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  1. My brother wants me to put in a request for remix dis:


    I never thought I'd like a Mario Party track, but this one's pretty alright.

  2. About a year and a half.. was in high school band and.. stuff. I don't really have a biography to write.
  3. 22 male, 1 hour. Probably closer to 10 when I didn't have all these annoying responsibilities.
  4. I actually deleted the original Windurst, Saruta, and Jeuno songs from my iPod because it made me miss playing so much. No other songs, from games or anything, have ever done that to me. I'm missing the old days right now :[
  5. Yes, the Columbus venue seemed to pop out of nowhere, and another thing. MatsuriCon 2012 teamed up with Distant Worlds Columbus and Mr. Uematsu himself will be there! I'm not totally sure what the convention is all about, but it looks to have anime and gaming and coolness.
  6. I'm going! Oh my god! I am going! To this! Fourth row from front, in the center! YYYYESSSSS, Nobuo Uematsu will be there >.< YESSSS. Who else is going? If you got VIP tickets I'll be jealous to the limit. I'm bringing my FFXI user manual for him to sign even though I probably won't get to see him in person.
  7. So basically everything in the movie Wanted was true. I guess the mystery is solved
  8. No mayn, the tempos sound regular when I'm not running. I think I'm just magical. The faster I run, the slower things around me move. I need to harness this power to steal food at drive-throughs.
  9. I guess you gaiz have a point, but I'm disappointed that noone experiences exactly what I do. It's actually a really profound difference in tempo. Either you guys have higher quality brains or you don't ever go running :]
  10. So I go running with my iPod. On this iPod I have a couple of my songs and when they come on, something weird happens. I suddenly perceive them as extreeemely slow. I don't notice this slowdown with tunes that aren't mine, which makes the whole thing weirder. I wrote it off the first four or five times but now I'm sure of it.. I'm perceiving those songs with a much slower BPM than normal. It makes me want to hop into FL and fix them, but I don't know if it's just a sensation during exercise or something real. I'm a pretty lethargic person in real life, so maybe day-to-day I do perceive time more slowly than others? I tried looking for similar phenomena elsewhere online but came up with nothing.
  11. I played The Line because of his review. Yeah it's ****ing depressing.
  12. Writing words scares me more than writing music. I just kind of take a dump and whatever comes out is my music. I'd rather be an author..
  13. *10 second sigh* ok. I don't think they've called their own bass sound crappy but whatever they're doing, there haven't been many soundalikes.
  14. Most indeededly they are, but they aren't the only high-end system I've listened to Pendulum on. With our home theater the majority of songs have a clean, tight bass. Some songs didn't though. Some songs sounded kind of terrible.
  15. http://productionadvice.co.uk/deep-bass-sound/ That's the article that made the comment. Your point about it sounding worse on higher end gear.. I haven't felt the same. The headphones I have, ATH-M50s, bring out every nuance of their bass mixing and I love it to death. That's pretty much why I made this thread.. because there seem to be people, people I respect a lot, that don't find their heavy bass mixing appealing. True enough, but I'm looking at it from an overall style sort of perspective where that heavy bass defines the artist. You're right about how I worry too much of what other people think though.
  16. As a quiet one myself, it's hard to hear that but maybe it has some truth to it. I heard he dropped out though.. maybe he failed his classes and pretty much felt like it was the end of his life. Regardless, I just looked at few photos of the sufferers and can't even stand to think of the guy right now. Feels like the death penalty is way too kind for this guy. I really feel that. Sigh.. k. Let's talk about the movie.
  17. I was reading articles today about Pendulum and how to achieve their bass sound when I came across a certain side comment an author made... He said that you may not want to replicate their bass because it sounds inorganic and surgical. Well I didn't really get that. It's true their bass sound is completely unnatural, but that sound is absolute sex to me. Then I started thinking.. is that why Pendulum never caught on in a truly en masse fashion? They're too "electronic"? I always felt surprised Pendulum didn't drop a bomb on popular music, but I guess that's just my potentially bad taste. Do you think unyielding, unnatural, brickwalled bass is bad in some way? Even if it's just your taste, I'm curious as to why or why not.
  18. Did he have anything to say about the guy? Was he off? Living with someone is pretty much the best way to know them. Can't help my curiosity.
  19. I use Wolfram to count calories. You can put in something like "2.5 blueberry muffins" and it'll make a full nutrition chart. Anyway, didn't know you could use it this way. It'll even play the chord out, nice.. Ooh, another fun trick is to type in something like "640Hz square wave" and listen. It'll do any type of wave.
  20. That quirky hands thing he did for Lollipop Chainsaw was the golden moment of my 2012.
  21. Literally the only game I want is Shogun 2 and I don't have the money. I've gone the whole year only playing Skyrim and iOS games though, so meh.
  22. Did you remix the Ragnarok bonus track, Stargazing, or Sanctuary of Zi'tah? Those are probably my favorite three. I love Bastok's theme too. Glad you remixed it.
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