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  1. If it's not taken - Sign me up for Chapter Seven Dragon Warrior (Iwata worked on localizing Dragon Quest to bring it to America)
  2. Intro for the mix I'm finishing up - still haven't mastered - and I may add a change/transition.
  3. as an fyi to those reading the request
  4. I'll be making updates to the main thread as I add instruments. If you're a remixer who takes a song, feel free to suggest an instrument for that stage if it's not already assigned.
  5. Tetris Attack Album This was a great game I played with my wife when we first got married nearly 20 years ago. The original album project was set up at that time and I had accepted 3 songs. The original thread is still around and there was plenty of interest at that time. The songs I worked on I did a lot of it when I was sent to Louisiana for Hurricane Katrina relief (I built/maintained the supporting software for various gov't agencies, like power, rebuilding roofs, etc). It was here that I had a lot of time (no internet, very little power except through the RV as there were no hotels) and being alone at night I just wrote music (3 songs). In any case, I loved these songs and I wanted to put them towards the album - it was abandoned so I decided to start a new one. I'm looking for people interested and will ask to move this to the album thread if I get enough interest. I'm also thinking of possibly doing more puzzle game albums depending on how this one turns out. I plan on programming the website - though I may recruit some highschoolers/college students (friend's kids) looking for experience to add to their resume. Positions Recruiting: Remixers / Musicians Art Rules: Each song has a core instrument/style of play to represent the character and its critical/panic. It is encouraged to use this instrument in creative ways throughout the piece (or versions of it). For example, a prepared piano or different types of pianos within the piece. The instrument needs to be a main part of the song in some way shape or form as it is to be highlighted. If the song is "bass", just having a bass isn't enough - it needs to be celebrated. What is an example of critical/panic vs normal? Raphael the Raven (Lunar) stage and the panic/critical stage would both be a violin. The normal stage would be playful violin but the panic/critical would be a horror violin style. The actual genre of music could be anything as long as the normal stage has a positive vibe and the panic stage has an aggressive/panicked vibe. Panic can just be fast or a fast paced song/style/genre. It doesn't mean over the top aggressive. How do I know what instrument is to be highlighted? I'll clearly add a list of each instrument corresponding to each character/stage below - though this is currently in progress. What if I want to highlight a different instrument? If both Normal and Panic stages are not taken, you can request a certain instrument to be featured (if we think it's a good fit, we'll change it). Contacts: Directors: Xaleph, Zack Parrish Sources: https://downloads.khinsider.com/game-soundtracks/album/tetris-attack https://www.zophar.net/music/nintendo-snes-spc/tetris-attack Track List: Available (14) Not Started (6) In Progress (4) In Progress > 80% final touches (0) Ready to Master (1) Total: 24 [instrument featured] Demo / Lip’s Stage [Drum Kit] - Normal Stage Mel Decision - Critical Stage Yoshi Stage - Normal Stage Geoffrey Taucer - Critical Stage Breeze Stage 1 (Lakitu) (Windy) [Voice] - Normal Stage Souperion - Critical Stage Cyril Glacial Stage 2 (Bumpty) (Sherbert) [Trumpet / other high brass] - Normal Stage Wassup Thunder (80%) - Critical Stage Forest Stage 3 (Poochy) (Thiana) [Acoustic Guitar] - Normal Stage The Vodoú Queen (Acoustic/Slap Bass) - Critical StageThe Vodoú Queen & Xaleph (5%) Flower Stage 4 (Flying Wiggler) (Ruby) [Flute] - Normal Stage - Critical Stage Water Stage 5 (Froggy) (Elias) [Piano] - Normal Stage Emunator (90%) - Critical Stage Xaleph (75%) Blaze Stage 6 (Gargantua Blargg) (Flare) [Bass] - Normal Stage - Critical Stage Moebius Sea Stage 7 (Lunge Fish) (Naris) [Mallet? Dulcimer? Clav? Rhodes? Pads? - unsure] - Normal Stage Thirdkoopa - Critical Stage Xaleph (75%) Lunar Stage 8 (Raphael the Raven) (Seren/Selene) [Violin] - Normal Stage - Critical Stage Xaleph and pointblanket (done) Boss Stage (Hookbill the Koopa, Naval Piranha & Kamek) [Cello] - Normal Stage Zack Parrish - Critical Stage Bowser's Stage (Bowser) [Low Brass] - Normal Stage - Critical Stage Other songs are optional though I recommend you check out Encounter with Bowser as it's pretty awesome.
