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  1. Galaxy sucked. Aye Em Oh. All the Mario games are trying to polish what's already been done instead of being innovative and quirky like SM64. Wonderful 101 has me pumped more than anything. It has contagious energy and reminds me of Viewtiful Joe, and it's kinda like Pikmin. Nothing is going against this thing. REGGIE for Smash DLC.
  2. But the trailer looked like the counterpoint to the XIII saga midlife crisis. Whether that shows through the gameplay as well, I guess we'll have to wait and see, but by God the characters seemed tolerable at worst. No more Snow! No more whiny insecure kid!
  3. I'm waaaaay onboard for FF15, and simultaneously sad they're straying further from traditional fantasy. These mixed feels.
  4. ... how is it always a bad game if it's patched into a good game? In any case, I can't think of a single game that became good from a gameplay standpoint after it was patched. Usually it's the core elements of a game that make or break it. The closest thing I can think of are MMO patches that work on a massive, elaborate scale and affect a huge percentage of the experience.
  5. And the best one ever! Do you know how many times I forgot I was hungry as a kid? My parents saved a ton of groceries.
  6. They have separate (rather large) teams working on their MMOs and their main installments. Plus I think a XV announcement is still reasonable even if Realm Reborn is 3 months away. All they need at this point is crunch work and a maintenance team. They had no issues producing main installments when XI was running strong. They actually produced quite a few expansions alongside 13's development.
  7. Once again, FF11 reached a limited audience but was financially successful, frequently their largest source of income over a period of years.
  8. Modus

    Happy halcday!

    Every day is halcday. Thread is irrelevant.
  9. The distinguishing characteristic of 11 is that it's my favorite game ever along with Skies of Arcadia, but not everyone is into MMO's so it kind of got ignored. However it was very successful as far as profits go. The distinguishing characteristic of 13 is that it's extremely divisive. It was mostly a movie and if you didn't like the characters you're going to hate it. I didn't like the characters, except Lightening. She's amazing. 14 is another MMO. Had a bad start, so they're about to release the heavily revised version featuring a different storyline called "A Realm Reborn." I think it will be pretty good. X-2 was wacky but nifty. Never played 10 or 12.
  10. Oh.. god... thank you. My brother told me the same thing, so I'll hold out. It just seemed like a bad pattern forming. From the end of book 1 to this event in 3.. it started to seem like GRRM had poor intentions for this series all along.
  11. Season 3 ending sucks. I want my time back. Rob is an idiot though. Wow.
  12. Alright, so this was form rejected. I've come back to lick my wounds or really, just figure out how to move forward. I don't have the project file anymore so I can't resub but I'd still appreciate some honest insight on weak points I need to work on. The feedback in the rejection said textures, arrangement, and sample quality were all major issues. The only one giving me a tough time is sample quality. I agree the textures/mixing and arrangement are not all they could be. However the samples are all from Massive and a few from Sitar Nation. The drums are from Vengeance but I suck at arranging and mixing drums so they probably sound bad. The flute was from Nexus, which I guess has hit or miss quality. Do you agree the sample quality is subpar and if so, where should I be looking to fill out the 'organic DnB' sound I'm going for? Here's a link for convenience: Thanks for any insight :]
  13. Hey OCR, I'm a motion graphics artist in training and I'm looking to fill up my portfolio before I graduate at the end of the year. I'm looking for people who need their business or service explained to an audience. I'm hoping to create a video up to 3 minutes in length free of charge for ONE client. A bonus to finding someone on a music site is that I also need a voiceover and background music. If a voiceover can't be provided, a very minimal charge to have one professionally produced may need to be discussed. However, background music is something I can work out myself if necessary. An example of my past promo work can be seen here: https://vimeo.com/65746093 An example of the style I'm going to produce can be seen here: https://vimeo.com/53419964 So I'm looking to create something snappy, quick, and eye-catching in contrast to my past work. If you're interested, please PM me through the forums or email me at zlong1(at)kent.edu. If you have questions feel free to post them here or catch me on Skype (exobyte28) Thanks! EDIT: I'm extending the available types of work I'm willing to do because I found a client elsewhere (yay!) So not just "explainer" types of animations are available but also creative/wacky promos for new albums or other such products and brands. Basically I'm willing to do something less straight-edge if desired, any style goes!
  14. From experience, actually playing a sport is a million times more fun, but games like MLB The Show have done things like add RPG elements and allow you to raise a character from the minors to the majors Also "just go do it"? So just go play baseball or soccer as a 23 year old fulltime student when there are no leagues around? Video games empower people to step into the role of someone who is actually good enough to play the sport at a higher level. There's arguments against sports titles, like how their set rules leave little to no room for gameplay innovation, or how they try to simulate the real world too closely when video games allow developers to improve upon reality, but "just go do it" doesn't hold up well for me.
  15. Ohh so you mean like unreliable drunk stepfather unreliable and I'm more like, that friend who always backed out of plans at the last second unreliable. Connections can pretty be bad, but I can only really agree on one ground: games without the limitations of a physical format can be as big as they want. So a AAA game could 50GB and that would blow. But I live in the country and eight years ago our connection was 20 kb/s download (actual download not advertised downstream) and now we have 3 MB/s so obviously good connections are becoming more available.
  16. Your sassy comments are batting about .200 this year. You don't need a super reliable connection to simply download games. You're thinking of cloud gaming or online gaming or streaming porn, or something.
  17. As the only person to apparently buy and love a PSPGo, I agree.
  18. Not even MW1? Tough crowd. xbawks, buy one. microsoft xbawks. haloz.
  19. I think I mighta misunderstood the contest anyway. Good luck man. Exiting, permanently >.>
  20. Well here's my plan: a 3-track LP/EP/whatever this summer, fully promoted yada ya. Whether it flops or succeeds will determine if I pursue music at all anymore because if I have to be completely frank, I don't think it's in the cards for me to thrive in this arena. I'm trying to gather all the knowledge I can to make this a respectable effort so thanks for taking the time to lay it out for me, and for helping me out throughout the couple years I've been around. Talk to ya later and feel free to share any more work you're in the middle of because I love that (specially since halc gives me previews whenever I bug him :P)

  21. Ouch. I thought film scoring lends itself to acoustic, organic sounds. Acoustic instruments sound great with heavy processing for cinematic scores. Anyway XPRT I just wanted to encourage you toward the contest because I like your work. Didn't mean anything else by it.
  22. I'd say you do a lot to set yourself apart. Plus dude, you play real instruments! I didn't know those Victorian artifacts were still floating around >_>
  23. I think XPRT and calum bowen's style lend themselves to this. You guys should enter. I might enter for fun too. Don't expect to win anything at all but I like ISW packs, 'specially Sitar Nation (and I need to buy Koto Nation)
  24. I'll definitely try out both those techniques. I've never compressed my master channel in an end product because it always sounded wrong to me, but I'll try out your numbers since your tracks seem well-endowed. What do you think of the 'don't master your own stuff' saying? I mean to me it could be true that it's too hard to see the mix objectively (or even realistically) after hearing it for hours on end.

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