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  1. So some friends of mine conned me into plunging all the way down south (Atlanta!) for some crazy scifi/fantasy Dragon*Con gathering. Was told it'll be a nerdtastic paradise of a good time. Anyone else gonna be there?
  2. I've been sharpening my Terran and Toss 1v1 lately, climbing up my ...Bronze league.
  3. What time is tomorrow's Philadelphia Danger Danger Gallery show? The venue's website only mentions the day. Nor do they have a phone number to contact!
  4. I'm up for it, as long as it's not on the weekend of Aug 20th.
  5. You should, OA, if only to hear Dancing Mad epicness live with your own earlobes. Do it!
  6. FAR too long! I wondered if we'd managed to scare you off, what with your sudden meteoric drop off the map. Go! Go! Go! Go! I think I may indeed go all the way this year... nothing like some nice, nerdy MAG super supporter action.
  7. I'm definitely going to Distant Worlds & Otakon that day. Who is going to the FF concert as well? Hard to tell with both combined in the same topic.
  8. For those who missed it -- sadly, including me -- there's some high quality YouTube-age already up: Enjoy!
  9. Wooooo!! Congrats Steveo and everyone else involved! Must be especially awesome to show it off to the NiGHTS team. Hope they send glowing comments back your way. Anxiously waiting for this torrent to finish so I can get at the gooey musical interior. *bounce bounce bounce*
  10. Sweet, thanks Danimal. Arg, why must I be forced to choose between BitGen -- with even more bands than the other stops! -- and the Distant Worlds concert?!?
  11. It is done! Who here *isn't* a fan of Uematsu, anyway? GTFO
  12. Ah, so Firefox ported over that Chrome feature too! Basically, it's to make tab positions predictable; if you want to close a bunch at once, you can do it *boom* *boom* *boom*. Before, when the tabs would resize after each closing, you'd have to worry about how much the next tab you wanted to close was moved. It should resize them only after you move your mouse cursor off the tab row, that way consistency remains for the entire interaction. If you want gobs of tabs open and still want them to be readable, try the Tree Style Tabs extension.
  13. Stephen, long time no see! After Majestic Mix closed down, I was sure you'd written off video game music for good. Does this mean we'll see more of you around? Oughta at least make it back to MAGFest again... and marvel at how it's changed over the years!
  14. Basically, Firefox is starting to release new versions more frequently. http://makingwindowseasy.com/2011/02/07/new-accelerated-firefox-release-schedule/ Personally, I think it ought to have been a point release (4.1) but Chrome is already up to 12... version number conventions just aren't the same they used to be.
  15. Just realized there's a paid app named "Mp3Gain PRO" that's freeloading on the established name of the original open-source freeware Mp3Gain. Hope you didn't get duped, Flare!
  16. Nothing breaks the bank like a $0 program, eh? More seriously, been a faithful user of MP3Gain for years now. It works (volumetric) wonders!
  17. Thread resurrection, go! Way late, remembered to upload those Scribble Kingdom songs to YouTube: "Color of the Heart" "Let's Return Barefoot" And surely there have been more vocal opinions in the meantime!
  18. It's been a couple years since an official Final Fantasy concert has been around the East/NE coast. Or at least since OCRers have been to one. Just noticed that Distant Worlds is landing next week up in NYC (April 1-2). Anyone planning to taste the symphonic deliciousness in person? Know I'm gonna try.
  19. Found the same thing with Apex in TECHNO cutting off less than halfway through. And just as it was getting so good too! I suppose I could delete that track and insert the MP3 instead. It's just that mixing lossy and lossless makes me all "Ewwww, my food is touching!"
  20. Not sure I'll be makin' it this year. Got folks pestering me to attend DragonCon down in Atlanta, the local anime con Zenkaicon, maybe Otakon, and there's no way I'm missing Playa del Feugo... Not to mention my night school obligations -- starring a brutal technical writing course. (You mean I can't just dream up off-the-wall stories to pass this writing class? Crap!)
  21. How did I miss this? Happy Birthday everybody!
  22. Now, I would've thought it hilarious too, except the Mass Effect series really gets to my inner sci-fi fanboy. Was waiting the whole song to see which melody was covered... yeah, even though it was so obviously a joke song. I should've known!
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