  6. Amazing job everyone. Quick POSITIVE feedback. Categories - initially (when I first read the project announcement years ago), I wasn't sure how much I liked the Calm | Crazy | Goofy categories but I thought it was unique and interesting but it felt like a gimmick. I now stand corrected, it adds so much to the album and I really really love these categories. Seeing how each genre fits perfectly in the category interpretation... it's BRILLIANT and I really hope to see this concept used again in future albums. Listening Party - I know it's kind of a new thing we were playing with but it's definitely the way to go. Not sure how to best market it but it definitely built up the hype. Great decision here. Collaborations - the amount of collaborations (as was mentioned by @Liontamer and others last night) is truly amazing. It further improves the community and honestly makes the quality of the songs fantastic. In no way am I criticizing previous albums (which I'm an artist in many) when I say that this album is easily a 10/10 This is particularly impressive given the number of songs on the album. Again, great job everyone!
  7. Lots of great content - https://www.zophar.net/music/sega-mega-drive-genesis/gaiares I really liked level 8, boss 3 and boss 4. No midis for those on vgmusic - but it shouldn't be too bad to play by ear. I may give a shot at one of those. Choosing the whole game is a great move imo.
  8. If nobody has pirates ahoy I’ll take it. My son started a mix of it, I’ll finish it with him.
  9. This is still one of my favorite remixes. If you haven't listened to it - I highly recommend it. The synth work, the energy, the transitions - everything is spot on and it's a lot of fun to listen to!
  10. I absolutely loved this remix - composition and performance are amazing. Thank you!
  11. Since this was written, Reason supports VST3. It costs $499 ($199.00 upgrade, $299 for teachers/students). They have a more expensive version called Reason+ which comes with a ton of features $19.99/month. The DAW marketshare changes often - you typically want to find something that has a lot of support, reasonable features, is relatively cheap, and has longevity (something that will be around for a long time). The benefit of something like FL and Reason is that it comes with a lot of features you can use without having to buy a ton of extra VSTs. I'm tempted to swap to Ableton Live as I use it often for various groups - I just have a hard time stomaching the $749 cost for Suite (I'd want Operator if I bought it for personal use). Reason isn't bad - I was burnt by Cubase (v4 was not a great version to try to swap to). I rely more and more on VSTs (Serum and others), but the Reason upgrade cost is relatively cheap compared to $749. I just don't find Reason bad or different enough (anymore - you can look for my old posts) to warrant the switch. If I were starting out and hand $1-2k for software, I'd get Ableton Live with a few choice VSTs (instruments, fx I like, and some mastering). If I had $2k to blow now - I'd probably spend it on a new studio speakers/monitors, mics, or other audio gear... not a new DAW.
  12. What @Liontamer said is spot on (it's an excellent summary/compilation) - I've built teams for small (10+) and very large companies (45k-100k). Some years I'll interview just 4-5 people, other years I've interviewed 180-250 (roughly 5-8 immediately after a workday). I'd be more than glad to provide more details what we look for in interviews. Competency and portfolios are important, but there are general characteristics that I look for that are more important than a perfect score for competency. I take interviewing incredibly seriously and I'm particularly picky as the wrong person can wreck your team/mission. If you're team building, I can tell you what works and what doesn't - happy to share (just don't have a ton of time to write up something as awesome as @Liontamer - discord for me is probably easier).
