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  1. Hopefully the team staff members can still find applying jobs in their fields. They are an awesome developer. Such a shame. v.v
  2. Wow quite a ride to see this project finally complete. Congrats to the collab team on an awesome tribute. Whoa the listing of who worked on each track is splendid. Boogie time =D Just another week away! Sharing the link everywhere!
  3. Congrats on landing an awesome deal with this project! Can't wait to see more updates =D
  4. Impressive collection of tracks, I remember playing Blue and Yellow with my GB many years ago. And the reason why I picked up a gameboy color was for yellow. Its amazing how many years the series has been with us. So glad to hear more tributes like this coming together more often. Well done.
  5. Humbled to hear a remix of a classic MM track. Plus it feels like a live gameplay segment with all of the sound fx going berserk. Until it all comes together, it is so sweet.
  6. Very humbling take on an abstract track in the Blast OST. I remember listening to the original via the in-game bgm jukebox playlist. But this is amazing, it feels like its from a brand new game altogether. Love it!
  7. Kadosho

    Nintendo Wii U

    Nintendo is pending a big bout in an aggressive market. Should be interesting to see how the Wii-U can adapt versus the competition.
  8. I think this game is pretty cool. Mixing level designs from Vectorman, Sonic, and some Metroid. Wow the indie side scroller is back!
  9. I think this is a neat piece of news worth sharing. I can't imagine VGL without more talented people like Jill! Congrats! This should be a fun event for everyone to be a part of.
  10. Just read the headlines via Sonic Stadium. Congrats to the project crew! Can't wait to hear the finished album. Curious if Sonic Team might even green light a game with the OST?!
  11. I had the feeling DP was up to something. Eight years, can't believe its been that long now. 5/21/13 interesting date, might even hint towards what is next. Random Access Memories.. neato title
  12. Congrats with the new project! Wow you two are insanely busy these days. An Atlantis album, love the idea. Plus congrats with the kickstarter program.
  13. I remember seeing a mention of Zelda during GMA a few days ago. I had no idea LTTP2 was on its way. Wow. (did it need a sequel? Never thought about that) And Earthbound!? o.o Fans have been clamoring for a decade! Wonder if the original team is working on the new game.
  14. I haven't played Illusion of Gaia in a long time. But that song always touched my heart. Its not often early in a tale, where one song defines it altogether. Maybe someone may take up the mantle to give it new life.
  15. As soon as I saw this one the front page. I had to listen! The teaser already grabbed me by the first note. Listening to the full album now! And shared the link via twitter and facebook. Happy day!
  16. Hmm I wonder why no one's responded. Raiden has an excellent OST. I remember because I plunked a few quarters with the IV chapter. Loved how frenetic and insane it kept getting. Even if you lost a life ^^;
  17. Just listening to this teaser, and I actually don't mind it. But just like others have said it may not make it if it was submitted. Its a nice mix, but you've really gotta deliver something that makes listeners go "wow I want to hear more!" *digging the fact that it carries a Sonic tempo, it builds and keeps on going
  18. Just heard about this fun album from Rexy (via RadioSega IRC). Shared via twitter about its awesome style. Congrats guys you've done it again!
  19. Just listening to the new version of the track. 1) Awesome take on the classic PE theme 2) I think this sounds great so far 3) I don't have any problems with this. Keep it as is!
  20. I wasn't aware of the MMX MR actually being done. Oh dear. But this track really grabbed my attention. Knowing Joshua Morse's direction with his tracks. Its not just a remix, but a completely new song. And its something worthwhile to share and indulge. Its gritty, awesome, and a solid tune. (and it just made my day even better!) =D
  21. When it comes to music, the radio is by far the toughest atmosphere to take on. It seems to be overpopulated with so many beats, its all beginning to sound like a mess. But there are a few that manage to stay out of that level. I do hope that there are more talented artists that will take on new ideas and actually have an audience. (I still don't get it why Adele became the choice for Bond's new theme in Skyfall)
  22. I love the energy behind this track. Plus it gives you that feeling as if you are floating on a bubble.
  23. Wow this is fun take on some classic tunes. Never heard it played like this before. This team should collaborate more often.
  24. Although I haven't played this game before. The track alone has a fun story to tell. And its so energized, there are no worries about being left behind. I love it.
  25. I remember the other vox track this artist made awhile back. And that tune was solid, and this one should be praised. It really delivers a fun idea behind how a Mega Man boss actually feels. And to be honest, it makes me wish this was an in-game theme. Awesome track!