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  1. Hmm, I sent you a new one last night. I'll send it again though, I did make a few minor updates since then.
  2. Ah okay, that makes sense. I didn't realize changing that stuff actually changed the file itself. Anyway, I think we're ready to submit yes?
  3. So my filename has a questionmark in it but windows replaces it with an underscore. Is there any way to make it show up as a question mark in itunes and other media players? I know I have songs in my library that do this, but it doesn't seem to work for my file.
  4. You should have something from me by tomorrow night. Unless I like, die or something .
  5. Aw man, that really sucks I hope you'll be able to get it fixed.
  6. This makes me think of Kingdom Hearts. I didn't like the original much at all (clunky and annoying) but I liked KHII a lot more. Story and gameplay were integrated much better, the action menu didn't suck and lots of little changes made it so much more enjoyable.
  7. I don't have it but I was also looking into it for a while and it's definitely a VST. I think they originally developed for finale, but as far as I know finale uses VSTs anyway.
  8. Oh hey, I have that keyboard. Is that twist even possible? It looks extremely uncomfortable at the very least .
  9. Speakers tend to come individually unless specifically stated. That's why they're so much more expensive than you think from looking at the price tag .
  10. I would definitely watch .
  11. I'm boring; I don't do stuff like this ever. I usually skip most of the sidequests and minigames too...
  12. I'm hoping they're released every apocalypse.
  13. You can still exchange midis/wavs, and/or provide arrangement/production feedback without the same DAW. lol, that was a lot of slashes It can be easier if both people use the same thing, but it all depends on what you need from each other and what you're trying to accomplish, so for this competition it's not particularly essential.
  14. Chrono Moonstone is pretty much my favorite piece on this site, so this doesn't quite beat that, but it's neat to see Sam redoing the Chrono trigger theme. This piece is way more medlyish than usual for OCR, but it's incredibly well arranged and performed. How anyone is be able to perform those Gilgamesh arpeggios without any flubbed notes is beyond me . Edit: Also, those strings sound really good, and the instruments are mixed really well.
  15. So awesome!! I can't wait for this album .
  16. Thanks a lot everyone, I've got it now . It is a bit of a pain in Kontakt, but at least now I know it can be done!
  17. Thanks guys. Argle, I'm taking a look at the group editor but I can't figure out how to route the groups I've created to alternate outputs. Could someone explain it to me? Sorry I kind of suck, Kontakt just has so much stuff under the skin .
  18. When doing drum parts in the past I've always loaded my own samples into separate tracks and EQed them from there, however I'm kind of confused as to how people work with drum libraries/vsts where all the sounds are on one track. Do you have to create a different instance of the same instrument for each drum sound in order to be able to EQ them properly, or is there a way around this? I'm using Kontakt for the most part, but I can't find a way to EQ individual notes instead of the whole instrument. Is there a simple way to do this? Thanks, -Kuolema
  19. Micro-reviews: Sigma has an Electric Fence: I like the arrangement, especially the heavier middle section, though the transition back into the electric man source is bit weak. Charge! Towards the Sunset of Intergalactic Dictatorship: Awesome stuff! The drums stick out a lot and I'm not a fan of that snare, but everything else is top notch. Scalpelactic Immolation: Nice sounds here. Some of the bass parts in the middle seem kind of off but everything else sounds pretty nice. The Unfinished Gungaroon: I like the arrangement, but I think it would have worked better if you had used solo instruments instead of ensembles. It sounds kind of like you were trying to arrange for a string quartet, but using an entire orchestra string section to play it. It's too bad it didn't get finished. Dark Wing Duck: Love this. The Dark Man source is really pretty slowed down. Voting now.
  20. You can watch the introduction video, it makes everything pretty straightforward.
  21. Just saw that. I know a lot of people use them for mastering and stuff...are the ones that are on sale any good?