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  1. Happy Birthday Darklink42! May your master sword "save" all the princesses.
  2. I could have sworn this happened a few months ago. Then again you're in all the birthday threads. HAPPY BIRTHDAY ANYWAYS, MIRBY!
  3. Count me in yet again. This time I'll be a little more specific. IF YOU ARE SENDING ME A GIFT, TELL BAHAMUT WHEN YOU PLAN ON SENDING IT. I will be leaving this address on Dec. 18th until the end of MAGFest, so I want to get it when it arrives. Again, I don't expect you to get everything or anything I mention, but it gives you a good idea of what to get if you're on a budget. -I'm getting into buying more books (no specifics yet). Barnes & Noble is my main store of choice. -The only system I have on hand right now is a 3DS. My Sega Dreamcast, original Xbox, Xbox 360 and Wii are at my parents' house. If you are thinking about what games I'm interested in, PM Bahamut and I'll get back to him/you. -T-Shirt wise: I'm a size Large (L) male in the US. Don't know about the rest of the world. -No candy, please! I'm trying to lose weight. -iTunes or GameStop gift cards are always appreciated! -Crafts or anything you can make are welcome, but don't make them too big. I barely have enough room as is. EDIT: Stealing Rexy's idea and putting up my Steam Wishlist. It would be much bigger, but game developers tend to ignore Macs...
  4. This is just a general music composition and theory question more than a technical question. So I've had a lead melody for a remix stuck in my head for a while, and I finally managed to lay part of it down in Logic. My main issue is that I've been trying to find notes and chords that harmonize with the main lead, and I've had no success whatsoever. Does anyone have tips for creating harmonies that match your melody? In case anyone is wondering in terms of the structure of the arrangement, the final song is going to be a string instrument lead with a piano providing the background.
  5. Happy birthday to all three of you! Did you all secretly plan this?
  6. It finally made it! Congrats Draconiator!!! I personally loved this track in the GRMRB 2011. I can see where the judges had their reservations in passing this, although I personally think the lead is just fine. Hope to hear more tracks like this from you.
  7. For the link that Shaggy posted, what is everyone naming the block group? Would OCRemix be fine?
  8. Damn...my first Sonic game...I want to get involved somehow. I'll get back to you on this one! I REALLY want to be a part of this.
  9. So Marc with a C from Nerdy Show is running an indiegogo for his newest album "Popular Music." It's short 1.5k right now, but OCR might be able to provide the bump he needs. Check it out and potentially fund a decent project.
  10. One of the nuggets of gold found in the Concrete Man EP (looks at Sir_Nuts). I've stated before that AkumajoBelmont's vocals are spectacular, and I've always admired the musical stylings of the man formerly known as Prophecy. Also, I must say that one of the sound effects in the chorus sound's exactly like my dorm's fire alarm. Gets me every time.
  11. Speaking of transportation from airports, I'll be arriving in Reagan National at 4 PM on Jan 3rd. Any transportation would be greatly appreciated.
  12. Whoa! You passed that goal by 400%. What's the plan for the future?
  13. Rexy was looking into it. http://ocremix.org/forums/showthread.php?t=40298
  14. Wait, if this is for the 25th anniversary of Final Fantasy...and this album, though not official SquareEnix merch, shares revenue with SE, shouldn't we be entitled to the 25th anniversary logo? That would be pretty sweet.
  15. Speed Run - Completing the game as fast as possible. Metroid-vania - A gameplay structure in which the main player(s) travels through an expansive, non-linear area. The player is usually Many of the rooms explored are completely optional, but are usually worth exploring for better weapons and items. Named after the original Metroid game and most of the Castlevania games after Symphony of the Night. DLC - Downloadable content. Additional content for a game that has already been published.
  16. My avatar approves this track. A great remix of one of my personal favorite VGM tracks. It manages to hold firm the spirit of the original while greatly expanding the melody. A must have for any GS fan.
  17. MIRBY STRIKES AGAIN! Happy birthday Monobrow!
  18. If I wasn't a college student right now, if I wasn't unemployed right now, if I wasn't already attending MAGFest (room and ticket), if I didn't have a mother that doesn't like video games, if I had a television with an HDMI jack, if I hadn't already purchased a 3DS, I would get the WiiU PremiumPack Week 1.
  19. Voted. It was a little hard for me to vote in this tournament, since I'm not familiar with a lot of the X series. EDIT: Prophecy, you should know I'm a sucker for choral arrangements. Absolutely amazing! Too bad it's short.
  20. New Symphony of Science video on climate change: http://youtu.be/HHP9Rh-ooh0 On a side note, melodysheep said in one of his videos that the only reason he doesn't use Carl Sagan anymore is that his wife has asked for him to stop using him in his videos. Although I believe that if Sagan were alive today, that he would wholeheartedly allow him to use his materials for the sake of promoting science.
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