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  1. I'm surprised no one posted this yet. I just found out on Facebook that Connor, aka Cyril the Wolf, is a few hours away from tying the knot. Considering I'm not FB friends with him (yet), I wanted to provide an appropriate outlet to wish him a long and happy marriage. CONGRATULATIONS!
  2. If we can get enough talented artists, then let's do it! Also, I'll be sending out PMs to those who have expressed interest this week. We need to start working now if we want this to be a success.
  3. As promised, here's a preliminary sig to use for this project. I HIGHLY recommend you copy the image below, which includes a link to this forum thread.
  4. While I would LOVE to give each era its own disc, the issue with such a large project is logistics. The more tracks that you add to an album, the more you have to account for. 2 CD albums are already difficult and expensive to produce. 3 or 4 is a nightmare for project managers... Then again, this is Sonic we're talking about, so it all depends on how much you guys spread the word about this project and how quickly you submit tracks! Even if you aren't good with mixing, how are you with art? Do you have any expertise instrument-wise? Anyone and everyone can chip in! On a side note, I'm going to try and make this project a signature. That should raise awareness and help create buzz.
  5. I'm willing to help co-direct/manage this project while you're gone, but I HIGHLY suggest you take the advice of everyone else and start slow with this. We have 2+ years, and Sonic has a huge fanbase. If anything, this will help me get hands-on experience for when I want to head a Mega Man Battle Network project.
  6. I'm surprised no one mentioned Crazy Taxi! The music alone is worth playing the game.
  7. Same thing with me. I heard this song pop up on the "video games" station on Last.fm, and discovered everything else through that.
  8. While I LOVE the music from this game, unfortunately it's more of an Action-Adventure game, and not an RPG. It's basically like Spyro or Ratchet and Clank.
  9. I think the temptation was there, but most of us are choosing more diverse sources so that we can see more potential remixes of our source. I chose Fenix not because I can remix it best, but because I want everyone else to work on tracks for Golden Sun. A subtle nudge. Speaking of Final Fantasy, are there any rules regarding that series? For instance, can there be one person remixing Kefka from FFVI while someone else does Zidane's theme from FFIX?
  10. You know what? I should join just so I can actually practice arranging multiple tracks... 1) Golden Sun: The Lost Age - Felix (Traversing Weyard) - HERO 2) Golden Sun - Saturos (Battle [saturos]) - VILLAIN 3) Mega Man Battle Network 2 - ShadowMan.EXE (A Serious Mission) - VILLAIN 4) Fable - "The Hero" (Oakvale) - HERO
  11. The Apple Loops are royalty and attribute free, meaning that they were created explicitly for other composers to use. Whoever recorded the loop earned their money from Apple already, on the condition that everyone else uses their work. It seems primitive, but for an indie composer you use what resources you have. Expecting musicians to replicate similar sounds, which could cost thousands of dollars, is slightly unrealistic. Music is a market just like everything else. Some people prefer purity in their composition and arrangement, while others only care for "what sound's nice." The only "winner" is the one that either earns the most success or the one who has the greatest impact on their music scene. How he or she got there does not matter unless plagiarism is involved (ie the whole DBZ Budokai music fiasco).
  12. Darren Korb actually mentioned this on Top Score. Aside from the guitars and a couple other sounds, he was perfectly okay with creating the entire soundtrack using Apple Loops and instruments. OCRemix tends to frown on an over-reliance of loops, because it displays laziness in arrangement and composition. However, some of the most prominent remixers and artists here openly admit to using default loops. As long as the final product is diverse enough and stands out, no one really cares.
  13. I think the Sonic Shuffle soundtrack is tolerable. There are some bad tracks, but the boards and some of the battle themes were pretty good.
  14. Holy crap it's already been a year. So at some point last May, I disappeared from the face of the forums, and a few months later stopped being active on the IRC. In case you were somehow wondering where I was (which you weren't), here's the brief update: I graduated and published a book! That's right, a book! It's a non-fiction analysis of the current economic challenges the United States faces. The book is intended for individuals who may not normally care for political issues, so if you want, take a look and see. Back to OCR, I hope to be a little more active in the community. I have a new computer for composing, and I'm getting a mike to do vocals and voice-overs. I also have a new place in DC, so I'm willing to host people before and after MAGFest. So what happened while I was gone?
  15. Hahahahahaha! No... Well...I had a great internship. I think I can get a job by next year. 178 lbs! I feel better because of it. ...kind of? I need to do better. Well...2/3. It's a psuedo-apartment, but by next year I'll be paying for my own place. I'm about 1/3 of the way there.It's been a good year overall. Next year looks better!
  16. For me, it was listening to "video game music" under Last.fm back in the summer of 2010 (before it went pay-to-listen). After hearing some of Project Chaos, I decided to check OCR out, and I've been hooked to VGM ever since. Then there was OCAD... *shivers*. In terms of getting involved, MAGFest 9's OCR panel was when I decided to join the community. Still haven't made anything noteworthy, but I still hold no regrets (okay maybe a little).
  17. If you're into speed runs I'd suggest SpeedDemosArchiveSDA. Lore is pretty good.
  18. It does pay off, trust me on this one! What exactly is it you are eating? Have you seen any results from what you've done?
  19. I forgot this thread existed. I should probably mention/brag that since this summer, I've lost 25 pounds, down to 175-180 lbs. I can only attribute this awesome change to more physical exercise (and far too many sweaty T-shirts). For me, I find that listening to fast paced music (but not too fast paced) works wonders on my stamina. If there's a song that pumps me up, any tire I had previously evaporates along with the calories. I hope I continue my trend of exercising. Those muscles don't build themselves. Well they do, but whatever.
  20. It's pretty good, but unless there's a need for the video format I might suggest making the session a live audio podcast, and having an IRC chat/twitter hashtag for questions. The delay on google hangout was somewhat annoying...
  21. Depending on if I have a source of income within the next 6 months, I'm probably not going. I might be around for the Post-MAG parties though!
  22. I would love to have Cid be a good guy again. ...Thats it. I'll wait till the game's out to say anything else.
  23. I'm game. I've actually wanted to write an a capella piece for sometime. Range: Baritone, leaning tenor.
  24. Anticipating, having my ears and mind blown, but for now Daft Punk. EDIT: Mirby the structure, of haikus is five seven, five syllables, kay?
  25. Regarding the "once again shrouded in darkness," it's established that this exact thing happened 100 years ago. I'll try to work that in, but I'm worried about the beginning running too long.Again, I'll work on it this evening or tomorrow!
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