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  1. Which reminds me, you guys should set up a VGDJ torrent tracker. Would make it a lot easier for people to grab a bunch at once so they can catch up.
  2. Fruity Loops Operation Workshop Fruity Loops Operation Workshop Fruity Loops Operation Workshop You're on your own for "basket." Edit: I just about spewed my drink when I heard Jill actually spit the die. I don't know what on God's green earth possessed you to go through with such an act of insanity but holy cow was it hilarious.
  3. Oh that reminds me, someone needs to make a "JillyBeanMix." Jilly Bean is not my lov-er She's just a girl who claims that I am Zircon But the Bear is not my son...
  4. binster used the same voice clip at the beginning of his mix that you used at the end. I dunno if this was intentional, but makes it really cool to play them after each other.
  5. The cropping makes them look weird. That or Larry thinks anime is for faegs.
  6. Dhsu

    Nintendo DS

    Wow, the monster designs just get worse every game.
  7. Haha...you could always mail a CD-R to Kyle.
  8. Kudos of course go to the composer for the ingenious setting, but credit still goes to everyone's favorite French-Canadian for making it so utterly ROCKIN'.
  9. The trivia question wasn't too hard to figure, it's just the nickname part that I'm having trouble with. Seriously, I don't have any.
  10. Wow, I never played the original, but a few seconds into the remix, I thought I heard something familiar. I checked again and sure enough, the melody was unmistakable...the haunting notes of the Dies Irae. An unexpected but nonetheless creative setting for a classic tune. Good work, Jean-Luc Pacaud of the U.S.S. Enterprise...more Gregorian chants should be played on electric guitar in my opinion.
  11. Haha, djp had better say "I AM A BANANA" next time. Also, "Flow Basket" should be a backronym for "Fruity Loops Operation Workshop...Basket."
  12. It wasn't a pause; turn up your speakers and you'll be able to hear the prepared piano section.
  13. I could get used to the idea of monthly project releases.
  14. A little light on the arrangement (and length) side, but there's nothing wrong with style over substance once in a while. Nice work, guys.
  15. You just now noticed? Heh, just joshin'...there's no way I could compete with our resident Blackanova, Wingless.
  16. Wow, I'm liking the long wavy locks. Also, red glasses = rowr.
  17. Great mix, but save for the direct references, I find it hard to imagine this on an actual Muse album. Partly just because the source tune lacks the rich progressions of the typical Muse song, and partly because it could never be the same without Bellamy's whiny vocals.
  18. ...but what about the colors, Duke? THE COLORS!!
  19. Well, I think having a status report for the tracks on the site like k-wix did for the Cave Story project would be helpful, so people kind of have an idea of where we are.
  20. HAY GUYS, LOOK WHAT I FOUND I think this could turn out pretty cool. What say you?
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