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  1. Listened again, and I wish I could get past it... But that reverb sounds way too echo-happy to my ears, like a free "small bright room" preset. If it were softer, I'd probably really dig this (and the project title song)! :/ I love the idea!
  2. As a BethSoft fan since Daggerfall, must say this news feels underwhelming. Remember when they tried experimenting with Battlespire and Redguard? No? Probably because those were the first and the last games in the Elder Scrolls Legend and Elder Scrolls Adventure "series". Though I still harbor a sliver of hope that maybe this'll be more than your average MMORPG.
  3. "Genesis of Destruction" from the FF4 OCR album was quite a worthy shot at symphonic metal. But as others have already said, it's a hard genre to perfect.
  4. Whoa, props dude! That's quite the difficult find!
  5. Here's a ZUNTATA soundtrack that's really different: Not ZUNTATA, but just surreal:
  6. Yes. But it'd have to be pretty ingenious to avoid any regulation that affects the current internet. And its adoption would be even slower than the original. Making a second internet was bandied about when telecoms were talking about setting up toll booths for websites to access us broadband subscribers. In that case, a second differently run internet is all that would be needed. But a law that regulates wide-area networks of computers (the internet) would affect EVERY internet. The bold part of the OP just goes to show, once again, they're trying to regulate technology without knowing how it functions... *sigh*
  7. Stigmatized? I do roll in some pretty open-minded circles, but the childfree women I've known are not outcasts. They all have plenty of friends, those with child and without. As a man, I've caught flak for choosing not to have kids.
  8. Highly agree. The production, performance, and musicianship are off the charts. (Can't speak for the arrangement, don't know the original.) Audio Fidelity and Jenny Davis should feel proud to have made a track that would feel right at home on any professionally arranged album. Sounds like the lovechild of Kentaro Haneda's & Hiroyuki Namba's Suikoden arrange albums, to be honest! Also gotta hand out love for OA's cheery SaGa Frontier 2 track. Despite hearing too much of the melody lately (my media player seems to like the Piano Pieces and SQ Cafe versions), "Shimmering" still managed to hold my interest. I enjoy the electronic-ballad style that OA has down... now with even more delicious crunchy drum patterns!™ Vampire Hunter Dan seems to work well under restraint, as I dare say his string-only arrangement turned out quite beautifully. Hope he tries more pieces that are less than full orchestra! Piano trio plz? *pleading puppy eyes* And gotta love the energy behind Scaredsim & OA's rockin' Ys arrangement. This kind of electro-sympho-acousto-metal steals my heart.
  9. Try Ascendancy. It's a classic empire-building game from MS-DOS days, retrofitted for iDevices. Likely more complex than other portable games, but who knows, that might be your thing. http://itunes.apple.com/us/app/ascendancy/id412523782?mt=8
  10. Sweet album, and appreciate all the hard work! It's obvious that a lot of work went into this song as well. So it frustrates me to say that I can't get into the vocals here. I'm not sure exactly what it is -- I'm no professional singer like Jill -- but they just don't seem to sit right. It's a shame, because I love DA & OA's "Eminence Grise" to death, so I know these two can hit all the right spots! Also, the reverb choice mystifies me. I understand it's supposed to simulate a tavern, so wide expansive soundscapes wouldn't be appropriate. Still, it sounds too harsh and echo-prone for my ears. Wish I could get into this title track more, because the lyrics are adorable, and it's such a great remix idea. Thanks for bringing this album to fruition! And don't think musical perfection is expected, least of all from efforts in your free time with no $ compensation. Keep on growin and challenging yourselves!
  11. I used to be absolutely anal-retentive about the mix tags. 'Course, that was back when I had an MP3-CD player that could only display 12 chars at a time. Now I don't bother so much. All mixes in one big folder (with subfolders for albums, since they come in their own folders anyway). Winamp searches the tags if I need to find anything.
  12. Yo dude, wondered what had happened to ya! Welcome back! No Taucer Olympics yet, but who knows about his kids. I suppose it'd be a slight bit short-notice to see you at MAGFest tomorrow.
  13. Thanks! Bringing a couple gamer friends to MAG this year, and while they don't have much exposure to VGM, being the evangelist I am... Think you can see where this is going.
  14. This is really awesome, Harmony. You should definitely submit it someday! I really think OCR could use more vocal mixes with a deeper meaning like this.
  15. A little off-topic... Is there a thread specifically listing all vocal OCReMixes? I couldn't find any. Halp plz!
  16. Sorry to revive a dead thread, but I was searching the forum and stumbled across this. Any headway been made on this album? Seemed like an awesome idea, despite the legal trip-ups.
  17. So... any feedback from those actually playing the official release? The SW geek in me is really curious about this.
  18. Added my number. See y'all there!
  19. Congrats guys! Heard Andy was composing, but no idea Jill and Kikuta were involved too. Sha-weet!
  20. Another vote for DJ Mokram's revisions. Excellent editing! (With a mouse 'instrument')
  21. Also, talk to anyone with synesthesia. Blended senses make for a really interesting musical experience.
  22. The production quality on this tops the original, but I really don't think there can be any replacement in my heart for the spirit of the first Juese. <3
  23. That's about an entirely different bill, sir.
  24. I work right by railroad tracks, and at first it felt like a freight train was about to roll on by. After several long moments wondering where exactly the train was, and the vibrations increasing in strength, I knew *something* unusual was going on. When the cars in the parking lot began to shake in front of me, it dawned on me that yes this really was an earthquake. Echoing previous posts, it really did feel weird -- not at all what I expected a quake to be like.
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