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  1. Thanks for the info regarding Sonic project.

    On library net, but I will check out the podcasts when I can

  2. So many thanks for the link for the char bgm themes! Now to wait patiently for 2/14 =D muahahaha! I wonder how long the final soundtrack tunes will be *I love these =D
  3. Can't believe 2011 is close already as it is. A small wait for this awesome album, but all worth it. Curious though if there could be a small tease "mix" to hold us off till then. ^^:
  4. Placed a reserve on regular edition. Curious just how many characters will make the entire roster. Seeing how SSFIV expanded, maybe much more so than MVC2 was capable? I still find the release date to be a nice touch. The day after Valentine's Day. Love it! =D
  5. Kadosho

    Tron Legacy

    Going on a quest to find the original on dvd. (best buy? suncoast?) I know someone must have a copy. Hope its at a nice price. And looking forward to Legacy! (late owl showings in your town?)
  6. Definitely reminds me of an old 80's tune. Funky, fresh, and a bit minty. Very abstract from a usual FF tribute tune. Even better, it feels more original on its own. Sweet.
  7. Quite a haunting melody, although it reminds me more of a subway train line. But to hear the instruments come together. Its more of a holiday vibe, and just vibrant. Loving this one.
  8. The wait's almost over! Addicted to the two demo samplers. =D Can't wait!
  9. Kirby madness! huzzah! I love this teaser. So next year.. wow that's not far off. The demo is just so crazy, its sweet. Can't wait to hear the finished album. *do the kirby dance =D
  10. Been listening to this on repeat.. nice rhythm (and jazzy feel) Never heard a Contra tune composed this way before (in a long time). I remember from some of the old Konami albums, there were few. Maybe a possible jazz-tra comeback? That would be pleasing to the ears. =D nicely done!
  11. Very surprised by this version of the unforgettable track. Hearing it slowed down enough for lyrics (nice idea) Plus its not beat heavy, just right. Curious if we might hear more lyricized MM tunes? Could be fun =D
  12. Now this is different, it feels more underwater (16bit style). Yet more closely to an end credits version (always the best) Plus I love how the song changes 1:12.. humming along
  13. Excellent mix! I always loved the bonus stage (although I would get a lil dizzy) I caught myself dancing while waiting for a bus. Its fun! Its insane! =D want more please? (with a cherry on top?)
  14. I have to be honest, I didn't like the original as much. Your cover is a bit more clearer (less synthy) more rough! Nicely done! Any more fun ideas coming soon?
  15. Listening & watching the teaser video. Haha I get the chills just listening to it.. wow. Can't wait to hear the full album. =D
  16. Quite the cover, especially at the speed your guitar is wailing. What type of guitar? *and well done
  17. Aha, this sounds familiar.. well nice to see it finally on the site. Quite a spin on the usual "theme" that goes with CV. I just wish it were a bit longer, it would be a perfect club mix. Maybe Josh, maybe!?
  18. Some classic dnb, and everything in-between. Excellent stuff, I would buy this album =D And another Bandcamp request!
  19. Seems like Capcom is shedding its "old skin" one name at a time. From indepedent, to directing, seems like big changes are in store. But I can't disagree, every title they've produced does seem more Americanized. Curious though where Inafune may go next. Maybe Grasshopper? Or who knows where?
  20. I like the project's undertaking, curious what other tracks you might work on later.

  21. Pretty song, odd use for a football video though. Not sure if I recognize the tune, but it is pretty.
  22. Definitely didn't expect a GITS tribute tune. *nice intro, and great lead guitar **interesting use of the Arkham Asylum cover
  23. I stumbled upon this humble website years ago. Found it through a music producer friend of mine. Once I found out the huge library of tunes dedicated to all kinds of games (and originals). I was hooked from day one.
  24. Surprisingly doesn't mimic the entire song. Honestly this mix reminds me of LB's early work. Nice mix, looking forward to more.
  25. 25 years, how about that. SMS was quite a gem, and finding a working one is another story. I remember playing several games over @ a friends house during summer breaks from school. Just taking on Phantasy Star in a matter of a month was nonstop fun. And the occasional racer, or even some platforming. Here's to you old friend. =D