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  1. 744 here. So, okay - most of this remix is already done, but I need feedback on production/mixing. I have a limited set of speakers/headphones on which to really listen to this, but at the moment it sounds pretty good to my self-taught ears. I'd like to know: - if overall the arrangement is too close to the source - if the kick is too powerful and the compressor is pumping too much -- even though this is more a stylistic choice, I don't want to go overboard - if any other parts are hard to hear, overpowering, or are muddy. I'm not great at getting each component to sound separat
  2. Here's a new and improved version. I made an attempt to fix up the drums (especially adding some subwoofer frequencies to the kick), extended the Stickerbush section, switched to a different piano patch that is brighter without losing tone, added an actual ending instead of the lazy fadeout, messed with compression a bit in an attempt to make things sound more full, and tweaked panning.
  3. Mashup of Aquatic Ambiance from Donkey Kong Country and Stickerbush Symphony from DKC2 done in a heavy synthwave style. It's not just a simple medley as both themes borrow elements from the other. The entire track was assembled mostly from memory, so things might not be 100% accurate to the actual thing, but reasonably close? Both tracks are really well-known, oft-remixed David Wise pieces, but I haven't seen anything done quite like this. I'm not the best with production/mastering so I'd love some feedback on that. Direct link to mix (mp3) Direct link to mix (uncompressed WAV)
  4. So I used to play Top Gear to death as a kid, and its composer Barry Leitch used heavy arpeggio and really influenced my own style, when I think about it. I was in the mood this time for some overcompressed dance music and this particular theme from the first track of the game (or each four-race country cup in the game) happened to be stuck in my head. Mostly I left the original tune intact, except for some artistic license here and there; I added harmony when there wasn't before, a little pitch bend at times as an accent, kind of embellished on the original percussion track, and I tried to m
  5. This deserved to be accepted. The ambient, foresty/foggy, semi-R&B, downtempo vibe is definitely the kind of thing I've been into lately. It's tough to take a classic David Wise track that is already amazing, and make it better than the original, and you did. I've added this to my driving-to-work playlist.
  6. I made some changes to overall balance, did a lo-fi drum track thing to help add some momentum to the slower sections and the break, added some subtle sweeps for some additional depth, a tiny bit of glitchiness, and really went overboard with automation. This one might be my final. Maybe. Draft 8
  7. Thanks for the feedback. I haven't paid a ton of attention to the energy of the track nor done an exhaustive production pass on it yet. I'm going to redo the drum tracks from scratch and come up with a new bass line and try to get it to contrast better with the breaks. edit: Draft 7 with new bassline and percussion, and production pass (I skipped a bunch of revisions already) Regarding production - it may still need some more work; I have a bit of hearing damage in my left ear from working in audio for years and it's not helping me. If anything this one might be fun to play i
  8. One over-a-month-long silence later and I'm back with another draft of this thing. It's more 90s now and is based on the level where the lights keep flickering on and off; the intensity of the track also alternates between intensity and darkness. Draft 2
  9. Just something I started on a couple weeks ago. I like the Fear Factory theme from DKC a lot and I've been on an 80s kick lately. I dunno. Could use a bit more variety I suppose? Link to WIP (old, see newest post) Original theme
  10. This mix is very early on at the time of this post and is actually missing some things I wanted to do with it, but I'd also like to know if it's really worth pursuing. This is actually a project that's been sitting on my hard drive in various forms (all of them very unfinished) since around 2009, I think? I feel like it needs some countermelody right now; being locked into the same chord progression the whole track is kind of boring, it's WAY too close to the original piece in a lot of ways, and production hasn't even been addressed yet other than some really basic compression and EQing. After
  11. I was commissioned to create a soundtrack for an RTS game called Iris Burning; there's not a ton of info out about it right now, but it's an RTS game set on an alien planet where different corporations fight over resources. It's like a hybrid of SimCity and Starcraft to some extent. Let me know if it's any good? I'm not really asking for a purchase, just a hearing. http://744music.bandcamp.com/album/iris-burning-soundtrack
  12. This post is kind of rambling and disorganized, please bear with me! .-. I'm still pretty new to OCRemix, far from being a professional, and make music in my spare time, but I've spent thousands of hours using Logic. Don't underestimate what you can do with Logic Pro X's built-in plugins; they are extremely powerful. Sure, some of the presets might sound pretty synthetic and cheesy at first, but that's where clever manipulation of MIDI parameters and EQing come in. You can get some pretty great results using the expression and modulation parameters alone for some of the built in orchestr
  13. In case something goes weird with Dropbox again, here is the link to the final mix.
  14. I did bring that bass drum hit down as well as applied some significant compression in an attempt to even things out some without losing too much perceived dynamic contrast (I have the privilege to run live music on an almost weekly basis and if there's one thing I love it's dynamic contrast.) Overall it's been boosted ~3.5dB without clipping. I've just kinda ... overwritten the file in my dropbox. c: @Uffe von Lauterbach I'm going to go with your title, Frozen Mourning fits perfectly. Thanks for the suggestion!
  15. Thank you for the kind words! Unfortunately I think it might be too late to adjust the title, but in the future if I submit anything I'll be consulting a multilingual thesaurus.
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