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  1. Turns out I'm unexpectedly free after all. Will bring vegetarian enchilada dish... and perhaps someone too, if their schedule permits...
  2. Yeah, this is for a technical writing English course. I could've put more effort into this, but only my teacher and classmates will be viewing it. By the way, 9 & 10 are supposed to be a little silly. It helps if I can have a little fun with these things. Thanks to everyone who responded! And to the constructive critics, too.
  3. I don't mean to nitpick... but I'm not sure a song that existed nearly 80 years before Fallout 3 really counts as video game music. Though I have to say, it would be pretty sweet to hear that performance! Where do you live, sir? At the very heart of VGM itself?!?
  4. OCR and rollercoasters all in one? Hells YES I'm making this. Awesome idea Arrow! And I agree, Sunday seems the better day.
  5. This is extraordinarily difficult for me to narrow down to just one game. I was attracted to music from games well before I discovered soundtracks and remixes via Napster. The first soundtrack that I actually sought out on the internet was Final Fantasy VII. Boy was I surprised to find several orchestral songs show up in my Napster search! That led me to discover FF7 Reunion Tracks & FF8 Orchestral. What really confused me, though, was another Napster-acquired vocal track called "The Promised Land". It didn't seem like it had any melodic connection to FF7. A good while later, after venturing further into the VGM world, I found the exact same song on the Pray album as a FF2 arrangement... and like so many other P2Pers, realized I was a victim of the ever-so-common plague of mislabeling. But even before then I was attracted to many games' music. The first would have to be one of these: TMNT, Sky Shark, Zelda, Mega Man 2, Contra, or Double Dragon. Hell if I can remember which. Though I distinctly remember humming the Double Dragon theme like only an obsessed little boy could... So maybe I'll go with that.
  6. Thanks guys! This'll be most helpful. Also, I edited the first post for clarity. (Silly vBulletin removing my spacing!) Any other takers?
  7. Ahoy all. Some of you may know me, some not. (Mostly those who've been to any East Coast OCR meet-ups.) But either way, I'd really appreciate just a minute or two of your time to answer this short survey about net neutrality. It's going to a good cause -- my education! Feel free to post or PM answers. Any comments, lemme know! How important is it to you that the internet is generally the same experience, no matter what broadband provider you use to access it? a) Very important Somewhat important c) A little important d) Not at all important . How would it affect your overall internet experience if, depending on your broadband provider, certain content and applications performed better/quicker, and others performed worse/slower? a) Very negatively Negatively c) Neutral / Not sure d) Positively e) Very positively . How would it affect your overall internet experience if, depending on your broadband provider, certain content and applications were totally inaccessible, and others performed MUCH better? a) Very negatively Negatively c) Neutral / Not sure d) Positively e) Very positively . How competitive are broadband prices in your area? a) Very competitive Competitive c) Neutral / Not sure d) Not competitive e) Not at all competitive . How many broadband providers can you choose from for home computer access? a) One Two c) Three d) Four e) Five or more . Think of the fastest broadband available to your home. How many other broadband providers offer similar speeds to your residence (within a few Mbps)? a) None One c) Two d) Three e) Four or more . Which practices do you think to-the-home ISPs should not be allowed to engage in? Choose all that apply. a) Prioritizing selected low-latency apps such as voice, video, or games Selling content- and application-providers higher priority access c) De-prioritizing applications and content that don't pay a fee d) Blocking applications and content of their choice . On privacy grounds, what do you think of ISPs classifying and prioritizing the types of internet content you send and receive? a) Doesn't involve privacy one bit Could possibly violate privacy c) Definitely a privacy violation d) Stop peeking into my packets! . Which best describes your relationship with computers in general? a) Avoider of the intertubes Novice uncertain where to find the “any key” c) Typical casual user d) Eager enthusiast e) Jaded expert . How familiar are you with the technical workings of the internet? a) You mean that blue “e” icon? I've read a little. c) I can ping a server! d) Which layer? e) I speak in TCP/IP.
  8. Curious, is your forum name a tribute to the PC game Ascendancy, or something else entirely? I ask because Ascendancy had some pretty neat relaxing music, which can be found with a little bit of Googling.
  9. Seriously? Aww, that's kinda cute!
  10. Happy fan-frickin-tastic birthday, Flika-licka!
  11. 1. LeChuck 2. Guybrush Threepwood 3. Companion Cube
  12. Moguta

    District 9

    LOL, are you serious? So did I. This Sunday. The very day you necro-ed the thread. My psychically-linked long lost twin has been found?!? More than glad I saw it. The lack of explanation for so many things left me wanting a deeper story... but all in all, the unique premise made it worthwhile. Also, those who say the movie is racist: LOL. Yeah dude, that's half the point.
  13. If you do have a joystick, you can always try this remade classic: http://privateer.sourceforge.net/
  14. Awww, 4th of July, seriously? Already have Independence Day party plans.
  15. Moguta

    Memorial Day

    Remember -- always -- the fallen soldiers.
  16. I wonder what exactly is meant by this. Is this OCReMix somehow different than the track in the FF4 project album? Or was the original MP3 encoding broken in some subtle way? That aside, awesome song. Soundscape could've used some dynamic relief at points, but it's a small gripe.
  17. Sweet! Larry, will there be a list of updated songs after this is done?
  18. No kidding. Ailsean's earliest mixes were the standout cream of the crop when I encountered OCR. Final Ecstasy was the first song to make me appreciate the sound of a wailing electric guitar! Wish I could remember exactly how or when I first came here. Must've been either 2000 or 2001. Either I found OCR via Project Majestic Mix, or Project Majestic Mix via OCR. Heh, I still have several copies of PMM: A Tribute to Nobuo Uematsu sitting around. Now PMM is dead, OneUp Studios was spawned, and OCR draws hundreds-strong panels at all sorts of nerd cons. Change!
  19. Frank, you really have come a long way. This stuff is awesome. Keep groovin', dude. And when are you gonna make it back to MAGFest anyway?
  20. Coming soon: The Federal Electinator. I, for one, welcome our new robot overlords.
  21. Ladies and gentlemen, Out of the brilliance of this A.S.S., I think we now know how Skyblazer was composed. Also, more on-topic: Best rendition of the macarina. Evar.
  22. Indeed, the entire panel did manage to make it onto Dave's HD camcorder. As to the quality of said recording... eheh... I did my best. We'll see.
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