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  1. This is an ocremix classic. If you're on the boards, I'd suggest downloading this one, so many inside jokes, and references to this song are made. And plus, it's a heck of a funny song. must download.. musical rating: 4/10 funny rating: 10/10
  2. I found this to be a great remix, especially after I started playing the game =D. It's amazing how the liking of a song can increase when you know where it's from Anyways, I usually grade according to appropriate rhythm, appropriate soundfonts, overall effect... you can see how this song would create a problem with those grading types... I think that he kept the tempo pretty stable, especially for playing guitar without any backing beat. I think he did an incredible job, the song definately gives a soothing effect (which I presume he intended), and I think that hey definately put a lot of effort into this piece. I don't know if it was particularly difficult to play or not, but I think he did a good job. ~dj carbunk1e
  3. I guess I'll be the first to reply, great song, I really like what you did to the song, I was thinking of going back and re-remixing it the same way you did, all symphonic. But you saved me the work I really like the string work, the rhythm seems a little bit repetitive, but the build seems really good. However the overall effect wasn't what I was hoping for, I was expecting. I'll have to give the song a 8/10 great work, can't wait to hear more from ya in the future!! ~dj carbunk1e
  4. I think this is an incredible arrangement, I think it's a good dl in general. Very appropriate soundfonts, great rhythm, and great overall affect 9.5/10 dj carbunk1e
  5. This has to be one of my favorite symphonic remixes, I'd have to give this a 9.5/10. Great job DC13 Please try to write more songs like this!! ~dj carbunk1e
  6. um, this is usually of the first songs I suggest to people who have never heard of ocremix..... GET IT... EVEN IF YOU HATE VIDEO GAME MUSIC!!! ITS TO GOOD TO PASS UP!!! 10/10 ~dj carbunk1e
  7. I like the soundfont choice as he opens up this song using the familiar rhythm right off the bat. I start to lose interest around 50 seconds... there we go, change of drum... and voila... nm.. still same... This song is great if your'e a ff9 fan, or a trance fan, however, it is semi repetitive, I give this song a 7.5/10
  8. without looking at it as a well remixed song, the build up is nice, the beginning is interesting, and the beat keeps you going for a while. The cool trance sounds and the interesting melodies that you came up with off of the simple prelude makes me happy. Although this isn't the best that I've heard, I still recommend it as a download. 8/10
  9. This song lives up to every expectation I have of ffmusic dj. Althought it is on the plain side, it has those sparks that keep the song alive. I give this song a 8/10. Great work by the way, I hope to hear more from you in the future!! ~dj carbunk1e
  10. I feel this is one of ffmusic dj's worse songs, the way the melody just stops with no echo or reverb drives me mad, when I heard it in the car the first time, I almost crashed. The beat is plain, the build up isn't special, I feel that ffmusic dj could've done a much better job on this song, and I hope he goes back and refurnishes it up. I give this song a 4/10 ~dj carbunk1e
  11. I'd have to give this one a 8.5/10, I really like some of the sound work he does here, it sounds like it took a lot of effort. I also enjoy the rhythm work he does here. Download this song you're in for a treat. ~dj carbunk1e
  12. This defintaely has that swing to it, or that funk. The patches used sounds a bit out of date, great rhythm, and is fun in general. I'd give this one an 8/10.
