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  1. While I was kinda sad to not feel as social as I did last year, MAG was still more fun than a barrel full of nerds. (Or perhaps it WAS a barrel full of nerds? These things are so hard to tell.) My highlights: - Rob Steele/Animefreak stepping in last minute, giving D-Rux and I a place to stay for Thurs night! - Hearing The Megas perform live, and singing along with "The Quick and the Blue" word-for-word - Learning that Jimmy Hinson's true inspiration after all these years is none other than pop king Justin Bieber - Hearing how DannyB gets PAID to make relatives drunk (for purely artistic purposes of course) - Seeing THE Hikori Kikuta in person and listening to his awesomely new agey whale song. Also, the whole "leave your family" monologue! LOL - Getting coerced into tipsiness by Katie, and subsequently shouting out "we're all just slightly-more-intelligent monkeys!" - Watching DougUltima and Sambubula real-time collab on the ivories (while still tipsy) - Being all "no way, that can't be what I think it is" when Arm Cannon started to play the Star Trek TNG theme! - Dancing like a fool at Danimal's chiptune concert - Hearing new music from The OneUps - Geeking out playing Dominion and Magic The Gathering with fellow OCRers - Meeting someone who had listened to my tiny ffradio.net internet radio station eons ago! - Delicious Thai food, not once, but TWICE The not so great: - No Indian food - Missing Rare Candy's performance - Medley-out-the-arse DoD song falsely advertising ME2 content
  2. Just got the game for Christmas, and haven't had terribly much time to play... but I'm def enjoying it. Hoping to play with fellow OCR folks at some point.
  3. But that's my nature! If you take away my ability to awkwardly worry about how socially awkward I appear, what will I have left?!?!? Seriously though, thanks for the reassurance. I hate making people feel uncomfortable... unintentionally, that is.
  4. I hope you let this guy/girl know they were being a pain, rather than passively enduring. No matter who it was. Don't mean to stereotype or accuse, but I notice that some of the same women who complain about these situations dare not speak up IN the situation itself. Not blaming, just saying a bit more assertiveness can go a long way. Oh, Vinnie and Amy did look slick, no doubt. In my book, 'unusual' or 'odd' does not correlate to 'bad'. Dunno how I feel about a fancy dinner party -- but I must agree, having such a picture from the Fear of Angels brainchild himself.... incredible! It was sweet enough to see him in person and listen to his deep-sea trance.
  5. Awesome, loved that getup. ...and... Hi! I agree, sir. Both in the need to be less hermetic than a certain Ol' Ben, and in the awesomeness of reveling in fellow MAG geekery. I don't usually feel terribly comfortable around people, but MAG's atmosphere definitely lightens the pressure.
  6. Had a great time. Thanks go out to everyone! Was especially enlightening to learn that one of Jimmy's major influences is the king of pop himself, Justin Beiber. I know... It definitely was a tad unusual to see folks at MAG as dressed up like this:
  7. Fair Use Day? *googles* ...dangit! Why didn't I hear about this before? This is exactly my kind of event! Have fun Pez, you'll have to let me know how it went.
  8. Who's got some spare room for a Moguta and D-Rux to crash on Thursday night? (Silly us only got a hotel room from Friday to Sunday.)
  9. This track is on my Android, so either I'm a masochist or a fan. Or both?!? Seriously now, this track contains some pretty drivin' energy. I like its raw rawk. The only issues I have are production - mostly the drums sound like they need to be a little sharper or punchier - and I think the volume intensity could use a little variation. Make the guitars REALLY scream in the finale or something. Overall, solid work. Drum patterns and music varied enough to keep interest, and your production has definitely improved since 2004! (Searching for this song, I found the old VGMix you mention in your submission writeup.) Keep it up!
  10. Unfortunately, I can't say this immediately appeals to me. Don't get me wrong, it's not that the song is bad. Hardly. It's definitely well-structured, and it's got a neat funk. But only pieces manage to really capture my active interest. Lore is probably one of those songs I'll have to repeat a few times to appreciate because I can't immediately tell where it's going. I always like to have my mind stretched though, so thanks for more free music, AeroZ.
  11. Holy carp, this is definitely up there with the most creative symphonic pieces on the site. I don't think there's anything else on OCR quite like it. The intro piano simply gives me shivers. I can just envision the pianists' fingers dancing wildly over the ivories. The whole piece has a very motion-inducing rhythm, helped no doubt by the quick bursts of short notes flying here & there in loopy patterns. And Prototype even emphasizes the dynamics, with instrument swells that breathe vivid life into the work... Color me enthralled.
  12. Man, does sixto ever rock our socks (and boxers?) off. Love how this starts off by having a synthesizer tease us with the melody -- totally expecting the iconic sixto guitar to be the one wailing it out. (But, even the synth tease is pretty damn slick itself.) Then the man finally gives us what we've been waiting for... and quickly doubles it, leaving us drooling at the mouth with synchronized guitar/synth leads. Oh yeah baby. \m/
  13. I could make a horrible pun with the remixer's name, but I'll refrain for everyone's sense of taste. This guy, oddly named Dummy, has a very impressive (and likely just as expensive) batch of orchestral samples. I love orchestral arrangements that sound fresh from the recording studio. And not only does it sound great, but the music itself has a great energy and punch. Unlike many other symphonic mixes on the site, this one is not afraid to show off its low end and treat the ears with loud, deep driving bursts of rhythm. I feel Droids Dream does start to become a bit repetitive by the end, but the strength of everything else outweighs this. Nice work!