  13. Tetris Attack Project Post I put together some teasers as I do want to release some of these on OCR once I'm done with them. Lunar Panic Sea Panic Water Panic If someone wants to lead the tetris attack project - I'd be willing to finish these up and maybe do another one or two. I have fond memories of the game as I played a ton with my wife when she was pregnant / young mother with my two kids (who are now grown up). I started these songs when I was deployed to help out with the Hurricane Katrina relief (I worked the power software used to restore energy - and we did it really fast, worked through the night to get schools/hospitals restored). Needless to say - they're super old and would need rework to have better samples/structure/etc and I'd probably rewrite most of them (as I layout below). Lunar Panic Plans: Most of my better remixes are usually darker and fast, which is why I chose the panics (though Sea and Water I find to be more relaxing). Here is an example of a recently completed mix (which is where Lunar is likely to go): Sea and Water Panic Plans: I was planning on doing something a little lighter - I'm not really sure where I was going to go with some of them (One of them I 3 minutes of work, but I'd probably re-do it). Tempted to do Lo-Fi or do a Armin van Buuren style techno - or something like The Last Firefly:
  14. I'm running Sennheiser HD 600 for headphones. I'm looking to get monitors - I appreciate your post Master Mi ?
  15. There was a project years ago I wrote 3 songs for and it was canceled. If someone started it back up again, I’d submit those 3 songs.
  16. I may extend this as it's due today. I remixed Thomas the Tank Engine in a minor/dim key in a 90s industrial style, just touching up mastering/mixing.
  17. Halloween 2022 Competition (ARHC1) | Compoverse (thasauce.net) It's that time of the year again, folks. The leaves are starting to turn orange, the air is getting cooler and everyone's favorite holiday is just around the bend! Halloween! And what better way to celebrate Halloween than with a remixing competition? That's right, it's time for the Anime Remix Halloween Remixing Competition! For Halloween: the song must be done in a Dark Mood/Style What is a dark mood? Well, for one thing, it's not anything that sounds happy. Think something along the lines of these adjectives: Evil, Angry, Mournful, Sad, Terrifying, etc. Happy hardcore entries will be rejected at the gate. ;). This doesn't really limit you too much. You have a variety of options ranging from dark trance to metal to solo piano pieces to gregorian chant (I'd like to hear that). Anything that sounds "dark" is acceptable. The HRC begins on October 11th The HRC ends on October 23rd Rules The rules for the compo are simple: No plagiarism Songs should fit the theme of the Holiday (as described in the competition) Songs should be based on an animated film soundtrack that originated in that film. Songs should be based on content that is age appropriate (avoid adult movies) Songs will need to be uploaded on Thasauce in order to get votes Moderators - if it's not appropriate for this to be here, feel free to remove (No hurt feelings) ❤️ I was hesitant to post there here before my trip last Friday. Coming back, I figured it would be fun to post some of the Halloween events for the community.
  18. You can get some pretty close sounding guitar sounds from a simple wav instrument and using really good guitar effects vstis. I have 2 electric, 3 accoustic - and if I use a very simple serum setting (or other more basic saw/triangle synth), with https://www.native-instruments.com/en/products/komplete/guitar/guitar-rig-6-player/ (which is free - I use it with my guitars) - it sounds pretty close to the real thing. I sometimes do this as a place holder before actually playing it with the guitar to see if it "fits" before recording. If you tweak it enough, (velocity settings, and some other synth manipulation), you could make it harder to determine if it's authentic. I don't have a bass, so I recently did this to make it sound like a metal bass guitar. The fake bass with the live guitars, it sounds spot on. Now I just need to get better at playing guitar ?
  19. Looking at relaunching this in about 3 weeks (less depending on technology decisions and if I can finish this one song). We'll be hosting a compo as well during the relaunch. If anyone has any anime or cartoon remixes they're sitting on or if they want to throw something together in the next 2-3 weeks, submit them soon so we can put them up on the site. I'll be on our discord if you want to reach out (https://discord.gg/NSWpWmfqxq).
  20. Right, I meant it teaches core fundamentals that can be used by almost any language. Sorry for the misunderstanding, I can see how I wrote that poorly.
  21. Python is a great gateway language. We currently use php ( framework is slimphp ) and typescript. We are looking at changing the backend language eventually when I move the site to AWS. I’ll reach out to you on discord. I’m still looking at an August/September relaunch.
  22. I'm planning on relaunching, I've rewritten the front end, backend, and migrated data to a more consistent format. We also have several songs ready for the launch scheduled in the late summer / early fall. I'll likely need technical help on the software side, finding such help has been difficult.
  23. I added a lot to it - haven't finished it yet....

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