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  1. I've turbofucked with a lot of people, and the Gamecube is often placed pretty high in critical retrospect. Now that we've turned this into a poor man's 4chan discussion, I think I'm going to lay low for a little while.
  2. The console wars have to do with the different contenders in the industry, Sony v. Microsoft, etc. We're just comparing Nintendo generations. So I dunno, you can make a new word for that if it helps you complain even more pointlessly.
  3. Wind Waker Luigi's Mansion Pikmin Animal Crossing Skies of Arcadia (yes, it's a port+) These games left massive impressions on me. It gave me my top two of all-time, the sort of memories I'll take to my grave. I'm a bit enraged it was such a financial mess. It doesn't speak well for getting those sort of games ever again. Wii gave me Wii Sports, which I enjoyed very much, and a new Animal Crossing. I haven't played Skyward, and I didn't feel the magic with Mario Galaxy. I enjoyed the Wii, but it didn't change my life. I think the precedents were too high. tl;dr yes, i agree.
  4. OK, I can say for certain that Pikmin 3 is a huge selling point for me. Maybe Pikmin fans are thinned out a bit, but they're pretty passionate.
  5. That's what the M50s excel at, dunno about the M30s, but of course the premium you pay for that luxury is pretty huge. And you have to consider the bass is not at all representative of how it sounds on speakers, on any headphone. But if you mix with a lot of bass and you want to hear it represented, the M50s seem pretty surefire. It is very colored sound on the M-series though, like it automatically smooths out the harsh 5k-ish frequencies. I've switched to earbuds a dozen times and bled my ears out from boosting that range too much. It's good though, and the M30s have to at least be decent.. you'd think so anyway, coming from the same kin.
  6. I just hope they extend the feature to bald eagles and bears in the future. I mean with the killstreak system in place, it's just begging for it. You can go for the eyes with the eagle and half their screen will go blind until respawn, stuff like that. Uhh but seriously, I'll have to keep an eye on Titanfall. They're obviously looking to usurp the CoD throne. We'll see.
  7. Extremely. I've been immune to the CoD hate since 4. Well... MW3 sucked terribly, but other than that, I have a circle of friends I've played with from the beginning on PC. We actually can't keep up with the speed of the releases. We still mostly play MW2. But my friend was like OMG DOG. WE HAVE TO GET GHOSTS. ARMORED. DOG.
  8. Ahh my DAW PC is broken, but I was doing just terrible anyway, haven't made anything in months. I'm going to stick around, listen to entries and vote.
  9. Gj happy birthday Ano, zircon, BP. gg.
  10. I'm not going near the Magic tourneys this year. Someone keep me away from the Magic drafts. This is a cry for help. I will attend EVERY PANEL.
  11. Yeah, Gamestop is going to cast their allegience with Sony/Nintendo. Selling used games is their entire profit model and MS is threatening that.
  12. I agree allstars clobbered Mario Kart, except with the items.. those were kind of boring and seemed random, like there was no common theme tying them together. I'm cautiously excited for Lost World. Make me a Sanic fanboy, Nintendo. I dare you.
  13. Wow dude, that is some great work!! I think you're definitely ahead of me with the Mograph stuff and it's exciting to see other people's techniques. Thanks for sharing! Thanks everyone, you're all in my contacts. I did find someone to work with on a promo, but I'll obviously want more projects when this one's done. Stay classy OCR.
  14. Brandon I'll back you up. I'm sure everyone's surprised. I don't think the design is shit but I think it's boring and I've seen it in Nintendo Land, which has already burned out my retinas with color saturation so I don't have retinas to play this new game.
  15. Yea, he said it was a gamble. The record shows like a.. 70% chance of bad game, 25% good, and 5% devil incarnate. Of course according to my brother only Sonic 06 was truly bad and "metal Sonic has the coolest design ever"
  16. Sonic and the Black Knight..... Sonic Adventure 1....
  17. I died. I'm dead. RIP 2013
  18. I've never expected photorealism from Nintendo. What I do expect is a striking style like Journey's or WW though. I didn't like TP as a game but I'm a huge fan of its crazy style. None of their games pushed that boundary and instead went with the same line of thinking that first conceived in Galaxy and finally realized in Nintendo Land. It's a plastic cartoonish look that, for me, has overstayed its welcome. I agree Smash and Kart look great, by the way. Smash is definitely the best it's ever looked, def the game that overhauled its style the most.
  19. 1. Watch Dogs and Destiny had more than looks going for it. They were showstoppers because they were all-around good. 2. Nintendo cares about looks. Obviously not in the sense of photorealism but LoZ's constantly changing style is proof. Wind Waker's "look" blew my mind at its E3 showing way back when. I think you're an experienced enough gamer to know "photorealism" does not equal "graphics."
  20. As far as new announcement stuff, not strong IMO, but Wonderful 101 still looks cool as does WWHD. Tropical Freeze really caught me though. Mario Kart looks good but didn't blow my mind or anything. I think I'm using Watch Dogs and Destiny as benchmarkers. They really kind of blew my mind and nothing Nintendo showed came close.
  21. It'll look like the sword is swinging him around, and he's like OH GOD NO, DONT DO THIS MOVE I think my brother said I have to level Monk or something to become Black Mage? He's been researching the mechanics and stuff. Anyway, if that's the case... awesome.
  22. Books about game development and game themes. Just finished Austin Grossman's YOU and it was.. poorly executed but still pretty enjoyable.
  23. Bro those scanlines in your sig make me feeeel things. good things.

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