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  1. I'll try to reword it. As this scene explains, Issun is a wondering artist who serves as a companion to Ammy (since she is a silent protagonist, Issun does all the talking). So you are right to replace "accompanied" for "joined." Sorry, I'll fix that... I had difficulty figuring out what to do at the end. So I think I'll just end it with a generic conclusion like "With the powers granted to her, Amaterasu sets out to save Nippon from evil". Give me a day or two so that I can find the time to finish it.
  2. This was what I used to double check the terms and names for everything. I've played the game before, and this is a pretty accurate article. And here is the source of the quote.
  3. I'll work on the bio for Amaterasu. EDIT: Here it is! “Ah…Amaterasu. Origin of all that is good and mother to us all...” –Bakugami, one of the Celestial Brush Gods When the land of Nippon is once again shrouded in darkness brought upon by the fearsome demon Orochi, the tree spirit Sakuya, in desperation, summons the great Sun Goddess Ōkami Amaterasu. Appearing as a white wolf to ordinary people, her red markings appear only to those who have strong faith in the gods. Joined by a wandering artist named Issun, Amaterasu carries the Celestial Brush, which she uses to manipulate the world around her to revitalize the land and ward off evil. She also carries on her back the Divine Instrument, which is her primary mode of attack. Throughout her adventures, she uses the powers granted to her by the Celestial Brush Gods to defeat the evil that resides throughout the land. As the land learns of her benevolent deeds, more people offer praise to her, which enhances her divine powers.
  4. In the US, song titles are pretty much free from copyright. You can name it whatever you want with no consequence, so long as the title is either within the realm of ordinary language, or the title is not a play on another song by another artist. http://www.askamusiclawyer.com/archive/is-my-song-title-protected-by-copyright.html
  5. How official does it need to be? Here's what I found for Ecco the Dolphin and Warioland II.
  6. One of the key components of music composition and theory is ensuring that all of your instruments are working together to create one fantastic experience. Sadly, your arrangement is completely empty, and none of your instruments work together well. I understand it's generally a work in progress, but you can't go on any further until you start over, or else it will be a mess. Before you work on this any further, I encourage you to go through the OCR library (probably after 2005 or so) and listen to how each instrument plays its purpose. What serves as a melody or harmony? What kind of atmosphere does it inspire? Why does it work so well? Great music can only come through time and practice. You may also want to check the guidelines on submissions to see what you're in for. It needs to have some original melody, with Electric Town as the inspiration behind the melody. Trust me, I LOVE the battle network series, and I want to see more remixes of it. But you need to get back to the drawing board and find a better way to remix this song. Good luck!
  7. Is there a particular style or genre the remix must adhere to? (ie no solo pianos?)
  8. For some reason, when there's the option to be either a male or female character, I usually chose the female character first, just to see if there's a difference (except pokemon, I'm not exactly comfortable playing a 12 yo girl). Also, I never chose the option to rename things.
  9. Agreed. Though we should try to convince Darke to do something like this.
  10. Ooooo! I didn't see these before! Most of these remixes only really cover the main battle theme (except Cyril's remix of BN1's boss theme and Nintenjoe's remixes), whereas I would like to see some other themes within the BN series covered. Regarding art, I will most definitely accept any fan artwork for the project. I will also try to reach out to the DeviantART community, but OCRemix artists have priority for official album artwork (unless there's something that completely blows me out of the water from somewhere else). I was also curious: those of you who were/are in charge of an album project, would you suggest soliciting musicians from outside groups, such as the Capcom-Unity forums and the Mega Man Database? Given that this project will require auditions, I don't anticipate any degradation of quality.
  11. 1. Issac (Golden Sun) 2. Amaterasu (Okami) 3. Pikachu (take a wild guess)
