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  1. I'm making your thing in Adobe After Effects and Premiere. Final Cut X is also excellent.
  2. A F2P MMO profits by making items available that will put wealthier players ahead of others. Some MMOs implement a more even playing ground than others, which is nice, but most don't. The best way to do F2P is to basically make it "subscription-optional." If you spend the price of a normal subscription each month, you should get the expected benefits of your run-of-the-mill subscription MMO. But having played so many F2P MMOs, I despise the model. It's terrible for any game involving a huge investment of your time. The developers care far less about patching the game and rebalancing because their incentive, their guaranteed revenue, is gone. On the flipside, they have more incentive create a ton of expansions for that guaranteed revenue, usually expansions they put together as quickly as possible so they can move on to the next.
  3. I dig your character btw, one intense looking dude.

  4. EXACTLY what my brother said. I have to find the BLM spell closest to Destructo Disc.
  5. Yaaaaaaaay! Well we don't have much yet, just starting out, but we're probably one of the few towns who legitimately has four different people playing in it. Consequently, museum donation competition is pretty fierce.
  6. Add me to your Turnip Emergency Network. 5000-2674-8298 Anyone, please do, unless you're a time traveler or glitcher.
  7. Makes me glad I'm not mayor of the town. This money is mine. (our mayor still lives in a tent. the villagers gossip about it.) Side note, the 11:00 PM music was soo nice. Reminded me of Harvest Moon and put me in the best mood. I mean the fish helped, but...
  8. Dude, what is with the fish in this game? My brother, sis, and I are pulling in 40,000+ per haul! It seems like Red Snappers, Knifejaws, even sharks come easy. Is New Leaf just way more lenient than City Folk, Wild World, and the original? Because I've never seen the bells roll in this quickly. Pudding is rich.
  9. Set up a scavenger hunt for my brother today. He ignored it That's how this summer is going. I think I'll take up.. bridge trolling. There's only one bridge in town and I put my house right by it. South Pudding is now closed to tourists. (Nice flag, Hylian!)
  10. Yeah I don't really care about 3D Wii U, noone does. And with the low-ish resolution of the Gamepad it probably wouldn't be worth it. Well I'd really like to talk about Pikmin instead, but I'm a dirty American and must wait a few more days. It will be glorious.
  11. Well they were talking about the Gamepad supporting stereoscopic 3D, but I haven't seen any games that support it yet. Of course it's not glasses-free but regardless, I'd like to complain about it.
  12. I like the way you think. I'll design this character to amass riches and get a nice head start on my future town. My favorite villager is Diana. She's got a really cool home! All our other villagers seem to be from the original AC, weirdly, but I still haven't seen Cousteau since AC Gamecube! Some day, Cousteau... :[
  13. I got.. town.. I got.. oranges. I'm sharing a town with two other people, so I can't be mayor apparently. Is there any way to move out and use the same character on a different 3DS when I get my own? Probably not but... oranges are delicious.
  14. I know the difference and yes, I misread. I thought he was talking about the OoT 3DS remake.
  15. I don't know if they exactly nailed 3D gaming. My brother and sister turn the 3D off because it irritates them. I enjoy it on, but only if the slider is on the very low end, otherwise I feel dizzy. Plus you have to keep the screen in exactly the right position. Now as far as game design in relation to 3D gaming.. yea, they nailed that. For whatever reason, the technical aspects have escaped Hollywood and the gaming industry for about 30 years now. By now it must be a running joke for engineers.
  16. Back when I was entrenched in FFXI, I was hoping to be out of college for the sequel. I wanted to be part of the 'pioneering' phase of an MMO. That won't be happening, but at least I have something to look forward to in the near future. Those screenshots, and all the hype, and the forums I've been lurking are making this really unbearable though. I want in nao. And maybe I won't be a BLM this time? I main BLM in every FF game, for ultimate power.. and the inability to do anything without a party.
  17. Every single, every single third-party controller I've ever bought in my life has broken within a couple months or not worked properly. They're so awful I can't figure out how the industry stays afloat. There's a reason the official controllers cost so much, because I still own them and they all work. I have two friggn Dreamcast controllers that still work.
  18. So hype. So Reggie to play.
  19. I got away with Castle Crashers and Deus Ex! Hopefully they'll port Deus Ex to Mac because I don't have a working.. PC.. anymore.. What is my life
  20. Nintendo 3rd party support has always been abysmal. What else is new. It's rough right now for sure, because this has to be the weakest launch I've ever seen. The Wii U nuclear bombed its launch because their gimmick wasn't as ooh-ahh as motion controls. Worst case scenario, Nintendo becomes a software-only company, my dream come true.
  21. Ubisoft has become just another EA derp-derp type company. Their Rayman franchise is the exception, but they've changed the formula far too much since Rayman 2 to keep my interest. I bought a Wii U for odd, quirky games that you can't find anywhere else. Nintendo will deliver that first-party experience.. eventually.
  22. Well that nullifies my planned contribution to this thread.
  23. I didn't know.. that. Yeah any complaints about SoA stem from the encounters. I had the hardest time in two of my playthroughs getting Vize to spawn so i could recover my Swashbuckler rating. "Vyse the Fallen Pirate" sounds badass and all but it ain't getting me no Ryu Kan. At least play to the Dark Rift so you can experience the bliss of temporary insanity.
  24. Well that nullifies my planned contribution to this thread.
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