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  1. Profile name is 'catf00d'. I will make a fine piñata for your army's birthday parties.
  2. Finally took a crack at Hero Academy today. Man, that's fun.
  3. So ScrewAttack,Extra Credits, LoadingReadyRun, and Red 5 Studios are starting a Thing. http://blip.tv/extracredits/stand-together-the-gaming-community-vs-sopa-and-pipa-5894132
  4. Not at all! We just wanted to create a central hub for the show and community. We're still happy as can be with the PA guys. They've been awesome.
  5. Bags packed. Tickets in hand. iPod loaded with OCR albums, DoD and Metroid Metal. Let's do this shit.
  6. I look forward to seeing you delightful bastards there.
  7. I've heard so many remix attempts on the One Winged Angel, but never one that completely blew me away. I figured I probably never would. But now you've gone and done it.
  8. Actually yeah, that review is a pretty solid assessment of the game.
  9. I'm actually finding myself feeling pretty bored with Skyward Sword, which is really bumming me out. The novelty of the motion controls is fun and there's a lot of other stuff to like about it, but the predictability of the formula is really starting to wear on me. I think I may have trekked through the second dungeon (always a fire dungeon) and re-learned how to use bombs one too many times at this point. I'm trying really hard to like it, but I'm finding myself feeling impatient more often than not.
  10. I'm getting so impatient for this game that it's starting to make me angry.
  11. I hear so much praise for the game, I wish I could get a hold of Skies of Arcadia: Legends for a reasonable price up here. The lowest price from Amazon.ca is $70 used. And at the local classic game store it's considered something of a "rare drop."
  12. I have to applaud you guys. This album is not only great, but it's consistently great. Not one dud to be found. It's a very rare OCR album that pulls off that feat, but you guys did it. You've set a new bar for quality and my hat is off to you.
  13. This can only mean an eventual HD remake of XII, possibly even the awesome-sounding international version. I support this.
  14. Finding a good commentator seems to make a big difference. I find that TotalBiscuit can make even a boring game entertaining to watch.
  15. Yeah, we're hoping to get some merch going pretty soon. Things were moving at a glacial pace at the Escapist, and I'm hoping we can make that stuff happen a little quicker now.
  16. Woohoo! PATV! http://penny-arcade.com/patv/episode/episode-07-pacing
  17. Uploading this has been an enormous headache. But it's finally working!
  18. The first half is stuck in processing hell for some reason. I'll set them both to public when they finish!
  19. For anyone who's interested, James Portnow and I will be running a Gamification panel Saturday at 7:30 in the Raven theater, and then an Extra Credits panel at 1:00 in the Kraken theater on Sunday. Also, I'll be attending the OCR panel, because it's the best damn panel.
  20. Halfway through episode 64 and I'm kinda digging the way each remix starts playing while you guys announce the song. I know it was probably an editing hiccup, but you should totally keep it.
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