  12. I prefer sticking to the main GBA series, but if someone wants to make a remix I'll include it as a bonus track.
  13. Thanks for the response so far. I prefer what radiowar suggested, and open the project to some or all the games, but allow the artists to cherry pick which songs they prefer. What I would like is to split the series in 2, with the first covering MMBN, MMBN2, and MMBN3 (The Style Change Series), and the second one covering MMBN 4, MMBN 5, and MMBN6 (The Soul Synch Series). Any remixes of MM Battle Chip Challenge would be considered "bonus content." We don't need to cover ALL tracks, as that would not only unnecessarily lengthen the time it takes to make the album, and would cause a great headache on the administrative side. I was thinking about it this afternoon, and decided that I would open it up to all remixers, but have an "audition," AKA have everyone submit a song of their latest work. This would allow posted and non-posted musicians to join the project while ensuring that their work has some resemblance of quality. Brandon: Yeah I know the last thing this site needs is more Mega Man remixes, but this is from a series that is completely and unnecessarily ignored by the remixing community (not to mention completely separate from the main canon). Plus, Golden Sun was kind of already taken. Gollgagh: I remember seeing that thread. I think I even stated there that I wanted to make a remix project for this series. ToN: You may not find the soundtrack itself memorable, but I know that there are a lot of tracks that can be converted into something great. One of the great things about this series' soundtrack is that the melodies for these songs are incredibly catchy, such as , , and the . This series, in my opinion, is a gold mine for source material. Remember that the purpose of this project is to PROMOTE the series as a potential venue for artists to remix.
  14. This is just something to quench my curiosity... The Mega Man Battle Network Series (Also known as Rockman.EXE in Japan) is one of my favorite handheld franchises (tied w/ Golden Sun), and I've especially loved the soundtrack that comes with each game. However, as of this post there is a schocking total of ZERO remixes for this series. And so, the natural conclusion for a common member such as myself is to lead a Mega Man Battle Network remix project. Of course, if you've been here long enough, you know that it is hard to pull something like this together (especially if you're covering more than one game). And so the purpose of this post is to know who is interested in such a project. It would not be restricted to any particular genre or theme, and I would make it so that deadlines are completely flexible. So here are some questions: Are you even the slightest bit interested in working on a project such as this? Should the project cover one or more of the games? How big should the project be? IMO the bigger it is, the harder it is to manage. What restrictions should be put in place (one song per track, posted remixers only, auditions, etc)? Anyone interested in doing artwork? Web design? And although I would like for it(them) to be an OCR official album I wouldn't let that factor alone hold back the project. Thanks in advanced! TL;DR JACK-IN! MM_Battle_Network_remix_project.EXE!
  15. Version 4! https://soundcloud.com/nonamermusic/ff1-chaos-mix-v4-0 Notes updated above!
  16. You know what I JUST remembered was also on the Saturn? Mega Man 8! That version's considered more "complete" than the PS1 version, since it has an optional Cut Man and Wood Man boss theme, as well as a different theme altogether...Also the deadline after May 1st is August 15th.
  17. Anyone considering tackling the Saturn version of Castlevania: Symphony of the Night? I think all the Saturn exclusive areas are remixes of older titles, but I haven't played the game, so I could be wrong. Also, I'm considering doing something for Astal. Sadly, I won't have anything ready by May 1st...
  18. Male/Female? Range? Sorry but you're going to need to be a little more specific for this. Also, usually remixers will be the ones to reach out for vocalists rather than the other way around. If you really wish to be a part of a remix/project, check who's asking on the forums (though don't go to far back).
  19. Though seriously the 10 minute disco opera was the second best thing I've heard all day (the first being this video by ).
  20. I thought it was good, but I hope in the later videos they focus more on things we should be doing to promote the female hero.
  21. I thought I was the ONLY ONE here who watched Clement and BrainScratchComms. Highly underrated! I also watch SGBLikesToPlay. They've just finished LA Noire, and are about to do Zelda II and Metroid.
  22. Since I'm still crap with the actual music, I can assist with the video if jkesnake17 can't help out...
  23. I might as well post it here, where it can get better feedback. LATEST: https://soundcloud.com/nonamermusic/ff1-chaos-mix-v4-0 Previous version(s): https://soundcloud.com/nonamermusic/ff1-chaos-mix-v3 v3 Notes: -This is about half-way complete. I need to add some personal touches to the arrangement and add a conclusive segment before calling it complete. -This is clearly mechanical, and I'll most likely have someone else record it live (I'm no where near skilled enough to actually play what I wrote ). -The title is cute, but will probably go the way of the dinosaurs. -Sheet music available soon. v4.0 Notes: -Arrangement is pretty much complete. I know that the whole note chords can be rather bland, so that's the next step I'm working on! -3:18! Not bad! -Tempo changes in this song a few times. This is the tempo I want, but won't necessarily be the tempo when it's recorded (either by another OCR remixer, myself, etc) -Still working on sheet music. It hasn't been updated since V3... -Definitely want to change the title, but I can't figure out how to do that on the forums. EDIT: FIXED IT!
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