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  1. Happy Birthday! Thanks for running the site for all these years!
  2. This song is great! I need to listen to the album more...
  3. Nice, I love the theme song...this take on it is pretty cool! This thread should be in originals though. Despite the name, it's really for any piece that's not VGM.
  4. I've been enjoying this for a while now, but now that I go to burn it to CD, I find that it doesn't fit on one disk! Oh well, it's still a great album.
  5. Amazing. I was a little confused when this came up on the NiGHTS album, because I had no idea a song like this would be on it, but man is it good! Both singers do an amazing job, and it is very well written, although I don't know the source.
  6. Yeah that's basically what I meant...You describe it much better than me XD
  7. This is good! The vocals are quite nice The only thing I would really change if you do an upgrade is the drums (The cymbals especially sound kind of iffy). Also, the end is very abrupt, but apart from that, it sounds good!
  8. Nice! 0:57-1:02 really surprised me because I was so used to the old version XD. Tbh, I think that part could do with a little less reverb, but we'll see what Emunator thinks. I love the string part just after that btw! Other than that, this version sounds siiick! That sound effect at the beginning especially sounds a lot nicer now, and I like the marimba addition at 3:30. Good luck for when you submit!
  9. OCR should release an album of grindcore I'm going to have to check that out!
  10. Yes Pirate Metal! I love the steel pans and the Chorus. Those are some sick vocals!
  11. Well okay, it's not really orchestral, but there's nothing wrong with just strings! And this movie is great
  12. Nice cover! Well played. It's very simple, but it still sounds really good.
  13. Hello everyone, I've changed the requirements for the opening and closing tracks because they were quite vague and nobody seemed to be particularly interested in them. If you check the tracklist you can see what I want instead. Also...half the tracks are claimed! Hopefully we'll get a few more people interested, and we'll have a full lineup By the way, seeing as the opening/ending theme is in Swedish, if there are any Swedish singers (female or male) who would be willing to collaborate with someone on that track, please let me know!
  14. I have to say, this song is one of my favorites from the album! It was very unexpected, but I was pleasantly surprised when I heard it
  15. Yeah, for sure! Even if all the track are taken you could always do a bonus track or something
  16. I'm loving it so far! It's so cool that there is a piece of artwork for every track!
  17. True. I looked at your profile just after I sent that XD

    I don't speak, but I'd love to learn!

  18. Love it! I like how fast it is compared to some piano arrangements.
  19. Haha, no problem, I was just a little confused XD

    You speak Finnish?

  20. I'm with you on that. I'm really not impressed with all of the ports/remakes they've been doing, but some of the more original games are quite good. Hell, I even liked FF12 even though most didn't. It definitely had a different feel, and the story/characters were terrible, but I thought the gameplay itself was really fun.
  21. Awesome! That is this year's theme after all