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  1. If you have trouble getting your song to pass, just put a techno beat in the background and it will make the front page.
  2. I don't think they can legally sell any of the remixes on CD, but they could send them for free... It's tough to get anyone to send you a free CD. I wish someone would step up and do the good deed, and be the good ssmaritan. But yes, because of copyrights, they can't charge, but I would gladly send a couple of my own CDs in return.. My band CDs, some cool stuff there.
  3. Well that's awesome man, how do I start adding people and getting them to add me? I don't literally mean how to add them, because I know how to input the numbers in the Wii... I just mean, in general, how do I get people to participate with the me-adding-them process and them adding me back? I looked in General and didn't see the Wii Numbers thread or something close to that.
  4. I recorded this about 6 months ago and I hadn't really intended it as a remix but then again, I figured hey, why not, right? So here is Terra Darko, my reinvisionment (if thats a word!) of the Terra theme from Final Fantasy VI with a Donnie Darko soundtrack-edge on the piano.... http://yukki.no-ip.org/satanicdirge/brandons/Brandon%20Strader%20-%20Terra%20Darko.mp3 Please let me know if it works. Should I submit this to go through the OCR judging process? It's an old recording, so I won't be making any changes to it.
  5. Well that's really quite lame, my friend! I saw it on TV and they had a massive horde of Miis running through their parade...
  6. Why do the Wii numbers have to be so long instead of being able to have a username for the online stuff? I want to see little guys walking through my Mii parade, but there's never anyone there and I have no Wii friends. I wrote my number down and inserted it into my profile here -- how do I get you guys with Wiis connected to me or whatever? And is it possible that my wireless router is keeping the connections from happening? I have no idea how to set up the Wii for that or whatever...
  7. Well, I've got a copy of Voice of the Lifestream, and Project Chaos... I have up to track 11 on the doom remix project... I don't guess I need Kong or the others except it would be cool to have MP3 versions of the Kirby project. But as a whole, I'm really just interested in the large database of like OCR0001 to OCR1600+... I can still grab some of the other stuff to fill in the holes of my collection! I'd be really thankful if you could help out...
  8. Hey there... Well to be brief, torrents don't work because I'm on a wireless network, and it is incredibly tedious to download each song one at a time. Is there any way someone could send me like, a DVD, with all of the MP3s on it that are in the torrents? I can't use limewire or any kind of direct connect either, except for possibly Trillian file transfers, but I would only be able to do that between 3am and 6am. :-\ So someone please let me know what I can do... if you can guide me through configuring the static IPs and port forwarding for the 3 computers on our network, or maybe you'd be in
  9. Hey zircon, congratulations on finally getting this done! I still regret not being part of it, but of course, I will be able to find a project to work on someday here. I remember, I wanted to do a "Who Am I?" song for it... It's too bad you've not got one of those. I blame myself. But anyway.... This is a great collection. It's a lot to listen to, and I can't honestly say I've heard it all because I've been at college (I downloaded the first 2 discs while I was in class), but the stuff I've heard so far is grand. Some of the techno tracks are, well, techno, but it's still quite nice. Let me k
  10. Jazz is cool, and it doesn't always have to be slow or boring. You could have your solos, and just speed up the song a bit.
  11. Hahah dude, that was incredible! You were sitting there with a tube in your mouth, 'n' stuff. Playing your melody on the synthesizer, eh? What is your equipment you used for this? I think live performances are good - if you've making a mix, you could record yourself doing a guitar solo, or a keyboard part.... Tutorials could also be good, but for what? Hey, if you made a tutorial on how to get your setup to do the robot stuff, I'd watch it... 2nd post in 3 years.
  12. About the YouTube Channel.... err, group? For one thing, I'm a YouTube Nube. I've got one video up there, it's a shredding video, but I'm planning on putting more up as soon as I figure out what to record, musically. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=KY68Ju2rkHU is my video, and no it is not a plug - this is actually the first time I've posted the link somewhere. But anyway, I just joined the group. I think OCR videos could really be cool if they are the way I'm thinking of. It would be cool if people did a "making of" video for their mixes. OF course it wouldn't work for people who just sit the
  13. Hey, yeah... call me inexperienced. How do I find out my User ID?
  14. Eh well he insulted me outright and without cause. What you say makes sense... Yes, there will have to be a lot of effort from all interested parties, it won't just *poof* appear... I personally know the internet collaberation band thing can work, as I've done it myself, passing a 128kbps mp3 back and forth over the internet like a football. But yes, people will have to put lots of effort into this project.
  15. No, I am not new and I need no introduction, and I think your locking of my thread was a blatant misuse of power, so I shall reinvent the bulk of it here. It has come to my attention that there are many good arrangers - meaning people who arrange or program the music - here at ocremix. Indeed, there is much talent and a pretty good sense of musical theory despite a lack of actual performances and such. I think it would be a good, healthy idea for people to start using their musical skills as well as performing skills to create some real, organic music with some humanity in it! No, not anothe
  16. To be completely honest, I thought the song was a bit embarassing. It took around an hour to download it, and I don't regret taking the time to check it out; its a good song, it's your basic pop diva song, but the fact that it was sung by a man kinda freaked me out. I thought the voice sounded a bit like the Incredible Singing Robot, possibly because it was the same person. (Though it sounded less robot-y on this song) It's pretty well put together, maybe a tad repetitive. I give it a 8/10
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