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  1. Nintendo giving players choice in their Zelda adventure? NAAAAH! All they have to do is remake the Tingle quest near the end so that it's not so tedious and it would be the best Zelda game in years.
  2. Eh, I needed to get an account anyways...
  3. That was fast Drac... Congrats to both of you! May your marraige last longer than 9000 Kardashians...
  4. I got this game called Space Pirates and Zombies from one of the humble bundles, and at first I was turned off by the terrible human models in the intro, but as you progress through the game it's actually really fun. It's a bit of a grindfest, but if you know how to exploit the game's mechanics (such as the fact that friendly mining colonies will essentially give you free money), then it shouldn't pose too much of a challenge.
  5. I gave up on learning everyone's name after Gen 3...I have no hope now.
  6. -Submit at least one ReMix. -Find a part-time job that I enjoy. -Lose a little more weight (currently 192 lbs). -Become familiar with almost all the piano chords. -Become more organized, using lists, calenders, etc. -Get an apartment, and partially pay for it (rather than my parents doing so). EDIT: -Finish or start finishing my Senior Project (probably writing a book or a study)
  7. "May I have your attention please! May I have your attention please! All Cle-"
  8. I'm going to post some of the photos I took at MAG here at some point. Stay tuned!
  9. Back! By far the best experience of its kind. I'm already starting to plan for next year (and I'll try to be better at music when I get there).
  10. Possibly, use the spreadsheet to contact me. I'm arriving at around 4PM tomorrow.
  11. Oh right this thread. I did in fact get my gifts! 14 eBooks and some games on steam. THANK YOU prophetik!!!! (music!!!!)
  12. This is how I wanted to Remix Clock town. Thank you for giving me one less thing to do. Oh yeah the song's awesome too!
  13. I love that they are considering a compilation of certain games. MM1-10 is nice, but I want my battle network fix (especially since I've lost half of my cartridges).
  14. Bump! I was curious how I did this year? Here's what I said before: -Submit at least three ReMixes, have at least one ReMix posted by MAGfest 11 Well...that's going to have to wait for that. 2013 maybe? -Maintain or have a weight lower than 160 lbs (currently 187) I was actually 197 lbs back then (weight scale was wrong), and I'm around 194 and dropping. -Get involved in a relationship -Get a kickass internship/part time job This I did accomplish! And I got another one! -Be more social than I currently am (less YouTube specifically) I'd say so. How'd everyone's year go?
  15. Congratulations OCR. You are now a real website in Jewish tradition...
  16. Sent my gift! The guy said it should arrive by Wednesday, so expect it by Friday.
  17. Saints Row alone is worth this. All the others I could care less about...
  18. It is November. A lot of big name games are out. Wait a few months...
  19. I finally managed to get TF2 working again! I'll be back on in 10-20 minutes.
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