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  1. Hellz yeah, mine moved almost that fast the whole time! But great kudos to everyone on this project. Nothing at all stood out to me as bad, every song was enjoyable, which to me makes this one of the best projects OCR has seen. Great stuff guys.
  2. Okay, so, I'm having the same problem as sadpickle, except with GPO. I would have put it in the stickyfied thread, but, seeing as nobody's locked this yet, and that it's more a general sampler/host problem, I'll post my question here as well. So, basically, the GPO instruments in my songs play back fine in FL Studio (I use 6), but once exported, the GPO tracks randomly cut out. Here's an example of what I'm talking about I did what zircon suggested with the "Rendering Mode Notify" to see if it affected exported .wav files as well, and sure enough, it still skipped terribly. I dont really know how to solve this problem, and I've consulted the FL Studio fourms and everything. It's quite frustrating. Well, if anybody has a solution, or has experienced export results like this, please help me. EDIT: I forgot to add I use an EMU 1212 and patchmix, in case that helps at all.
  3. Started On my 15th birthday (the day I got FL Studio). My 17th birthday is on July 14th. Almost 2 years now.
  4. Yeah man, everyone works in their own way, but alot of people I know (myself included) just use their digital pianos or keyboards with bad samples to practice piano on and use as a midi controller. All the sounds I use are samples on my computer, then I just play them live with the midi out on my keyboard. It's entirely possible to work that way, and if your cool with having all your good samples on your computer, then I'd say it's a cheaper way to go as well. But if you WANT the samples to be located on the keyboard, then you might have to spring for a more full featured "workstation" keyboard. I've heard good things about The Yamaha MO line of keyboards (kinda the LE version of the motif if I remember correctly). It really just depends on how you want this keyboard to fit into your workflow.
  5. Yeah, no audiodock for me. I bought the classic 1212 (because I thought I was saving money ). Being 16 and poor sucks. But yeah, I went and just picked up a Behringer UB802, and it works perfectly, good flat sound, everything works fine. Thanks all for responding so quickly to help me solve this problem. Thanks again. Ross
  6. Thanks man. I DID think of that possiblity, but honestly, if I could avoid spending more money, that would be excellent. I know alot of people here use E-MU cards. I'm just wondering if any of them are able to monitor with headphones without using external equipment.
  7. ! Well, usually, it's Left/Mono, and Right. Just putting the plug in the left one gets you monaural sound, therefore, your problem. I've seen signal splitters but not the other way around, but isn't there a headphones jack also on that thing? If not, I think there are two-pronged headphones you can buy or maybe your speakers have a headphone jack in them. I wish mine did Well, I dont own a pair of speakers, there is no specific headphone jack on either of the cards, and, to put this better, whichever of the two outputs I put it in (left or right), the panning seems to be "biased" to the one side. By that I mean, If it's in the left output, turning panning to the left simply makes the volume sound louder, but doesnt actually adjust the instruments position in the stereo space, and vice versa for the right output. So... yeah. I might need a splitter, but if there's a better solution, I'd love to know about it.
  8. So, I just installed both cards, got the drivers installed along with patchmix DSP and all the software goodies, and got everything registered. The problem is that, there are two 1/4" outputs, and, a pair of headphones has one way to input them. This creates an odd situation for panning, and honestly, I've never had to deal with this problem before (Soundblaster Live only had one easy input). So, Depending on which output I use, the panning get's royally screwed up, and I've been reading the included material and messing with Patchmix DSP, but I cant figure out how to utilize the "stereo headphone jack" that E-MU specified as one of the features. To put the problem simply, everything sounds as if it is centered, and there is no left or right channel. Sorry if this is a noob question, but when it comes to decent soundcards, I guess I am one. And I hope the amount of information given is sufficent enough to help you help me. Thanks in advance, especially for putting up with my ignorance.
