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  1. candy candy is my wife's favorite anime, or at least one of them ^^
  2. Hey, Just a reminder (I imed KyleJCrb a few weeks ago) that I'd love to help out if someone has to drop out of the project. -dj carbunk1e
  3. Reason 3.0.4 has been released and fixes some serious issues that prevented many songs to be rendered properly as well as other pretty serious issues. I highly suggest you upgrade to 3.0.4.
  4. Great Reason tutorial on Combinators. Although I already figured most of this out, I think it's very important to understand when dealing with Combinators. http://digitalmedia.oreilly.com/pub/a/oreilly/digitalmedia/2005/08/03/combinator.html?page=1
  5. I couldn't resist posting as well when he referred to my collab with Carbunk1e, even though I wasn't really involved much with the project as a whole. Carby just said to me "DOOOOOOOOOOOM!" And I was like "DOOOOOOOOOM?" And he was like "DOOOOOOOOOOM." And then there came my contribution. just like that 8bit did a great job on the guitar, regardless of what these jokers say.
  6. I'm going to have to drop out of this project as I don't have time. - I just moved from one apartment to the other (and we're still finalizing the leasing papers which should be done in 2-3 weeks). - My wife is expecting, and as the date draws near, I'm finding less time to sit down and write music. - I'm trying to manage my website/projects and it's taking more time than I had anticipated. I apologize for not doing this sooner: I didn't see this thread for a while. If by November or December no one takes the vega pieces, I would be more than glad to work on them.
  7. Also, the font seems a bit too bubbly If you used just a simple thin font, it may look good. I love the designs btw, I think you're doing an excellent job =D
  8. I cannot possibly measure how much I love this song. The entire ambient feel, the catchy lyrics, and the morose melody speaks to my heart. These are one of those songs that I'll never get tired of listening to. This is a must download to anyone who enjoys music.
  9. Anyways, I finally got a response on this. It is a 3.0.3 problem specifically. Prop is working on fixing this issue amongst other bugs reported. For now, composers must work around this combination of devices (Subtractor->2Matrix->Scream4) -dj carbunk1e
  10. Without rewire compatibility there wouldn't be a way to link them, if that's what you're asking. But if you mean using them both at the same time, that should not be a problem depending on what soundcard you have. What most reason users do is import the audio file in reason via NNXT (treat it as a sample) and just hold the note in the reason piano roll for however long the audio file is. It's not the most graceful solution, but it does work quite well. Edit: I'm using Reason 2.5. I'm not sure how Reason 3 changes any of my above statements, if any. you could also use recycle to break it up into beats and import into reason as a rex file. This gives you more 'mixing stylistic' possibilities like repeats/stuttering etc.
  11. One of my old songs, when rendered, produced this nasty screatchy sound. I was curious as to what the issue was. I finally narrowed down the issue to a combination of 3 devices. If I put a matrix on a subtractor (gate & cv) and another matrix on the same subtractor (mod & volume) and then I put a scream 4 on the subtractor, when I render I get massive feedback that isn't apparent in the playback (in reason 3.0.3) I've been able to re-create this in a very simple song, I looked through the first few pages of the forums and didn't see any solution to this issue and was curious if anyone else stumbled accross the same issue. the result mp3 sounds like this: http://www.animeremix.org/Carbunk1e/download.php?song=Clank2.mp3
  12. Just a FYI, I re-mastered the song just out of curiosity and it sounds a bit fuller. You can check it out here note: I did it on my laptop which has limited bass frequencies. sorry if it's a bit too much, I can always change it later
  13. WIP update for those interested =) http://www.animeremix.org/Carbunk1e/download.php?song=PhobosAnomaly3.mp3
  14. I finally got some of the samples from ryan8bit a week ago or so and I've been working on the piece. Now it's just a matter of time (between my self assessment at work, buying a house, having a baby, working through the marriage, and preparing for my business trip coming up). Hopefully I can tweak what I have and at least give a deliverable this weekend. The final piece won't be for another week or 2.
  15. Also, you should set your settings for your operating system to "Adjust for best performance". System Properties>Advanced>Performance Options (in win xp) Also, reduce your sample rate and buffer size if everything else fails (in reason, edit properties>audio) And of course all the other things the other posters said.
  16. I plan on changing the name of my song btw, I'm not what to, but I don't like the current name. =D
  17. I've been able to get several minute long samples into nn 19 and into the redrummer. Make sure that your c3 note is long enough to play it for a minute. The wav only plays for as long as the note is. If it's a whole note, the wave will only play for the duration of a whole note. Just make sure your c3 note is a minute long =)
  18. http://carbunk1e.animeremix.org new update for jdbc-request. More trance, less cheeze, hopefully.
  19. http://carbunk1e.animeremix.org I reverted to reason 2.5, since I don't have a lot of time to learn the new vst's I have... I just changed the bass drum, and re-equalized a few things. -dj carbunk1e
  20. I hear some clipping in that later version, sorry mn >.<
  21. I'd like to claim e1m8. Hoping 8bit and I can pull something off. -djc
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