  13. It just sounds like it's missing something. Like an electric guitar solo, or something. Hard to explain. it's short, it's unsatisfying, appropriate soundfonts, but poor and lazy song design. this isn't one of amievil's best songs. I'd recommend his other stuff much more 3/10
  14. This is not just a song about a specific place or a specific person but rather a journey, and boy does that sound cheesy =D. This is what is pictured in my mind, 1) there is a storm and you get onto a boat, where you travel to the middle of the sea. 2) where the choirs are is where you jump into the water (with the help of a summon, if you play the game you know what I'm talking about and I don't want to spoil anything for anyone). 3) as you get further and furthur down you start seeing this city under the water. 4) it's much further a long in technology than any other city known to man at this time, it is incredibly advanced. Thus the electronic sounds. Anyways I hope you enjoy, the storm is approximately 10 tracks, the song with out the storm was around 30-40 tracks, this song I've spent the most on. Bad things: 1) I wanted to have a friend do the violin part, to give more of a real feeling, however, he's working and is busy and doesn't think his skills are up to par, (I completely disagree). Maybe I'll resubmit later (much later) with real violins if I get someone to record it for me. 2) Also I wanted to get my girlfriend to do some talking vocals between when you jump in the water and the pure electronic part at the end stating like how many kilometers, how many knots... etc.. like those female computers that tell you information. and those are the bad things, well things I wanted to happen but couldn't
  15. This is just an awesome song. It sounds like something you'd hear in a mexican restraunt!! KUDOS TO YOU PANCAKE CHEF MAN PERSON!!! ~dj carbunk1e
  16. Great song, I'd definately give this one a 10/10. The voice choice is 10/10, the rhythm choice is 10/10, overall effect is 10/10. Keep up the good work, and I hope to hear more from you soon! ~dj carbunk1e
  17. I gave this song a 8/10. Inappropriate voices, decent rhythm, GREAT melody, and a WONDERFUL overall affect. Just the voices seem to be very immature in general. ~dj carbunk1e
  18. great song, 9/10, good job, great great job!! Appropriate voices, decent rhythm, nice melody, and good overall effect. download if you like techno or if you like breath of fire. ~dj carbunk1e
  19. definate background music, I enjoyed it, however I would listen to this only when I'm driving in a LONG car ride, or if I'm doing homework. Easy listening, nice melody, nice but non-dynamic rhythm. I'd give this song a 5.5/10 ~dj carbunk1e
  20. The intro at first sounded a little long, I do agree, however it does set in that, uneasy feeling, so I wouldn't change it. The plucked strings in the beginning is an awesome idea for a drum and bass remix. It is almost obvious that the song is going to be a kick butt song after these strings pop in. The drums roll in and you get that feeling like, OH YEAH, LETS GO KICK SOME.. stuff... =D. The treble piano melody is perfect, it fits right in with the rest of the beat and gives more to the dnb/jungle feeling. This piece is highly recommended if you like kind of like dnb. For hardcore dnb fans, I'm not quite sure if the beat is something that would impress you. (although I am thoroughly impressed others have not been). If you like a melody line in your dnb, definately get this piece. I rate it a 8/10 only because it seems to be too repetitive after a while, and it's a very simple song, but well done. kudos to you pisces, I'll be a first downloader of your newest remix if you do ever create another. ~dj carbunk1e
  21. Yeah this is one of my favorites too, however, I did like some of his other work a little more, I give it a 7/10. I agree with krispykreme, the mix does have too much put into the introduction, and the middle of the remix just doesn't seem to last long enough, that's why the low score. ~dj carbunk1e
  22. 9/10 genre: Drum and Bass (jungle) This is an excellent drum and bass remix, I think that any DnB lovers should definately love this piece, It's on my most listened to CDs. I give it a 9/10, just because it starts sounding repetitive after a while, other than that it's a great remix!! ~dj carbunk1e
  23. I think it's a decent song, download it if you like industrial, or you like final fantasy 7. I think it's appropriate to the game and it's excellent in it's genre. However, it doesn't seem to follow the actual game music very much at all, I don't know how I'd rate it. probably between a 6-8 out of 10. ~dj carbunk1e
  24. 10/10 genre: epic trance I think this is a definate download, it's soothing and it's great to listen everywhere you go. This is the song that I dled from audio galaxy, and was wondering who the artist was, and where it came from. So I typed in OC in my google search, and found oc remix. This song brought me to OC remix =D. It has appropriate voices, good transitions, and good overall affect. ~dj carbunk1e
  25. Definately a must get, everything is great, 10/10, the genre is almost a slow electronica/melodic sounds. I helped him get the sounds of the chirping insects in the beginning lol, however I didn't realize he was going to produce this caliber of a song, definate 10/10, I'd download it even if your bandwidth sucked =D. ~dj carbunk1e
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