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  1. sephfire

    Pax 2010

    I get to go for the first time this year. And I may be sitting in on one or two of James Portnow's panels in game design. Can't wait.
  2. *response to question on my page*

    Every now and then, I hear some rumor that Six Days is still alive in some form, but I think it's pretty much dead. For now anyway. And yeah, I doubt Nintendo is going to change their mind about releasing the holocaust game here. Shame.

  3. Yep, just graduated a few months ago! Didn't realize there were other AM students here. What term are you in?
  4. Thanks guys! I'm extremely psyched to get to release new episodes on a weekly basis. Since landing the Pixar job, I've been hoping for a good outlet for my game industry love, and this new show is perfect. Plus I'll be putting a new OC ReMix in the end credits of very episode. It's going to kick ass.
  5. It's ok, I'll be at Pixar Canada. My life will remain (partially) intact.
  6. Your discount increases the longer you use the service. I'm at the full discount level now. Here are some of the "Keep It" prices I have: Mass Effect 2: $26.99 God of War III: $25.19 Crackdown 2: $43.19 (because it just came out) All better than Gamestop's used game prices, and this way you get the manual and box art in pristine condition. And you already played the game, so you know it works. It's like buying a new game that you got to test run first. To sweeten the deal, every couple months or so they give me a free $5 discount to take even more off the price of the next game I choose to keep. Awesome deal.
  7. Why for work, my dear Canadian fellow! I'll be living in downtown Vancouver in less than two weeks.
  8. Absolutely yes. I've been loving it and I hate that I won't be able to get it in Canada. Mind you, if you're the type that must have new games on day one, you'll probably want to pass. Pickings tend to get slim for newly released games. You can counter this by putting only the new game you want in your queue, but it's not a perfect fix. However, if you've got a long list of games you want to catch up on, this is perfect. And if you like a game, you can pay to keep it at a very good price. They send the box and manual to you in excellent condition. And you already know the game works, so it's like getting a new game for a low used price. Seriously, it's worth giving a shot. I think they offer a trial period.
  9. So wait, is it the PC beta going on now or has the PS3 beta started as well?
  10. Congratulations to Brian Arnold and his new wife Amber! Our little man is all grown up. Just got back from the reception and I'm exhausted. If I start seeing some Facebook pictures, I'll post a few here.
  11. Well yes, but there's no PS3 release date yet, so some of us are probably going to be waiting a bit longer.
  12. Still. Bummer having to wait. Do we know when the PS3 beta starts?
  13. FFXI was my first MMO. Much as I sometimes miss Vana'diel, I can't go back to it now. It's just too slow and punishing. If FFXIV can recreate the feel of FFXI but speed up and streamline the actual gameplay, I'll be in heaven. I can guarantee that my wife and I will be giving it a shot. Probably Tweex too.
  14. sephfire

    Toy Story 3

    Our lists are looking pretty similar, with only a few minor differences. My List: 1. Finding Nemo-------$339,714,978 2. Up ------- $293,004,164 3. The Incredibles------- $261,441,092 4. Monsters, Inc. ------- $255,873,250 5. Toy Story 2 ------- $245,852,179 6. Cars------- $244,082,982 7. WALL-E ------- $223,808,164 8. Ratatouille -------$206,445,654 9. Toy Story------- $191,796,233 10. A Bug's Life------- $162,798,565 Your List: 1. Finding Nemo • $867,893,978 2. Up • $723,010,536 3. The Incredibles • $631,442,092 4. Ratatouille • $621,426,008 5. Monsters, Inc • $525,366,597 6. WALL-E • $521,268,237 7. Toy Story 2 • $485,015,179 8. Cars • $461,982,881 9. A Bug's Life • $363,398,565 10. Toy Story • $361,996,223 And when you factor in the estimated five billion in merchandise sales (a Pixar record), it's not that surprising that they would go for a sequel. Besides, the first Cars was Lasseter's favorite Pixar film for a while (and might still be). Man loves his automobiles.
  15. sephfire

    Toy Story 3

    Actually ... 1 Finding Nemo-------$339,714,978 2 Up ------- $293,004,164 3 The Incredibles------- $261,441,092 4 Monsters, Inc. ------- $255,873,250 5 Toy Story 2 ------- $245,852,179 6 Cars------- $244,082,982 7 WALL-E ------- $223,808,164 8 Ratatouille -------$206,445,654 9 Toy Story------- $191,796,233 10 A Bug's Life------- $162,798,565 11 Toy Story 3 ------- $41,000,000 (so far) And if you factor in merchandising, Cars is probably at the top. Seriously, Cars has been selling merchandise like nobody's business.
  16. Yes, I am that guy! If you look up Daniel Floyd in youtube, you should find the 8 episodes I have there. More will start appearing on the Escapist in a month or two.

  17. My new Selene gear is giving me comparable DEF to Jehn Moran gear, but with Sharpness +1 and High Grade Earplugs. Now I can finally focus on catching up in the online HR rankings.
  18. Sad to see that beauty shrouded in mediocre pop, but I definitely respect her more now. I'd love to see this side of her come back now that she's hit the big time.
  19. Confirming this from firsthand experience. Tweex sends monsters home crying.
  20. Even though the process of friending someone seems to be a pain, here's my ID. Uehru 162JL6
  21. I know Tweex and I have been playing regularly. Tweex "more than regularly", apparently, as he is way ahead of me in rank and gear. I have catch up work to do.
  22. Ahh, it's just like I'm back in the dorm in 2004. This is gonna be fun.
  23. I am going to be all over this tomorrow when I get home.
  24. I thought I put them at the end. Shoot, I hope I didn't forget ...
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