  14. This song has some jaw-dropping production slickness. Also have to echo the props re: groovy drum rhythm. Is vertexguy the new sixto? Tune in to the next edition of OCR Shore to find out! The only real weakness to this is its repetitive nature. But, fortunately, at just a bit over 2 minutes, and with the wankin' solo near the end, it doesn't wear out its welcome. In fact, I believe this would fit quite awsomely as the HDRemix opener -- if only AE and Prozax had not absolutely outdone themselves with Clamato Fever. Good job vertex dude!
  15. Big fan of this track. It was one of my absolute favorites from the Tales album, and this modified version does not disappoint either. While some may pick on the occasional awkward lyrical pace, I admire this mix for the obvious infusion of emotion. Whether you like this mix or not, the listener can tell that Prophet sings these words and swings his saxes with a personal passion. Also a fan of the wide echo/reverb used here, creating a very ethereal atmosphere.
  16. "M4 Part II (Faunts)" from Mass Effect This is the game that reignited my passion for games with immersive scifi storytelling. And this song is no less inspiring. M4 Part II's electropop stands in stark contrast to the heavy electronic/symphonic rest of the soundtrack. And it's a highly appropriate contrast, a gentle -- not bombastic -- lifting of the burdens that the game throws on your character quick and hard. "Color of the Heart" & "Let's Return Barefoot" from Garakuta Masterpiece Theater: Scribble Kingdom Can't find vids on YouTube, will have to upload myself... EDIT: Color of the Heart: and Let's Return Barefoot: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=p2Ehk_BTPO8 "Beautiful Woman of Alent" from Grandia No lyrics, but the hauntingly somber air of this song captivates me. "Lovely Strains" from Soukaigi A lesser-known Square song, I just love the delicate vocals and the dynamics that make this orchestral piece more of a journey through feeling than a still portrait of emotion. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=zpuGNH75pUc "Reset" from Okami While I hope this is no one's first contact with this lovely piece, just couldn't help but include it. Particularly enjoy the ebb and flow intensity in this Jpop-ish gem. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=mkPdDvhOEaE "Kokoro" from Xenosaga Popular Square song, yeah yeah, guilty pleasure. Celtic pipes + Emotive vocals = Defenses breached http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=nZ6ABV_Q9qU "Megalith -Agnus Dei-" from Ace Combat 4 This piece is one of the most powerful uses of choir in VGM. Strong orchestra, loud vocals, and a driving electro-beat make this a classic in my book. (Also, my upload of this video somehow became the most popular YouTube vid of the song... despite having a grand total of eight YT vids. Yeah, go figure.) http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=8R_tIUyvsRc "Room of Angel" from Silent Hill 4 Creepy, haunting lyrics with oddly calming music. <3
  17. I could pretend to be offended by the motivational forces at work here, but instead... Why is OA the only one doing it rite? Deia's has magically switching wardrobes, and SHE EVEN GAINED SOME COVERAGE! Going from sockless to fully-socked? That's just cruel.
  18. The movie was supercute. There's nothing like a troupe of dancing mercenaries. Three thumbs up. (Two regular, one mutant.)
  19. Just downloaded and wanted to say: Big thanks to whoever already put the FLACs through ReplayGain! I've always had to do that myself for OCR albums. Hopefully the music will show as much attention to detail!
  20. Mr. D-Rux and I will be driving down from Wilmington, DE (near Philly).
  21. Ailsean, Prozax, and Harmony. Well, actually we know what these guys are doing. Unfortunately, it doesn't involve cranking out more OC ReMixes! For real: Rimco, mv, and Destiny. Doomed -- Rimco's mix -- is one of my absolute favorite older ReMixes. So plaintive. And mv is a master of the smooth groove. He should've stuck around longer. Destiny, too. Quite an expressive vocalist/songwriter. Where'd you guys go?!? Awww. I still have and enjoy your Corneria and Booster's Tower VGMixes! Sad to hear you've given up. What are you talking about? ziwtra's latest ReMix was only 7 months ago! Considering he's only done 16 remixes over 8 years, that seems about par. We should be due for another soon.
  22. I'm always up for some TSO. And come on out ye lurkers! I know there be more than us.
  23. 10:30 sounds fine. You guys realize the "don't swim after eating" thing is just a really persistent wives' tale, right?
  24. Will likely be bringing along a friend, too.
  25. Just saw this last night and LOVED it! There was so much geek that resonated in all the right ways. The gay humor was awesome too. Not like we're fans of homoerotic humor around here or anything. >.> <.< Zelda was all over that movie. From the omnipresent Triforce to the "You got a new item" sound effect to the harp arpeggio that began the film.
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