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  1. Playing the Prelude smoothly with one hand is a feat in itself. Very impressed with the second half. Good jorb.
  2. Something you take after the amount of uppers you'd need to not like this remix.
  3. Chrono Trigger Manufacturer's Suggested Retail Price? Should be around $50 or something...
  4. Hahaha...brings back fond memories of the Vega vs. Chun Li fight. Thank you, SF Anniversary Collection. Although, it also brings back the unspeakable terror, dread, and utter helplessness I felt as a child whenever Vega would jump onto the wall, knowing full well that the cheap little punk would inevitably jump off and claw me and that there was not a thing I could do about it. And then he'd retreat and do it all over again. Curse you, first-grade reflexes. Ahem... Errr, right...about the mix then. Anyway, yeah...for some reason, when it started, I couldn't help feeling it sounded slightly n00bish (mostly because of the familiar-sounding synth/sample and because omitting the original bassline notes there creates odd harmonies). I quickly got used to it though, so I don't have too much of an issue with that. Effects and percussion are used intelligently and effectively throughout. I think my favorite part was also the country names/"f-f-f-fight" thing. Very nice touch...Rayza always seems to know how to use sound clips/game samples in a discreet and generally non-annoying manner, unlike many other electronica remixers. I also like the break/transition/whatever-you-techno-people-call-it at 3:15. Overall, very competent and well-executed remixing work. Recommended to any fan of Vega (and/or Chun Li's panties ). Good stuff from Rayza as usual. (P.S. R.I.P., Chris and Charles...)
  5. It'd be a nice to have a complete listing of classical pieces he used in the games. I'm interested in arranging "Udderly Abducted" from EWJ2, but it sounds suspiciously classical. Can anybody confirm whether this is true? Although, I could probably come up with something for "Anything but Tangerines" too. But yeah...I guess someone might as well start up the EWJ1/2 Remix Project now.
  6. Sweet, I'm so gonna...wait... (Pssst, codename "SuperMarioRemixProject"!)
  7. I just wanted to thank Adhesive Boy for monopolizing my playlist for the past few days. I have to say it's been quite a while since I've been this addicted to a song. Might you consider making another cello-based arrangement, of Chrono Trigger's Underwater Palace theme?
  8. Try disabling the SPC700 emulation or, alternatively, turning off all the sound channels (I forgot the shortcuts for that). Some of them might be used for sound effects though, so you might want to leave a couple on.
  9. There's playing ragtime and then there's stumbling over the keys or dragging (again, I only nit this one particular instance past one second, it's only one missed note, really, the rest is done superbly). I dragged at the beginning and then sped up because I felt that it fit the spirit of a pirate drinking song. Also... "Funky Monkey Love" is just another one of those remixes on Kong in Concert that encourages you to think outside the box! Have you never thought of how Donkey Kong would express his feelings for Candy Kong? Well then wonder no longer! Vigilante has given you the fans the insight into Donkey Kong's love life that even Rare's development team was reluctant to provide! That's freakin' incest, dude. You people are freakin' sick. This song deserves to be in Jerry Springer. Or Japan.
  10. Protricity did his best to eliminate the clipping, but apparently it was specific only to certain setups (for example, some people had their equalizer turned on), so it was impossible for him to troubleshoot every possible cause. I'm sure he'd appreciate any suggestions on avoiding this kind of thing from happening in the future, though.
  11. HEY. It's not my fault that he had smiling Indians on his side.
  12. Larry, you are something stealth and ninja like. For anyone interested, I have analoq's choice for PRCA:6 and jesus, it's a doozy.... When analoq wins, everyone loses (except analoq).
  13. This one is a tier 4 in VGMix, WAAAAY too low for the proficiency it has. Sure, the samples are less than stellar, and the rock section is haphazardly performed. That said, this is an awesome mix of THE OVERWORLD THEME fom FF8. Actually, it's a remix of "Breezy" (yeah, who'da thunk it?), the Balamb town theme.
  14. Nope. If I remember right, that distinction would belong to this. (Actually, Rayza's holds the record at 6 hours, but yes, I was exaggerating. )
  15. And that to Dhsu you should listen to in the first place.
  16. Oh yeah, you smack that monkey. Smack it good.
  17. I remember MMX being freaking hard when I was a young 'un. But I just beat it, and it was still difficult, but well within the bounds of reason. The dog shouldn't give you too much trouble if you stay on the walls. I used the charged up Chameleon Sting and the wind attack for Sigma. Or you could just Hadoken them both.
  18. Well, that was an interlude...the majority of the actual song seems to have an original melody. But hey, music is music. Excellent work, Star.
  19. I think I've previously mentioned my thoughts on this mix...although it's a great piece of music, my main issue is that the source material really doesn't seem to be the focus at all. It's more of an original with a slight cameo of the Shenmue theme (the ReMixer also admits it's a little "subtle"). In fact, the theme isn't even present in its entirety...the entire second half of the original melody has been omitted. And when it finally shows up about a minute into the song, it's more of a background thing...an accompaniment to the main song. Other than that, this mix is pretty much entirely original material. Not that there's anything wrong with that (the guidelines only require a "recognizable resemblence"), I just wish the game music would've had a more prominent role in this piece. I don't mean to sound whiney or nitpicky...that's just how I feel, is all. And I did enjoy Arkimedes Halo mix, in which the source material was the actual focus. I hope he releases more like it soon.
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