's pretty cheap, but I noticed in one of the comments someone said they got it for $99 at halloween. Is that a yearly thing, or was it only that price once?(I'm really poor, so I really can't spend a lot of money)
  6. May I ask what you're using for the violin? It sounds really good...
  7. That's too bad, but good luck anyways And I totally know how you feel; I have gotten to the same point as you multiple times, and just hit a complete roadblock (using the same source even XD). I'm glad you're going to keep creating music though, and I hope this mix does get finished, even if it doesn't get to OCR.
  8. This is awesome! Earth painting is probably my favorite track from any videogame, and I've always wished someone would do a remix of it! (The genre being symphonic metal only makes me love it more ). As for critique, I really like the beginning, but I have to agree with pixelwave about having more buildup to the metal part. The drum roll doesn't really do it for me. Also, I think it sounds a little bit funny once the main melody comes in at 1:20; for some reason it seems like it's just kind of been placed on top instead of meshing with the rest. I think it may have to do with it being lifted almost directly from the source...maybe if you got rid of some of the counter melodies and focused more on just the main one it would work better? Anyways, keep it up. I really hope this gets finished and posted!
  9. Haha, now I want to hear your black metal chocobo "remix" Brandon!
  10. Haha, I love this version. I heard it a day or so before I heard the original song because it was on youtube's featured video's. I was like wtf? Then I heard the original...oh god :S
  11. Lol, I don't even know what that is XD That's too bad though...It would be nice if it was put up for download or something...
  12. Does anyone know where I can get this? The website doesn't give a purchase link, and I haven't been able to find much other information on the web The sample sounds really awesome though...
  13. Hi Andy_Frank, I really liked this! I don't really know what to say about production because I'm not very good at that kind of stuff, but I quite enjoyed the arrangement, and I think it could be really good if it was extended a bit. I do think that the main theme is repeated a bit too would be nice to hear more of Zidane's theme! It might also sound a bit more cohesive if you kept the same kind of beat for more of the song. I really liked the marching band feel in the first part, but having it change to a mellower tone for the second half didn't really work for me...Maybe if the band came in again after that part it would work better. Either way, keep up the good work!
  14. I can't AIM, but I wouldn't mind looking at it if you could email it to me.
  15. Legend of Mana Remixes
  16. Hey guys, I just got an Akai professional LPK25 midi controller, and have been trying to use it in reaper. I have enabled it for input/output, and have armed the track to record, and for this purpose it works fine. If I press the record button, I can use the controller to create a midi item. The problem is that there is no sound while recording, or when in the midi editing screen. If I click on the piano roll with my mouse, I get sound, however when I press the corresponding buttons on the controller, the key merely turns grey (as if I was holding my cursor over it) and does not produce any sound. Does anyone know how to fix this? any help would be appreciated.
  17. I almost forgot, but this song is the's so beautiful and nostalgic. (Melodies of Life from Final Fantasy IX)
  18. Yeah, it's actually really cool. I wish more artists would do things like this. And their live performance is really good! I've seen them twice in the last year
  19. I really like it! I would never have thought it was a "One man band" if this thread hadn't popped up (I'm kicking myself for not looking up the band sooner :S). Everything just fits together so well! And that's awesome that you're making a third...I haven't listened to the first yet, but I guess I'll have to do that too!
  20. Wow, I actually downloaded Ivory Chapel about half a year ago, but I never knew it was you Brandon! What a coincidence! (It's great stuff by the way)
  21. Same here, I love the opening and ending themes for that game! Also, I'm a big metalhead, so is just plain awesome
  22. Magnetic Ether

    Metric!!/studio_access/metric Has anyone heard about this remix competition? If you haven't heard of Metric (is that possible?), they're an awesome Canadian alternative rock band, and they've started a contest for their fans to remix every track on their Fantasies Album. Some of it's really good stuff!