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  1. You're a few years behind the curve, Ecto-gee.. jemimah. My brother hounds me for only reading two books so far. I'm doing the same to you because it makes me feel better.
  2. I was curious and did a quick search on this guy. Apparently he's still widely liked and has a horde of defenders. I don't get how that happens when you're caught red-handed.
  3. Less than a month deadline? Ahh :[ I want to try. None of us have anything to lose by entering.
  4. I meant that in a "I'm getting impatient for this to be rebooted" kind of way. Not that I'm officially about to reboot it. It's been long enough that I'm at least going to start messaging diotrans about it. Whether or not she's ready to bring it out of hiatus, I think it's about time we somehow got the ball rolling again. dio did a really nice job organizing it so far though. I hope she can keep doing it.
  5. I'm pretty close to rebooting this myself! I don't have the time, but I really liked what we had going.
  6. Awesome, the Kickstarter info and art has me really interested. I'll try to forward this through Facebook.
  7. I upvoted. Where can we find the rest of your content? I want to figure out what the film is about. edit: Nevermind, found the site. Whoever you guys have for color grading and visuals in general did an amazing job. I was bothered by all the long, static shots in the teaser that didn't show much going on though. Still looks promising to me.
  8. I was addicted to Guild Wars 1 PvP but hated the PvE. After reading about GW2, I'm very intrigued by the new PvE. I think I'll pick this over FF14 in the long run.
  9. That sounds like a memory I would've enjoyed having
  10. That's exactly how far I got in the game too. I never even came close to beating Donkey Kong original. I'd say before that, it's one of the most challenging and satisfying Rare games ever made though. And what the heck happened if you freed that massive guy from his cage!? I always wondered that.
  11. Love that game. My brother found my Fraps recordings of all the music numbers and made me promise I wouldn't delete them, cause they're fun to watch.
  12. Bioware games are kind of like that. They build expectations higher and higher throughout the narrative and never fully deliver. Such a tease..
  13. Received a GameGear as my first system, played lots of bad games I thought were good Played Banjo-Kazooie, which made me realize what a good game really is and shaped my preference for playing games that "challenge my ability" Played Skies of Arcadia, which snapped me out of my "Rareware phase" and shaped my preference for strategy, story-telling, and lore Played Wind Waker, which shaped my preference for powerful style and adventure games that have a laid-back atmosphere Played Final Fantasy XI, the true culmination of all my gaming preferences with the added benefit of being online Games anything like FFXI stopped coming out altogether... Went with the crowd and played Call of Duty and shit Played Journey for PS3 and was happy to see that there are developers out there with my exact preferences Honorable mentions: Kingdom Hearts 1, Dragon Age 1&2 (I have a very complex relationship with these games ), BK: Nuts and Bolts
  14. I have that same exact problem! Sometimes I have a general idea of the track's direction, but it always splits off to improv land. I don't know if that's a bad thing or not, but it frankly makes me feel insecure about my ability as a musician. A couple times I made some great discoveries by letting myself improvise without restraint though. Still, I'd rather have a clear vision from the get-go.
  15. I'm not good at recreating soundscapes that are in my head. I don't like dealing with equalization or balancing out a track. Kind of a negative thread. Maybe we should add something we think we're good at.. like how I.. uhhhh.. sometimes make tracks longer than 3 minutes?
  16. It was meant as a social experiment, because the natural instinct is to help each other out. And when you finally get to the end spending all that time with a stranger, hopefully it strikes a chord. It did with me because my partner had a distinct way of interacting. Toward the middle, I would start a steady chirping rhythm and he would follow that rhythm as we traveled. Then climbing the mountain, he started his own rhythm and I followed it. That's a pretty cool thing to happen with someone you don't know at all.
  17. It was only $5 on iTunes. When I first played Journey, it just happened to be in the perfect environment... late night at my parents' place out in the country, bigass HDTV with a surround sound system I had just hooked up for them. Completely alone, zero interruptions. I didn't know what to expect but dayyum that shit moved me, especially the "end".
  18. Holy crap that's like five people I already like. Gotta give this one a listen. edit: we both said holy crap? edit: And "Be More Chill" was my favorite track from Trending Topic or whatever that EP was called.
  19. You know, based on 0:00 to 0:45 I thought the rest of the tune would go in a different direction. I was expecting the whole thing to be a melodic juggernaut with a short break, but the middle section sort of kept everything in its place. I think your leads are very expressive, and I love it. But.. do you use stereo separation at all? Everything sounds like its in the middle to me. It doesn't have that clean mix sound of, say, a halc track (not that I have room to speak when it comes to mixing cleanly) Great glitching/leads, cool track.
  20. You don't have to search far for other communities that do writing contests. http://www.writingforums.org/ is a site I think is well-run. Contests, peer critiques, everything you need until WCT goes back online. I never participated in this competition before, but I really want to.
  21. It's all in the hips. Just swing your hips when you do your drum sequencing. It works wonders. Forget it, I'm renting a monkey.
  22. Wait, people use math!? I just learn what knobs effect what and experiment by ear. I can't do math. I can't do math!
  23. But hey, people must buy if they keep advertising it. I hate presets though. Feels dirty to use them.
  24. I dunno about that.. I'm more the kind of guy to give this sort of stuff away free. Maybe in five years if I make things that are actually difficult to recreate Zebra 2 is getting a lot of buzz though. I should tackle that after I'm done with Toxic Bio. Then Massive after that.
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