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  1. Welcome back RM.. and is Voltaire your neighbour? No, but it's only like a 10 minute trip to his house. A few months ago I was talking to him and he said "I just found this awesome song that's like Punchout but with a real metal band playing it with lyrics and everything!" Of course I was like "Oh yeah, Game Over - Little Mac's Confession... OCReMix." It didn't take long until he was hooked.
  2. When the time comes and you need torrent seeders, since I actually will have the internet this time, I'll be more than happy to help out. Just a suggestion here, it would be cool for publicity purposes to coordinate the release of this project with a WAD release that the Doom community is looking forward to. Just off the top of my head, Foreverhood is shaping up to be really good and might possibly be done in the same timeframe as this album.
  3. Yeah, Voltaire is a friend of mine, but if he acts like a jackass... Voltaire is not a friend of mine.
  4. And then there are some people who don't want to review a song once it gets onto OCR because they feel that's what the judges panel is for. Either that or they just want to give the remixer his deserved props. Congratulations, DCT on finally getting on OCR and more importantly on producing what I feel is the best song I've ever heard from you.
  5. reelmojo loves you. reelmojo loves you! reelmojo loves you in a tub of jello!... But anyway you can put down another listener who'll be more than interested in hearing this.
  6. Not quite "The mojo, the Myth, the Legend" but still good. ...okay so it's way better than that. Congratulations, Myth! I won't try to review this song because then I'd have to take on the unenviable task of trying to describe it. I'll just say it's great stuff, so download it. Seriously. Do it.
  7. Easiest way I see of doing this would be to call myself from somewhere else and record these on my answering machine. Then when I record that to the computer it'll already sound like it's over a radio. I may be able to have a friend record one or two to help the voices be varied. Any requests from anyone on specific things to say?
  8. Since my previous suggestions for titles were jokes I'll suggest something for real now: The 21 Layers of Hell (with this one the track listing could go along with the theme ie. "Layer 1: Evil Horde - Mix Title...") For the Prince (this has a double meaning: The Prince of Darkness or Bobby Prince) Eleven Years in Hell (Doom is 11 years old) Melophobia (fear of music) And if no one has volunteered to be the voice in the garbled radio transmission I'd be more than happy to do it. At least then I'm contributing somehow.
  9. I'm extremely tempted...I'll work on something and see if I can come up with something good but this does not mean I've called the track. If you want to take this track by all means do so. EDIT: Started preliminary work on the song. So far I'm thinking two part acoustic guitar, I don't know about percussion yet because I suck at programming drums. If I get farther along and I decide it needs drums I'll probably just collab with someone to make sure they'll sound good. Even though this is "Dis" it's going to have the feel of the slower songs from the Doom OST.
  10. Suggestions, taken from lines in the Doom Comic Book: Rip and Tear Chainsaw: The Great Communicator Now I'm Radioactive
  11. The project site was originally going to be at http://www.peoplesremix.com/doom and was going to be created by myself and aluminum (mostly aluminum, as I suck at web design). Then the project stagnated and no one ever contacted either of us about anything regarding it what-so-ever...As it stands, I'll also host any song for the project on my webspace, so if you can't host your mix you have two different places that will gladly host it for you.
  12. Just consider yourself lucky to have been able to listen to Bladiator's music for all that time. I know I do.
  13. First off, I'm completely unfamiliar with the original. Never heard the song, never played the game. With that said, this blew me away. If you do end up making a version with vocals please post it in the forums because I'm sure I'm not the only one who would love to hear it. This just rocks. DJP mentioned that it kinda sounded like an instrumental Game Over track and that had me expecting all out rock, but this is much slower and more flowing. Great mix, and one that no one should miss.
  14. Get the NSF from the first post of the thread, then get NSF2midi from www.zophar.net. Instant perfect midis.
  15. I was a big fan of the original version of this mix course, but I didn't realize how much better it would get with some guitar added. Awesome! Also, congratulations to TO for having the first remix ever to come out of PRC and make it to OCR!
  16. When I read that this song had female vocals I was expecting something with lyrics like Injury's Blue Reflection. What I got was something completely different, but I wasn't the least bit disappointed. This is the most beautiful I've ever heard Zelda sound, and that's saying something. Definitely one of my favorites by the Wingless, and I hope to hear more of Destiny's voice soon. Highly recommended.
  17. I kind of agree with Riddler Sensei to a degree. While I applaud the guitar playing, the violin just seems to ruin it for me. The part that starts at :52 seems to work with the off-keyness, but the simply playing the melody over the guitar just sounds annoying to me.
  18. First off, the percussion and acoustic guitar parts are incredible. At first I thought the electric guitar was going to kill it for me because it just sounds like there wasn't enough time and practice put into it to really get it down, but it still works. The transition at 2:10 it probably my favorite part too. I expected the drums to come back in again at 3:16 and they didn't... great job on keeping me guessing. Overall I really like it. I just might end up borrowing the bucket idea too.
  19. So I'm on AIM a little after 4 PM waiting for an upload to go through and I decide to check Larry's info for some reason. It pops up with the red font... "he's on the radio?" I ask myself, puzzled. Sure enough, I click the link and there's some serious VG mixes getting airtime. Then I check out the VG Frequency chatroom and no one's there... so it's not VG Frequency, it's just Larry getting some airtime and playing VG mixes. I had no idea you did this! *continues listening* EDIT: He played the demo version of my old Sealab 2021 cover and some chick named Paige was dissing it... funny stuff.
  20. Listening on a 56k didn't mess it up much! Well, it still messed up, but it did it for everyone so if you come back I no longer have an excuse not to tune in. And I heard your entire interview DCT... sure I heard it about 3 minutes after you did it because of the lag, but I still heard it. When/if VG Frequency comes back, I'm there.
  21. All right, that's it, its the last show... I'm not letting slow connection speeds get in the way of listening this time. *updates Real Player* Hopefully by next semester I'll be able to afford DSL. Then (provided that I don't have to work or something) I'll be listening every week.
  22. A Wind Waker remix, cool. I just bought this soundtrack off of Ebay the other day, still waiting for it in the mail. Anyway, on to the song itself... I thought about writing the standard critque for this by saying what I thought about each seperate part of it, but I decided against it. Suffice to say the word "beautiful" would have been included numerous times. To me both themes remixed are instantly recognizable (and I don't even own the game) and you worked them in together very well. Highly Recommended.
  23. He looks so happy, yet he's the epitome of all that is evil. Despite what you see here, he will give you nightmares... trust me.
  24. Really? Okay, next time I'll be listening, hopefully the buffering doesn't get too bad.
  25. I didn't know what DJP was talking about with the timing issues either. I've been listening to this for God knows how long now... I even burned it to a CD back when only the preliminary 112kb encoded version was up. Basically, I've said all I can about how awesome this mix is. So in short:
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