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  1. y.... yay. I hope they picked out a good plot near Skies of Arcadia and Jet Grind.
  2. It does look really cool.. and has that weird quirky Nintendo charm i've been craving. They should make a new Lemmings game for Wii U. I miss that franchise.
  3. Every single thing about Nintendo's branding will scare away the coagulated mass of "hardcore gamers". I hope they're doing these things for their existing audience, people like us who want the best of both worlds. We can now get it in one system, except blu ray. They fucked up there but for all I know Sony refused to sell the rights. I'll buy the system. I'll buy the Zelda game and Pikmin game and the one other breakout quirky game they make each generation. I won't buy the Mario game because lol platforming. Then I'll sell this hunk of shiny plastic that has no right to exist, no right because Nintendo should be a software company. I'll also sell the three good games and the $500 worth of controllers for a 30% return. Long live the Nintendo cycle. Long live the perfect love/hate relationship.
  4. I'm sorry, I'm sorry but.. Epic Mickey was terrible.
  5. When I first heard the launch library was so big, I was very excite. Now, looking over the list... Fuck. Boring. Obviously I'm excited for Pikmin 3 but everything else is what you'd expect and not a dime more. Even the Gamecube had a more exciting launch with the promise of Luigi's Mansion. I remember the hype for Animal Crossing and how excited I was for something so different and strange. I remember being excited for Wind Waker because it was so different. I expect them to pick things up post-lauch. I was all ready to return to my pro-Nintendo roots for this next generation. I'm far from counting them out but the first round of disappointment has settled in. again.
  6. Naw, he's a dentist. He can afford to break a few. He's just upset he can't break one every day.
  7. I had the biggest asshole of a grin through the entire trailer.
  8. CoD4 on Veteran. Never had so much fun dying over and over. Beating Sssuper Klungo in Nuts and Bolts. Elite Beat Agents on hardest difficulty. Beating Banjo-Kazooie 12 years later on XBLA. When I was 9, I couldn't get past tick tock woods because my game glitched and froze on a certain jiggy. I was short 2 jiggies for the final door and just couldn't figure out how to get them. Redemption! Nice. Dual Strike was the first game I ever played that made me feel incompetent. I remember that feeling in my gut
  9. My file got erased on the "giant land battleship" mission, which I'm assuming was the end of the game. Guess I saved myself from a terrible ending. Oh and when Rosie broke out into song... ahaha.. dear god.
  10. Is.. also awesome? I had no problem with it tbh, but I also love challenging levels.
  11. Crafting in the Tactics Ogre remake. It's massively time-consuming, OCD torturing, and the good equips break the game difficulty. Being able to hold 99 repair kits in Skies of Arcadia. Impossible to lose an airship battle :/
  12. Totally going to ninja this. Yes, and don't get Caviar Blues. Hard drives are pretty much the most volatile part of a PC and WD has a good track record. What say you, prophetik?
  13. I was gonna say this but she wasn't really hard until Cloud Cuckooland, and you didn't need that last jiggy anyway. That didn't stop me from trying 500 times.. I never did beat her in Cuckooland, even after taping a popsickle stick to my A button.
  14. I'm familiar with the hate for sailing, but I also loved it. It was almost friggn therapeutic for me, just relaxing. I became hypnotized by the openness, in a good way.
  15. Diddy Kong Racing first Wizpig race. Vize and crew in Skies of Arcadia. Took me an allnighter my first playthrough. Getting my Moldavite Earrings in FFXI (no one else on this forum will relate to this)
  16. Man, they dug to the bottom of their pockets to rebuild FF14 from the ground up. The new trailers look amazing. Distant Worlds was really well done too, with all that video to compliment the performance, and they had music from every game. And the fact that Nobuo Uematsu comes to so many of those performances is amazing. On the other hand, their mobile ports are like 20 to 30 dollars. They have no qualms with charging a premium on every little thing. They be greedy, but still a robust and passionate company if you ask me.
  17. This sucks, but it looks like they only arrange from three games. I'm more of a late bloomer fan so I've played more of the later games and early game remakes. If I don't get to hear any of those arrangements at all.. it's hard for me to care very much. Shame on me.
  18. Pff, look at you guys. I rebooted Warhammer Online today. There's like 500 people playing across TWO servers, at peak hours only. So epic.
  19. Yea I start school Monday.. back to the grind. But cool, take your time

  20. If I knew you from around the forums, I'd say OK but you have like 50 posts. Sorry but I'd rather lose the deal than risk it based on past experience. My offer to set up an eBay transaction stands. You'd be covered under Paypal protection and could file a dispute if something went wrong. If you need time to think about it or sniff out my reputation, that's cool. The other people interested haven't contacted me for days.

  21. Nobuo Uematsu was twenty feet away from me o_o He had strange attire, and he was really happy to be there. Terra's Theme and Blinded by Light left a huge impression on me live. They put everything to gameplay and CG video and it was.. perfect.
  22. It has smudges, that's really it - what you'd expect from a year of use and nothing more. Clean picture.

    I'd have to get a shipping quote for you and add that to the price. I only do Paypal for online transactions and I don't ship until I get payment. I've been screwed over twice so I just don't take chances anymore. Nothing personal obviously. If you want eBay's protection I can set up a Buy It Now auction, up to you.

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