  9. I just talked to KFC today. He said that he should be settling in in a few days tops, and after that he should easily be able to record his guitar parts and get his songs done. He's coming through, he's just had shit happening as of late. Be patient.
  10. And EWQLSO Platinum. I use the London Philharmonic Orchestra. F***** noobs.
  11. I'll try calling him tonight after 9 (free nights and weekends, and I'm almost over in minutes). I have his numba.
  12. EVERY single song on here is relatively easy to play. At least, I learned them all when I was starting out fairly quickly. http://mywebpages.comcast.net/mankow84/link.html A great place to start for begginner VG Sheets. Practice up!
  13. I can tell you that getting into the habit of being in only 2 different places (class and computer desk) every day, day in and day out, is a depressing and boring cycle, and it could be affecting your creativity. You live in a dorm, right? Start hanging out with new people and going places. Probably the best advice in the whole thread. If a computer is more or less your only form of social contact, you need to get out more.
  14. There we go. That's the answer! And, dont discount any of the methods because you've TRIED them. Just go back to a time when you've had fun with a music, and relive those moments. If something doesnt work the first time you try it, go do something different, but dont forget to try again. Just have fun with music. You dont have to be the best all the time. Sometimes its just fun to make crap songs, makes the great ones even greater.
  15. Since everyone seems to be talking about how they get out of their slumps, I guess I'll share how I get out of mine. When I get into a slump, I listen to other kinds of music, like you said you already tried. Often though, I just try to learn to play those songs. After figuring out how to play one song (all of this on the piano btw), you improvise. This leads you to a new song, be it of your creation or one you just had in your head and figured out again. Then you improvise some more. You work at it and work at it until you think it's just fucking hopeless. You've been improvising for days, and nothing has come of it yet. Then you stumble upon a few progressions that fit together well. Then that breeds. And again. And again. Then it all fits together. Then you rush to the sequencer and play those notes in on any basic instrument, so you know where all your melodies and harmonies are. Then you add the beat, bass, whatever. You design your sounds. And then the rest is just all the peices you thought you'd never find falling into place. You've probably heard this a million times before, but music is all about emotions. I think it takes a certain degree of humility to write music. If you begin thinking that you've outdone yourself, or that you've ever created a good song, than you might just lose sight of what drove you to start creating in the first place. Once you feel like improving your craft even more, or finding better ways to convey what your feeling, that's when true magic happens. And sometimes you just have to sit and write forever. Write something generic, but FINISH it. It could have the worst ending ever, but just finish it. I find that finishing songs is kind of like closure, it allows you to move onto the next miserable failure with a clear head. Just my two cents on how to get out of those crappy musical blocks. Honestly, it's just hard work and feeling. That's all it takes. Whoever said writing music was easy is a fucking moron. Just keep at it. That's how ya do it.
  16. Yeah, he's pretty tore up sick wise. I can call him and see his current condition. He did say he was getting better though, so, he should be back soon (hopefully). EDIT: KFC called me last night. He's in the hospital, and is pretty fuckin suck. Give him your best.
  17. Yeah, 99% chance it wont happen, at least for quite a while after this one comes out. People need breaks from constantly writing songs for different projects.
  18. This woman's studio is like... what the inside of most harddrives probably look like with all the softsynths and effects... Only she has all of that in fucking hardware. Pretty high quality hardware at that. I'm jealous as hell.
  19. Hot Damn you work fast! Great news anyway, and I'm glad you could pick it up man.
  20. I think I'll try and make a BG tune while everyone else is doin what they do to get this sombitch out there.
  21. Yeah, but usually when the front page is quoted, they specify WHY they posted it, to emphasize a point. There's alot on those front pages, so, it usually helps get things done to know exactly why the front page was quoted.
  22. I dont just save in multiple places. If your HD totally crashes often (as does mine), either upload your project files to a secure server, or just use a CD to back up your files at the end of every week. Trust me, it's saved my work a countless amount of times.
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