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  1. Where tha heck did you find it? It looks like it might be discontinued. Well I'm just experimenting right now. I'm afraid it might be a bad idea for the mix, so I don't really want to trouble anybody. I will keep you in mind for down the road though, fo sho.
  2. Preferably free? I found some cool sample CDs that cost about $100. I can't find anything free though. Ideas?
  3. Holy FFFFFFfffff.. I am LOVING the demo.
  4. I read a lot more today, and I'm starting to enjoy it. The style really threw me off at first but now I "get" what he's trying to do. I'm pissed off he termed mages as arcanists though. I was going to do exactly that for my novel.. dammit.
  5. I'm in the shameful position of enjoying the show more than the books. I've pretty much decided to only follow the show since the books apparently go to shit. So I started reading these new books called The Kingkiller Chronicles, but I'm not sure if I like it. Blerg.
  6. You don't get power like hers without avenging actual dragons. She was granted the power of NO by her fallen dragon ally. Then she slayed her killer for the power of RESUBMIT. That's how you become a judge here. Plus you have to make a Megaman remix.
  7. I will buy this game, buy it with money! ty.

  8. Hey I'm curious what your sig is referring to. Is it from a certain FF I haven't played, I wonder..

  9. I hope one day she avenges all the dragons, with the power of jooj
  10. I vouch for this. I think the graphics are kind of ugly, but the game is massive and the music is completely off the charts. Also, I made an entire team of octopi. I love that.
  11. Looks great. Really really.. really not digging the theme or atmosphere. But I can't get very upset. I know my fantasy niche is all but dead.
  12. I think this is the only physical CD I'll own. I wonder what they smell like. I believe Proto does his work, but Drew will have to confirm that. Proto is ridiculous at the pixels.
  13. Modus

    Oh, Jooj!

    Proto wins. The puns are... so terrible.
  14. I can't think of a single thing I like about Nick Cage, short of the parodies made about him.
  15. What is seriously the matter with you.
  16. Damn, they're making it really hard to hold off playing. They have a Legacy campaign giving discounted subscription rates if you pay for 90 days now + an exclusive choco mount + a spot in the credits. Version 2.0 beta testing hasn't begun yet, has it? Any new buzz around the game? I'm torn between choosing this and Guild Wars 2. As long as the servers are lively, I'll probably go with this.
  17. Kai's been on my list a while. DBZ without suspense filler would be great. I remember as a kid going insane because they'd drag battles out over several episodes. Definitely, but I have a side motive to watching the original too. I think it'll be very interesting to see how the manga author and the anime team split off into two different narratives. Just as a wanna-be author, I want to see how far different interpretations can go. I watched some of this show and liked it, but never really fell in love with it. I remember not digging the art style, but the characters were really lively and likeable. I'll be honest, I didn't like this interpretation of Kurosawa's Seven Samurai. I watched the first few episodes not too long ago, but the characters just felt really weak to me. Again, something I saw back in high school but gave up on. I like its style, and I'll probably watch it based on your recommendation. I'll give it a shot since we really do seem to have similar taste =p
  18. I'm such a supernewb anime-watcher, but I finished watching FMA: Brotherhood in 2 days. I expected it to be childish, based on the few episodes I saw of the 2003 anime back in high school, but it got pretty crazy. I gushed over the creativity of some of the action scenes, and I appreciated the author's attempts to keep believability in balance. I don't know where FMA ranks in the anime world, but I was taken by surprise from nearly all angles. The depth of the narrative just kept on surprising me, dancing around the threat of becoming convoluted but never quite breaching it. That said, the first half I loved watching because I craved answers to all the questions and because I loved seeing the characters develop. The second half I just wanted answers.. because it felt like the author lost some of his tight narrative focus. We saw less and less of the Elric brothers, less adventuring, less jokes. It was weird, and it felt a bit "off" as a whole. So Deathnote, DBZ, and FMA:B are what I've seen so far. I have more praise than complaints by far.
  19. I'm right by Cleveland too. Ohio was so hyped about it being filmed there And superheroes with depth. Mmhm. The interaction between Iron Man and Cap'n Murka gave me a narrative boner. Seriously.
  20. (I can do this. I can write this without being self-defeating.. ) I wanted to make a fitting remix for a Journey video montage. I sampled the original track so I guess it doesn't meet OCR guidelines, but that's fine whatevs yo. It's also very incomplete, as in missing instruments toward the end. I need help. Please, any advice simply to make it sound professional and intelligent. Thank you. http://tindeck.com/listen/evwy You'll find the link contains a sufficient amount of suck and awFFFFFUUUU--NOI'MDONETYPING.
  21. I respectfully disagree.
  22. I liked it. I even thought the 3D was done tastefully.
  23. Let's see what happens when you multiply bugs by an exponent.
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