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  1. No, but I have a couple people interested tbh. not sure how serious they are.

  2. Songs where the chorus is really emotive/energetic but the rest of the song isn't. Strong baya and tabla. Massive soundscapes.
  3. Selling my ASUS computer monitor, 23.6", well taken care of. The model is ASUS MS246H. Simply asking $100.
  4. New update covers Brandon's suggestions. - aggressively compressed/volumized subbass - more buildup toward the beginning - backed off hi-hats I tried several "air raid" sounds as a buildup but I didn't like how it was meshing. Instead I added an airy buildup because I wanted to preserve the impact of that big bass drop. Other than that... I feel like I'm expected to do more with this based on the posts, but I dunno what that might be. If there's any final thoughts, now is the time to speak up. I'm about to see Nobuo Uematsu live in concert the 25th and was thinking about throwing him a copy of this during the meet and greet because why the hey not. I dunno if I have the balls to do that but just the possiblity of meeting him face to face is exploding my neurons.
  5. Well you already have advice from two big names, so what do I know... but I like to keep up with your work so here goes. That's a nice melody to work off of. Variations just immediately pop into my head. However your mix, to me, sounds really lifeless in the lows. The rhythm guitars feel dragged down by it. Feels like they should be more prominent in general. I always enjoying hearing your lead guitar work. I'm not well-versed in hard rock but it's just epic and fun to listen to. I'm serious, I could listen to it just on its own, my ears are lovin it. Keep it up, I'll continue to follow your work man.
  6. All easy changes, except maybe compressing the subbass, especially because I'm relying on headphones but it shall be done! I agree with everything you picked out, but I can't detect the disharmony you're hearing at 2:42, not on headphones anyway. I'll keep an ear on it though, maybe ask for second opinions. No, your human ears are quite nice. I do have the lowest frequencies rolled off, and that will be easily reversed. So, I've been hanging around here putting things up in the workshop since joining almost exactly two years ago. I never got a straight thumbs up of any sort from a veteran, so this means a lot to me. All that time I was holding my breath for something as small as this. Thanks! Oh also, you said you wanted the beginning to continue all folky. I suggest you take a listen to the whole source tune because it's very earthy and beautiful. It has a level of expressiveness I simply can't match with synthetic samples, a truly gorgeous tune.
  7. It feels like it's missing more complex percussion or some more instrumentation, like a piano fluttering in the background or something. The beginning is so nice, pumps me up, but then you thin out the atmosphere when the percussion becomes more driving. It's a little strange to me. 1:16 is so pretty but I'm craving for some harmonic energy behind it. My ears just expect to hear a soft echoing crash, hi-hat, piano, something. There's also no reverse crash leadins or anything that builds tension. I like it in general but it sounds thin to me right now. I thinks it's a great base to add things to.
  8. Replaced with new version. - EQ adjustments - a little drum variation and additions - humanization adjustments - volume adjustments I'm probably just going to submit this soon unless somebody really browbeats me. I'm going in expecting a NO, saving myself from disappointment.
  9. It's probably psychoacoustics, but my brain tells me there's a difference when I do the comparing. Regardless, storage is so massive and cheap nowadays that I'm surprised the "global standard" is still 192kbs. I guess it doesn't matter though because variable bitrate is an option. And this where my argument ends because I don't want to make enemies out of OCR staffers. I really don't o_o
  10. OK that's a relief. 192kbs is just really low to me.
  11. Sometimes works: Add delay, make it very short, offset it to taste. Makes screaming leads sound very wide and epic. Other than that, layer and find timbres that compliment one another.
  12. When I click "submit" in the top bar, the page still says: The encoding guide also says: Am I misunderstanding? I thought 192kbs was the minimum bitrate now and we could submit in 320kbs or whatever we want.
  13. No I know what you mean. The bass is pretty much disembodied and adding a texture layer could give me more leeway. Thing is, the bass is already made of three layers, but the texture layer is plucky. I dunno it's probably too intense and I'll have to tone it down a tad one way or another.
  14. Thanks for the listen. There's not much compression. The damn.. darn.. bass keeps swallowing everything and ducking things. I've been working on improving it. I also like it when I get critique I expect. In this case, more varied percussion was #1 on my list for the next version.
  15. Flute samples are from Nexus Dance Orchestra addon.. or Classical, one of those :] The vocal thing is super tricky.. there's a lot of background noise from the sample and it was hard to EQ out. I may have overcompensated. I'll also play with the lead. Thanks a ton for taking the time to listen and comment, I feel really bad for not leaving you better feedback >.>
  16. I'm posting to let you know I listened to your mix, but I'm not sure how to critique it. Easy Listening is not my cup of tea, but it certainly sounds cleanly mixed. Maybe the reason you're having trouble getting feedback is because of the rare genre choice.
  17. For how simple the samples are, it's still pretty darn catchy. Maybe you should call it chip house? Anyway I think this is really creative. Thanks for sharing.
  18. How come the submissions page and encoding guide still don't reflect these changes?
  19. Source: (Sanctuary of Zi'tah)Remix WIP: I can't believe this tune hasn't been remixed. Here's my DnB take on it and I'm looking for feedback. Encouragement is nice, discouragement is cool too. If it's not good I don't want to waste any more time on it. Note: The sound effects are sampled from FFXI's spells, for non FFXI vets.
  20. It IS coming you know. Game of Thrones Season 3, only on HBO.
  21. Oh, Ruku. You know you're one of my favorites
  22. Yeah that's pretty much it. One particular synth is very slow-evolving, bitcrushed, and the filters give it a sense of ubiquity. So it's pretty much a lethargic voice very slowly making human vowel sounds. That could mess with the brain
  23. I had another psychoacoustic phenomenon happen tonight. I'm sitting at my desk in the dead of night, headphones in, just going through my WIPs trying to pick out ones to work on. I find a sort of a downtempo one and start chiseling its soundscape, but as soon as I play back my first change, I feel a sort of... chill, on my back. I'm not really the sort of guy that gets spooked out of the blue, but there was just this odd feeling that something was behind me. I stopped playing the track and the sensation immediately went away. Now I've accidentally made sounds resembling human speech before, but it was overt enough for me to be like "lolol, that sounds like a person" This time it was just pure sensation with no obvious source. It was just weird because I didn't intentionally try to make anything spooky. I tried to ignore the feeling and keep working, but my brain was just screaming brah there's something behind you brah you better check it out. So obviously, that WIP is still a WIP. Thanks subconscious mind, you asshole.
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