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  1. Alternatively, you could try using a filter like Super Eagle or HQ2X.
  2. Any way you could get the entire sprite instead?
  3. Haha, they've got to put the red exclamation point in the game somehow.
  4. Well if anyone cares to speculate This looks like a level tailored to CV. I fact in the red circle I painted looks to be a coffin standing up. Perhaps Simon Belmont might be in the cards......or my eyes are playing tricks on me and this is a Fire Emblem level. That looks like part of the painting on the back wall.
  5. Dhsu

    Nintendo DS

    Nah, it's originally a N64 game. There was an attempt to bring a Diddy Kong Pilot to the GBA, but it got changed to Banjo Pilot and sucked.Reportedly, this port will have custom tracks. If so, I might actually buy it again. Yeah, I kept on thinking to myself "if I ever owned an N64, I want it with Diddy Kong Racing". It's good to see it move to the DS, but I'm a little confused on how it's out there. Given that the original was made by Rare, what would you think will be of the use of Banjo, Conker and Tricky considering Rare's owned by Microsoft these days? Just curious, is all. Microsoft has said in the past they have no problem making games for the GBA or DS, because they have no handheld system of their own. Then everybody started speculating about Halo Advance.
  6. I doubt they'll take out WDing, as it was an intentional part of Melee. Perhaps not to the extent that people have been using it, but intentional nonetheless.
  7. I think it's more likely that it'd actually hurt Snake, just like in the MGS games. It would be the ultimate insult, to finish off an opponent with a taunt that causes self-inflicted damage.
  8. Hehe. Personally, I don't think it's too likely that Capcom characters will be in SSB any time soon, as they already have their own series of all-star fighting games.
  9. Haha, unless the L-block is a hidden character, I doubt we'll get Tetris stages.
  10. Dhsu

    Nintendo DS

    Ohhh, I see now. Haha, different babies totally did not occur to me. Also, Diddy Kong Racing DS = Yes. Very yes.
  11. Dhsu

    Nintendo DS

    Fear not, Yoshi's Island 2 looks very much the same as the original (at least from what I can see anyway). It seems that Baby Mario will actually be useful this time around though, lending assistance with tasks like climbing vines and...using his parasol?! Definitely looking forward to this one. And people are gonna have to turn off voice chat in Starfox DS because all they're going to hear is "DO A BARREL ROLL!"
  12. Dhsu

    Nintendo DS

    Haha, so Magical Vacation wasn't cancelled after all. I was starting to wonder after not hearing anything about it for so long.
  13. They'd better have a pink gi.
  14. Dhsu

    Nintendo DS

    Who wants to bet Cloud is a playable character in Mario Hoops?
  15. I think Mario's Ultra Flame and Link's Triforce Omnislash strongly points to a super attack meter of some sort. Sounds fun, but I'm worried it might break the game. Thoughts? BTW, I thought this GIF was hilarious. HEIL MARIO
  16. I think the SF avatars would look fine with transparent backgrounds.
  17. 'Kay, now wondering how to do transparency in MS Paint. Help, anyone? LT: AFAIK, I don't believe it supports transparency. MS Paint's a terrible program for saving/making GIFs regardless. Even Paint Shop Pro, IMO, is pretty bad at resizing. I'd just stick with Photoshop myself.
  18. Hm, how about this? LT: Looks good.
  19. Yeah, need some feedback on Arcueid too, so I'll know if I should do more. LT: If you can get a bigger pic to go for the max dimensions, that would be better. I'm sure it'll be good.
  20. LT: Too small. Don't wanna squint at it just to try and figure out what it is. I guess that might be from a pause menu or lil' icon in a corner, but go for something bigger.
  21. One of the few BT tracks that still get regular play. I don't think the bass gets monotonous at all, I could totally listen to this mix 24/7.
  22. Ha, is Misery still around? This one would be perfect for him.
  23. He says "I'm moving to to Washington D.C. and will never have time for OCR again. Ever. Also, I smell."
  24. Wow. Although I'm thinking the CV avatars might be too dark, especially the SotN ones.
  25. Haha, nice effort with the finale mix, Flik, but for the good of humanity, please don't ever sing again. Good night and good luck to you, Larry. Hope you find success in D.C. And you'd better do weekly spotlights, or I am going to personally drive up there and stick my foot up your half-whiteyjujfgt anus. Even your moldy pubefro will not act as a barrier to justice.
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