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  1. If Sega is going to remain third party, and use Sonic for things outside of standard platforming, they should at least bring back .
  2. Dubstep Salsa? EDIT: Pumped for this album.
  3. Haven't played it. Probably won't.
  4. EDIT 2: ROOM NO LONGER AVAILABLE. SORRY! EDIT: Also, we seriously need to look into an OCR floor.
  5. Am I the only one that's surprised that it's been 3 years since this guy posted. Anyways, Happy B-Day Antonio. You will forever be older than me.
  6. Nonamer

    Black Mesa

    It would be ironic if the website crashed before the countdown ended. Either way, I'll check back in 12 days. EDIT: It appears that the soundtrack download link is clogged. I'll get it later this evening
  7. Give us the gift of ReMixing. Bahamut will probably announce the secret santa event in late October/early November.
  8. Not really good with the legal stuff (yet), but I say that you should definitely ask the OCRemix artist for permission. Of course, if you can, you should attribute the song to the person who originally performed the music on stage. As far as I know, we haven't completely fleshed out the legal issues with performing OCRemixes live. Only recently have we actually performed our own music in front of an audience. I say that when in doubt, perform it anyways (after given permission from the artist), but don't release a recording of it until you have the green light.
  9. I will actually say that Call of Duty has some decent background music. If someone can string together the best of the sounds from that series, it would probably be a good mix.
  10. Despite being one of the most recognizable VGM songs, there is a surprising lack of Guile mixes. I applaud your attempt to join the ranks of guile remixers. It's obvious that your intro needs an entire overhall (one or two soft instruments are not going to cut it for this kind of mix), so hopefully you can work out the transition as you tweek around with the intro. Instrumentally, I'm okay with it, but the judges will probably scrutinize it. The most glaring issue with this song, and one that actually trips up even veterans from time to time, is the mixing. You have some instruments, such as the drum and the bass, which have too much prominence, while the lead guitars and the arpeggio-sounding synth need a slight boost. The piano and the background synth are fine where they are. If you haven't already, invest in some good headphones. That should help with the mixing.
  11. Don't forget the blue drink that was nasty as hell. Having done the same thing in DC, I will say that the event downplayed some of the fears that I had, and that the control scheme could allow for great new gameplay mechanics. I've said it a million times already, but I would rather wait until the inevitable first wave of console grabs pass, and until they release Smash Bros WiiU (or whatever they call it) before considering to buy it.
  12. Brandon Strader and halc are liars!!! Anyways, your music is very reminiscent of Disco Dan's style, which is good, because DD was known for extremely catchy remixes. This could be one of them, if you improve it. The arrangement itself is very nice, I find myself enjoying it, despite never playing Chrono Trigger (I'M WORKING ON IT!). The instrument choice is rather basic and will be NO'd by the judges, but it creates a nice, ambient atmosphere that good trance music is known for creating. You might want to take a look at some of the other trance artists on the site such as bLiNd and DigiE for a better example of good trance. Keep working on it. I want the final mix posted.
  13. Interesting arrangement. It sounds a little like if Flying Battery was composed using the Goldeneye 64 instruments. Your remix is short, but its a WIP so it's excusable. As you develop your song, try to capture some of the intensity of the original. The source was very fast pace and catchy, even with sound limitations. A good example of a Flying Battery remix that captures the essence of the track would be SnappleMan's "Dead Batteries" from Project Chaos. To get this on OCR, the instruments need an overhaul, but I'm not the person qualified to describe specifics. My general advice would be to listen to other recent remixes (ie past 2008) to get a better idea of what kind of instrumentation OCR is looking for. Anything that sounds MIDI-esque doesn't pass (although technically almost everything on OCR is MIDI, but with awesome instrument choice).
  14. What? What?!? They completely shat on one of the most legendary video game songs. Don't let them touch Dancing Mad...ever.
  15. I booked my flight, badge and hotel. I can't wait to see lots of you guys. Because of a deal I made last year, my parents paid for the double-bed room for all 3 nights. Unfortunately, they only want one other person to room with me. I personally would be willing to have 3 or 4 people in the room, but for now I can only accept one person. Estimated cost is a little under $250 for all 3 nights. If you are interested PM me. EDIT: Someone should totally shop the Nice Guy's head over Koshiro's.
  16. Same. What I've been meaning to do is get some sort of recording device and just record some good melodies, so that when I can actually do something I'll have something ready.
  17. Nice to see "the other Ice Cap" getting remixed. I must say that it's a rather interesting take on the original. There are some glaring issues I find when listening to this song. Primarily the song has too much going on. Between the chimes and the sound effects and the guitars, it just feels way too busy. Someone more qualified should be able to back me up with this. My suggestion would be to diminish the sound effects as more of instruments are introduced, and increase the presence of the sound effects as the instruments fade. There are also points where certain sound effects suddenly jump in without any fade-in whatsoever (the most glaring portion being the waterfall at 1:39). That's just screaming bad production quality. Other than that you seem to know about the rest of the issues I noticed. Happy remixing!
  18. I just want to say...someone better pick Duff McWhalen. I think the source is good enough, but more importantly how can you beat a name like DUFF MCWHALEN!!!!
  19. Bumped because holy crap Animusic 3! http://www.kickstarter.com/projects/2040578790/animusic-3-dvd?ref=card
  20. Order them NOW! (Seriously, you'll save money) Also, I will be getting a room after I purchase my tickets. Stay tuned kids!
  21. http://youtu.be/foLzMnSzpkA?t=2m23s I just hope that after this SEGA gets working on a real sonic game.
  22. Happy birthday, fellow Logic user! EDIT: I might as well build up hype, since no one linked it! http://landofvanadiel.com/comingsoon.html
  23. We should have Jon St. John read Fifty Shades of Grey as Big the Cat or Duke Nukem at MAGFest. Just saying.
  24. Venus Lighthouse from Golden Sun is still one of my favorite VGM tracks. Also, love Dark Pit's song!
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