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  1. Is there actually something better a dev can do with his time between projects? It might be only a couple dollars here and there, and it's better than the nothing he's earning while he's developing his next project. I think that's worth a few hours that he probably would've just used to play LoL anyway. And it's not just about the money either; often the exposure and feedback is just as, if not more, valuable. I mean, heck, OCR is entirely being supported and sustained by people who don't get paid at ALL.
  2. Again, using Steam on your TV is impractical if you only have one PC and it's not in the same room, and it's more expensive to build another PC than to buy an Ouya. Without licensing costs, games can be made available to Ouya faster and be updated more often than XBLA and PSN. In fact, licensing costs will likely make many of these games exclusive to Ouya. Free. Money.
  3. Wouldn't that require you to have a monitor-in on the laptop? I've never seen one with that capability.
  4. As Zircon mentioned, it's not a big deal to re-render your assets and tweak your UI positioning. It's like releasing FLACs along with your MP3s.
  5. "You don't have to squint to see what's going on" is a draw. "It doesn't cost as much as a phone or tablet" is a draw.
  6. Ouya games aren't required to be completely free to play though, only to have at least some free gameplay. Devs are allowed to set their own prices. Of course no one would bother with Ouya if they had to pick a single marketplace, but as a few have pointed out it would generally take little to no effort to port your existing game over. With no licensing fees, there's no reason NOT to have your game on the Ouya.
  7. Don't waste your time, Crowbar, it's not worth it. With regard to investors, Uhrman explicitly states in the Kickstarter video that they got some funding from "friends and family" which in this case includes the founders of Digg, Flixster, and Jawbone. In addition, she only said they weren't going to be seeking outside funding while the Kickstarter was going, so it's entirely possible there have been further talks since then. Edit: Well here's something I wasn't aware of.
  8. I think if this were an easy or cheap thing to do, there would be no market for gaming laptops. And OnLive wouldn't have laid off all its employees. Technology's getting better all the time though, I wouldn't be surprised if this were a common setup in a few years when video through Ethernet and wireless displays become more widespread.
  9. I guess the "return" here is that it actually gets funded, but I agree that at this point a $100 pledge doesn't make much sense over just buying it at launch. There are a few Kickstarter-only bonuses though. Also a good point. Then again, even if they're selling their hardware at a loss, they wouldn't be the first.
  10. Since when has investing guaranteed a return? Is anyone whose stock has tanked for any reason automatically a sucker? Hm, that's a good point. Crowbar pointed out that the Nexus 7 is being offered at a non-subsidized price of $200, and that it doesn't seem like too much of a stretch to assume that without a screen, battery, camera, speakers, etc., a similar device could be offered for $100.
  11. Indie games on a console without the developer overhead of XBLA/PSN. For $100. If something that has similar specs, plus a screen, camera, and battery, is 200 dollars, I can't see why can't sell Ouya for half the price.
  12. I don't think anyone has aspirations of SNESology ever making any money.
  13. I think Bahamut's just trying to get his money's worth for the server.
  14. Power Smoothie posted that article as well. Julie claims their hardware guy has experience getting products to market under similarly aggressive deadlines, but I think it's a given at this point that they won't hit March. If it doesn't materialize at all...oh well. Losing $100 isn't the end of the world.
  15. Some good strategies here: http://wiki.teamfortress.com/wiki/Mann_vs._Machine_strategy What "builds" have been working for you guys as far as teams/equipment/upgrades go?
  16. I feel like the uploading part should be fairly easy to automate using a script or two.
  17. I actually will be there tomorrow night through Monday morning, if you guys decide to do a short meetup holler at me on Facebook and I'll try to make it.
  18. Not looking forward to New Super Mario Bros. 2 and Cave Story 3D? Blasphemy! Wipeout in 3D could be really cool. Also I thought Rayman Origins was already out?
  19. Haven't touched any of them, except for playing Dear Esther with my girlfriend for about 10 minutes. Beautiful game, even on her old laptop. There's a weird glitch though where everything goes dark whenever you go underwater. I have been playing a bunch of Darksiders, which technically was in the summer sale, but I got it a while back. Looks gorgeous on PC, better than on console IMO, and modest system requirements. Of course, more importantly it's a ton of fun...think post-apocalyptic Zelda with God of War combat.
  20. Yeah, I was suggesting it does a lot of what the Ouya does for much cheaper. Though the FAQ says the performance is essentially that of a 300MHz Pentium 2 with much nicer graphics.
  21. Well, figures I find out about this the day after the Kickstarter ends... http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Raspberry_pi
  22. Well it looks like the OCR ads are now all Cheetahmen, all the time.
  23. Time to invest in a joystick...
  24. So you come in here to call us hipsters, and apparently I'm the one trolling. Yes, I should've known better. I should've known better than to sink to your level. Thanks for wasting all of our time. I hope you're happy. Yep. Though they do mention Tekken...wonder what that's all about.
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