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  1. That's what happens when you hire incompetent goons who just use Google image search for their pictures.
  2. You know, I'm fine with VGF being over and all but BRING BACK THE WEEKLY SPOTLIGHT YOU BIKE-STEALING RUSSKIE.
  3. Dhsu

    Nintendo DS

    I think you just have bad aim.
  4. Dhsu

    Nintendo DS

    It's a quasi-sequel...I don't think any of the previous characters are in it, except perhaps as cameos.
  5. This is no small coincidence. You see, Mark Vera is a member of The Precursors, the group responsible for remixing the Star Control 2 soundtrack in order to be used in The Ur-Quan Masters.
  6. This show was just pronunciation mayhem. "Peenist" is a classic one of course, but Mark Vera's "Ouija DJ" just took the cake for me. BTW, that reminds me...when are you guys gonna let Larry guest host? We could call it "Oji DJ." And did we finally hear a real live pixie "squee"? Very cute...reminds me of my sister. The 8bit Genocide segment was interesting. I got a very different vibe from these guys than I do from OCR (probably because there were so many metalheads in one place ). It's almost as if the VG rock cover community is the yin to our yang. It would be cool if VG cover scene actually did become "the next punk" like they mentioned...as long as they don't become bitter when it becomes mainstream and start reminiscing about how "they were there when..."
  7. Or maybe talesproject.ocremix.org, to follow in the tradition of smproject.ocremix.org and dkcproject.ocremix.org?
  8. I always hated this song in the game (the intro just seemed stupid), but what you've created transcends in the original in pretty much every way. Ingenious concept, immaculate execution. Congrats on another masterpiece, Shna.
  9. I still think the part after "LET THERE BE REMIX" should be replaced with the Super Mario Super Show song.
  10. Hehe, like half of them have question marks next to them though.
  11. I pretty much copy/pasted my current list as-is, so you'll have to forgive the unreadable formatting. Coincidentally, this list almost doubles as a request list. So if anything catches your interest, by all means go for it. Edit: Uhhh, how does this qualify as asking or answering "technical questions related to ReMixing"? I could see this being useful in the ReQuests forum, though.
  12. Dhsu

    Nintendo DS

    Finally, all my wildest dreams have come true.
  13. I really enjoyed the Gerard Merino and Marcus Henderson interviews. They were just so laidback, and Gerard shares a lot of my views about the current direction of video games. Also, my favorite quote in the entire show: \mXm/ I just wish I could've been there for the Guitar Hero competition...
  14. Dhsu

    Nintendo DS

    Well, if you already have speech...what's the point of the text?
  15. I was gonna suggest one of the OCR Guile mixes if you didn't like Trenthian's, but I guess I'm a bit late on that one.
  16. Heh, I don't think it's a secret that Tommy Tallarico is a big OCR fan. I'm almost curious why he hasn't submitted a mix of his own yet...
  17. Dhsu

    Nintendo DS

    You won't understand until you turn it on and see it first hand. It's like staring into the sun.
  18. Sounds awesome. I wasn't part of the project, but I doubt anyone would be opposed.
  19. Yeah, apparently straight chiptunes don't fit within OCR's "site purpose," part of which is technically to update old songs, instead of downgrading new ones. More details in the decision for Shna's "Espergirl 2A03" mix (you can download it at Remix:ThaSauce).
  20. Reminds me of the song they used for "Kid's Story" in the Animatrix. Raptor Reloaded? Heh. Nice job, TO. Vocals were totally tite.
  21. Dhsu

    Nintendo DS

    You're banned from life.
  22. Need to get some GGXX action going on here.
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