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  1. Very nice, you picked a great song to remix. Funny Stuff.
  2. Wow, that was honestly just so precocious and full of wonderment. I love it.
  3. I think everything could be a tad quieter and more dynamic. Your instruments are very static. They're also very dry. As far as the composition of the song, it is very peaceful, but it doesn't seem to really go anywhere or build to much of anything, it kind of just meanders from section to section.
  4. I like most everything, but I really feel like the bass should do something different, other than playing eighth notes on the off beat. Make the bassline move around more. Just because this is trance doesn't mean the bassline has to be boring. And yeah, I know you said it, but I want more beef on the drums, and maybe a tad more variety. It doesn't need to stay 4 on the floor the entire time. I like it as a foundation, but it's still kinda bland to me.
  5. I think you got kind of liberal with the source, I can barely hear balamb garden in there at all. It almost sounds like this peice is "inspired by" the source, rather than an actual rearrangement of it. The production is decent I guess, but your soundscape is pretty sparse, with just the tinny little lead and the pizzy strings, and the strings are pretty static themselves. For a first mix this is pretty admirable though, and it's not bad to listen to, it can actually be quite pleasing. If you enjoyed making it, then definately keep at it.
  6. I've been working on this for the past few nights, bouncing around ideas. It's kinda dubsteppy, but not too much so. I have many more plans for this, but I'd love to hear what you think of it now. Human Music Thanks!
  7. I could see this having a huge beat behind it, and i'm a little bit sad that there isn't one. Really great stuff though, I feel like I should be watching a film. I like the panned / gated string effect, it's real cool. Oh, and I've been around, I'll try to catch you on AIM sometime.
  8. From what I'm gathering, it would be the same kind of situation as this. You probably just have to keep the sampling to a minimum. Oh, and thanks judges for your answers, they're going to help me get this passed.
  9. This is pretty cool. I really like the arrangement and performance, everything just sounds kinda compressed, and all panned center. Just like, explore the studio space kinda. Good stuff though.
  10. Ello, I started this last night out of boredom. It's a (very) rough sketch, but I like the concept so far. I dont know OCRs policy on using posted remixes to make new remixes, so that's sort of why I'm posting this now; it would be great to hear how this is handled. The section sampled from Marc Star's song is played after 1:50, just for clarity. "Dirty Sam" Remix Thanks for your time.
  11. Seriously good shit bro. Like, seriously good. You're really good at making shit really pretty.
  12. Yo, this is really good, like, pretty awesome. I just want more bass though. Yeah, this site needs more DnB too.
  13. You know, I really do like this concept, I think it should just sound bigger. Bigger as in, this sounds like it could be very heavy and emotive, but I feel like the sounds are kinda thin and tinny. I almost think this could be a little slower, and kind a more syncopated feel. Really, I think this biggest thing is that it's missing alot of dynamic quality within the separate instruments, making it sound kind of stiff. I really like the concept, I just dont think it conveys much emotion with it's current presentation.
  14. I think I may have finished this. I might make a few more tweaks, but otherwise this is complete. Let me know what you think. The link in the first post is updated. Thanks for your thoughts.
  15. This is quite sick. I don't really have any critiques, i just want to hear more.
  16. I'd say that this track catches fucking all the pokemon, in the best possible way. The drums could have a tad more SNAP. I think the vocals sound fine, the other stuff could just stand to be fattened around it a tad. Seriously cool shit though.
  17. Haha, I'd be one of those people with another Brambles mix. Your mix is very relaxing. As far as advice, the samples sound like they could be ok, but the natural instruments sound very robotic. Try to work on your phrasing, making each track work with each other. For example, the trumpet and flutes and harp tend to play random eighth notes, but they don't really follow one another, or the chord progression, very well. Mainly, I think the progression of the song is kind of unfocused. You've got the mood and instrumentation down pretty well, just work on humanizing and phrasing your instruments better, and focus the arrangement more.
  18. Haha, right on man. Either way, we should work together again soon.
  19. I really like your idea here sir, very very much so. Try to make the intro build into everything a tad more, but it's a great concept. I'd like to speak to you about it.
  20. Ello, Here's a song I started for enjoyment of listening. It is not done yet. If you like it, or dont, you may say so. the song piece Thank Yoo. (Edit 5/27): It's probably done. The link has the new song.
  21. I'm going to preemptively NO this, but that's just an incredibly well educated guess.
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