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  1. Lunar was one of my favorite series on the classic consoles. But to hear a different take on this tune, I honestly like it. Dale, nice job! I had no idea you had such a great voice. Hope you'll do more singing in the future. =D
  2. Definitely a surprising tune, but as a mix I never expected this. Just checked my YouTube, and in the header.. this Sonic Heroes / hybrid. I really enjoy the mixture of several tunes put together like a yummy sandwich. (dare I admit!) This tune even carries off as a possible boss theme!
  3. Just listening to the SOS album right now. And loving every track! Given the dedication, the SOS team put towards this album. I wonder if Sega may offer some special inclusion of these cover bgms in Sonic 20! =D
  4. Haha, I love the back cover art. Adds a distinct touch, as to where this album may go next. I find myself curious if it may go through "generations". From 16-bit to the current adventures.
  5. Listening to the album now.. wow very different from what I expected. Knowing Josh's diverse style, but this definitely takes any MegaMan fan on a magical trip. What I even enjoy more about this album, is that it retains a unique sound format, almost like a game on its own. I feel like I should be playing Megaman right now. Oops wait, @ college.
  6. Blue hedgehog hits the big 2-0! So June (that is all). Curious if OCRemix may have influence with the next Sonic title. I would welcome the co-op project with open arms.
  7. Just listening to your mixes from bandcamp. Awesome work!

    Can't wait to hear what's next

  8. Played a bit of MVC3 during this past weekend. Finding a bit more teams to work with. Sadly I can't play online for awhile. But I would like to someday. Hope the new update patch, makes the game a bit more open for everyone to play.
  9. Bummer, my live acct + cricket bb ran out this month too. (sigh) Guess updating may have to wait. *Just brought back my 360 home this past weekend. Any positive changes to the characters? Specific? Curiosity is scratching my back =D
  10. I vote for BeatDrop to be the featured DJ in the next Jet Set Radio. Seriously! Every breakdown, edit, and interlaced sound moves so well. This Live Mix is sick, awesome! =D
  11. Whip's Memory (final) I don't think there's anything else you can do.

    39 edits!? holy ow ><' Final = sweet

  12. I love the fact this song is unafraid to go into midi-mode. Plus the abstract tones, that give it a classic 8bit feeling all over again. Mid-song, the beat changes into another song. While keeping the melody with a completely different tone. (sweet!) No problems here, loving the tune. Hope we will hear more tunes from you soon. =D
  13. Kadosho


    From the teaser, it feels more like an ARG, more than a JRPG. (ack so many acronyms!) the sheep! Or hey even a "choose your own adventure" =D Who could forget those?
  14. Getting used to the new setup, trying different things. I may try Live sometime soon.
  15. If it weren't for my cricket modem, I'd hop on XBL more often. (I may this weekend, maybe) But I understand the points shared, its tough to find the right setup sometimes. But I am no pro player, just for fun. I'm still getting used to the new settings in MVC3.
  16. After some fine tuning, looks like my isp (if i change) may even be better. Looks like my 360 overclocks my laptop's connection (x2). No lag.. Sweet mother of godzilla I am ready =D (oh and the control chart, nice) Fusion, this has been a discussion since the "tag-team" option since day one. I'm sure in action its response time will be lightning quick.
  17. Listening to the first VS theme.. wow I love the mix of melody vs action. Feels like we're in the middle of a big fight (vs atmospheric instability!) Still checking out each track 1 by 1 to compare. Amazing stuff!
  18. Just listening to the album, wow I love it! (and of course Jill's amazing voice! fusions like this are "*so very sweet"!) *Jet Set Radio tune 11 tracks is quite a supplemental album. Maybe more in the future? I would so love to hear a ZOE tribute (maybe even a Gradius electronica stutter edit?)
  19. Thanks for the headsup in regards to "The Answer" project tracks

  20. Although I have only listened to a few tracks on OCR.(my connection won't let me torrent *coughs*) I love the new spin on some familiar tunes. Especially Pixietricks diverse vocalizing (even with synth) Every note carries on like a heartbeat. If I could listen to the entire album, I'd love to. Overall ACTA is a sweet, sweet ride.
  21. Congrats Jill =D this is a sweet project you're going to be a part of. 2011 = pixietricks busiest year ever?
  22. Been waiting to see an AC remix. And I am humbled. Goes to show, there are many surprises in store. *I will have to dl the album later, @ library.
  23. "We're gonna take you for a ride!" *I wonder if that bgm will be available on the site. Given the remix has more bass this time. ^^; So how many characters are we up to now? Hopefully we can unlock stuff in-game, and not just DLC. *It wouldn't be the same outcome, nor fun having to pay to unlock items.
  24. Wow more OCR family playing SSIV? Hmm I am getting my 360 fixed this month for sure. So count me in! (soon!) (and I'm not a shotokan junkie) *variety is 10x better
  25. Happy birthday =D Early xmas for you friend, from all of us here @ OCRemix